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Vanilla Plus Toddler Tricycle
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15-36 Months

The Vanilla Plus toddler tricycle is designed to help your child develop motor skills, confidence, and balance as they learn to ride independently. With its adjustable configuration going from a push tricycle for infants to a full toddler tricycle, the Vanilla Plus suits kids from the ages of 15 months to 3 years old.

Touch steering technology
Multiple configurations
Parent/child control mode
Sunshade canopy
High-back support
Additional storage space
Money back guarantee
2-Year Warranty
Free Returns
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Over 20,000,000 happy families
Plus X AwardPlus X Award2019
Tillywig AwardsTillywig Awards2017
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Red Dot Design AwardRed Dot Design Award2017

The SmarT Way to Ride

Patented Touch Steering

smarTrike’s patented touch steering technology is designed to provide parents with a comfortable and effortless steering experience, allowing you to guide your toddler with the touch of a finger.

Shock Absorber

The shock-absorbing mechanism built into the wheels of our classic trikes provides a safe, smooth, and seamless riding experience you and your little ones will surely enjoy.


The smarTrike Classic Trikes modular design makes them the perfect learning trike. Your kids can enjoy years of active play and fun as their trike grows with them.
Grow as You Go
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15+ Months
Start them early! Your child has just learned to sit up on their own, and now is the perfect time for them to sit up, rest their legs on their little footrest and use both their hands to play and explore.

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Vanilla Plus Toddler Tricycle
Multi-configuration modular design 
Parent/child control mode
Multiple safety and steering patents
Built to last for years
Singular static design
Minimal functionality features
Generic design and engineering
Built from low-quality plastics

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