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2-in-1 Running Bike
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2 Years+

The 2-in-1 Running Bike is the perfect start to your little one's riding experience. The adjustable 2-stage flip frame is designed to grow with your child, offering early opportunities to develop confidence, balance, and gross motor skills, on their way to a pedal bike.

Multiple configurations
Puncture-resistant tires
Tool-free assembly
Lightweight 2-stage flip frame
Money back guarantee
2-Year Warranty
Free Returns
Free Shipping
Ride With The Best
Over 20,000,000 happy families
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The smarT Way to Ride

Go As You Grow

The 2-in-1 Running Bike offers a 2-stage running balance bike with an easy-to-flip frame and adjustable seat and handlebar to fit your child's needs and capabilities. Your child will enjoy learning how to balance a bike safely and gain confidence with this close-to-the-ground bike.

Reinventing the Wheel

Lightweight product, puncture-free wheels with adaptable seat and handlebar help in promoting your child's balance, coordination, and confidence before starting to ride a pedal bike. Our 2-in-1 Running bike will support your child's development of gross motor skills and provide a positive interaction with biking skills, that will later accompany them as they shift into pedal bikes.

Enjoy Every Ride

Maintenance-free wheels, durable materials, and no-tools assembly ensure convenient and effortless everyday usage. Now you can focus solely on your child's riding skills with a hassle-free bike that fits their needs.
Grow as you go
Picture of the author
Picture of the author
2-3 Years
The first stage of the 2-in-1 running bike allows your little 2-year-old to start developing crucial skills such as balance, navigation, and control.
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2-in-1 Running Bike
2-stage flip frame
Adjustable seat & handlebars
Tool-free assembly
Built to last for years
Singular static design
Non-adjustable features
Complex assembly
Built from low-quality plastics

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