smarTrike x Kelly Anna

Forwards & Upwards

On our mission to provide children and their parents with a wholesome, holistic experience, we partnered up with the world-renowned East-London based artist and designer Kelly Anna. Kelly Anna works and collaborates with international brands regularly, from products to murals, clothes, shoes, and so much more, and is well-known for her bold use of color and the empowering messages integrated into her art.

STR7 Imagine

The Imagine contains a rich and vibrant color palette, representing a child’s colorful inner world and their sense of enthusiasm when they meet the outside world. The powerful tones articulate a fearless and unique representation of the endless creativity in a child’s imagination.

STR7 Explore

The Explore consists of mostly black and white with touches of vivid blue and lime colors. This stylish, modern design exemplifies confidence, boldness, and open-mindedness, which encourage a child’s sense of competence, and empowers them to go further in their journey of exploration.

In this collaboration, we strive to provide children and parents with a meaningful product, that both supports children’s early developmental stages, and mirrors essential values. A product that is an integral part of their journey exploring the world around them as they grow to be bold and go upwards and onwards.