2 basic things to check before buying the best toddler tricycle

2 basic things to check before buying the best toddler tricycle

If you are looking for ways for your child to have fun as well as develop some vital life skills, you are in the right place.

Every child appreciates the excitement involved when rolling or gliding inside or outside the house with a ride-on toy. An excellent way for your baby to have fun, learn skills and much more is by investing in a toddler tricycle.

Why bring a toddler trike into your family?

Purchasing a toddler push tricycle into your family is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your kids. These toys are fun and functional at the same time.

They allow you to spend more time outdoors with your child, where you can take a stroll and have fun in the sun with other children and pets.

At first glance, it might seem like these bicycles do not offer the children enough autonomy, but this is far from the truth, especially for the best toddler tricycles out there.

For instance, the STR7 is able to give your child just enough control, depending on their size and skill set as we shall see.

Benefits of investing in the best toddler trike

Toddler bikes boost physical fitness

A large portion of adults consider exercising a hard task, and this belief is usually passed down to their kids. Consequently, when they grow up, they tend to have a negative attitude towards exercising.

This is not the best lesson to give your kids since exercising is actually fun and healthy. When you purchase the best toddler tricycle for your child at an early age, they are bound to grow up loving to get physical. This is an effective and enjoyable way to keep them healthy.

Improving balance

One major benefit of toddler trikes is that they enable your baby to develop a perfect balance. As your child gets used to their trike, they will learn how to distribute their weight evenly.

This is a crucial skill that they will need it later in life when learning how to ride other toys such as bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, and other fun toys.

Toddler tricycles improve your child’s gross motor skills

Toddler trikes come as a great tool for children learning how to walk. The bike helps them gain balance and learn how to anticipate different movements, promoting their gross mobility skills.

The best toddler tricycles allow kids even as young as 9 months to learn how to engage various parts of their bodies, including hands, arms, feet and legs.

Develops self-confidence

Apart from being a lot of fun, the best toddler bikes enable kids to gain self-confidence. As they try different movements with these toys, kids learn what to do in various situations and this gives them confidence. This confidence is vital since it helps them to later graduate to other types of bicycles and toys without any issues.

It does not end there, as this confidence develops, it spills over to other aspects of life. This means that your kid will be naturally better set to handle problematic situations as they grow.

Promotes creativity

As they ride, kids tend to pretend that they are policemen, doctors, firemen, truck-drivers or even parents. Introducing the best toddler tricycle to your children at an early age will allow them to start practicing the role-playing and problem-solving skills. This expands their creativity tremendously.

Have yo been having issues using tricycles with handles?

Some toddler bikes come with a handle attached to the seat’s backrest for the parent to hold on to and help push or balance their children. When using a usual tricycle with a handle to help your kid maneuver their way, things can become frustrating.

This is because most of the mare hard to steer, and within a short time, you might find yourself struggling to remain in control of the bike’s direction.

smarTrike have solved this issue through the patented Touch Steering technology. With this technology, all you have to do is slightly touch the steering and it will glide to the desired direction automatically. This functionality allows the best tricycle for toddlers from smarTrike to steer easily whether indoors or outdoors.

The STR7 Series comes as the best toddler tricycle money can buy

There is a wide range of toddler bikes in the market, but you do not want anything but the best for your child. That is exactly what you get from the STR7 series by smarTrike.

This 8-in-1 trike comes as one of the best toddler trike in the market, designed to grow with your child from when they are 6 months old.

It is fitted with a comfortable, padded seat which reclines in case the baby wants to sleep. The seat even swivels 180-degrees, allowing your child to either face you or the world in front of them.

The STR7 uses the patented Touch Steering technology and a handle which allows the parent full control and maneuverability of the trike. Moreover, this amazing toddler tricycle can be folded into a compact unit that can be transported with ease.

Enjoy unmatched comfort and safety features

One of the reasons the STR7 comes as the best toddler tricycles in the market is its impeccable comfort and safety features which ensure that you and your child will always enjoy the ride.

For instance, it is equipped with a 3-tier UV protective canopy for keeping out the sun and an adjustable 5-point Y harness with shoulder pads for maximum comfort. It also comes with a parent console, a storage bag, as well as quiet and durable EVA wheels with a patented shock absorber.

Age fit: A tricycle for 1-year old

Making a tricycle for a 1-year old child is complicated, but the STR7 proves that it is not impossible.

It comes with a simple and adjustable design. Thanks to the adjustability, the best toddler tricycle can be made to fit kids between the ages of 6-32 months old. The frame, seat and handlebars can all be adjusted, making it the flawless tricycle for 1 year old.

Stages included: Buying a grow with me trike

Besides being super convenient for parents, this grow with me bike comes with all the features for your baby to have fun for a long time. What’s more, you can make all the adjustments and assembly without any tools. Here are the various stages you can expect you and your baby to go through:Easy to store - First, this toddler bike is easy to store and transport thanks to its foldable design and handle.

2.(6M+) Bonding with the baby: In the early months (6-9), you can enjoy eye contact with your child by making them face you as they nap on the best toddler tricycle.

3.(9M+) Seeing the world: After the 9th month, swivel the seat using one click that turns the chair 180 degrees. The child is ready to face forward with their feet on the footrest.

4.(9M+) Comfort and fun: Time for the baby to enjoy and get comfortable with the ride. The UV protective canopy, 5-point Y harness, safety bar and young baby footrest are designed for this.

5.(12M+) Developing valuable skills: at this stage, you want your baby to build confidence, balance & motor skills while enjoying a fun ride and wide-eyed view. Therefore, remove the baby footrest and start using the foldable one.

6.(18M+) Pedaling: now you can close the foldable footrest, attach the pedals and teach your child how to pedal

7.(30M+) Supports Independence: Close the parent handle to leave the high back support and Y harness to keep the toddler secure as they pedal happily into the world with the best toddler tricycle.

8.(32M+): Trikes. Get rid of the high back support and turn the trike into a fully independent tricycle for toddlers.

Look for a trike with handle for the best riding experience

Traditional trikes with handles are designed for kids who are two years and above. As a result, they do not have the necessary features to teach children as young as 9 months old how to ride.

This is where the STR7 trike with handle shines. Through its handle and patented touch steering technology, the parent can remain in full control of the bicycle. As a result, the best toddler tricycle is ideal even for 6-month-old kids who do not know anything about steering.

The STR7 can be used as a toddler push tricycle

The STR7 starts as a push trike for toddlers suitable for children as young as 6 months. The comfortable, UV protective canopy and reclining seat allows you to swivel the baby 180-degree, letting them face you as you push.

This way, you can take them for walks and even let them nap in it as you take charge of the whole ride. As they grow and start walking, they will be extremely used to the toddler tricycle, which will make the other stages easier to learn.

Growing into a toddler push trike

As your baby learns to crawl then walk, the STR7 will be right there to grow with them and to make life more fun.

At this intermediate stage, your infant will be free to steer and pedal while you will still have full control of the best toddler tricycle via the handle.

Only at the last stages does the child gain full control of the push trike after the handle is detached.

You do not need to make any disassembling or rebuilding of the components, thanks to smarTrike’s innovative designs. The footrests pop out when not in use and the pedals can be popped on when needed. The handle also detaches easily with a push of a button.

The first days on a new toddler tricycle

A tricycle for kids is a fun way for children to ultimately learn how to ride a bike later in life. When your kid is old enough, normally 1 year old, start by showing them the various parts of the bike and remember to make a big deal about everything. Congratulate them for being such a “big kid” so far and get them a fancy helmet.

Show them how to get on and off the best toddler tricycle on their own, and give them a few ground rules. Such as “hands on the handlebars”, and “helmet always on.”

In the beginning, start with short, 10 - 20-foot rides indoors or on flat and firm surfaces. The patented Touch Steering makes this one of the best toddler trikes since you will always retain full control.

Learning to pedal on a trike for 2 year old

At two years, your child would have developed enough balancing and steering skills to start learning how to pedal. Pedaling takes a lot of coordination and the best toddler tricycle will be there to help by adjusting into a trike for 2-year old kids.

Just close the foldable footrest, attach the pedals and when ready, switch trike control from parent to toddler mode using the Control Button on the front wheel mudguard.

This will switch the control to your toddler, but you can still run alongside them and keep a gentle hold on the bike using the handle.

Hold them more gently as they improve their coordination, teaching them how and when to stop as well as how to head to a specific direction and make turns.

Once your child can start their trike for two year old by themselves, ride for around 25 meters as well as stop and turn, then they have mastered the basics of riding the best toddler tricycle and can now move on to a bicycle.