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STR3 Folding Stroller Trike
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10-36 Months
A fully foldable tricycle with stroller certifications, the STR3 is designed for maximum comfort and safety. Our unique patented technology guarantees effortless steering and a smooth ride, while our modular design promotes development and active play.
Touch steering technology
Multiple configurations
Stroller safety certification
Parent/child control mode
Easy folding
Money back guarantee
2-Year Warranty
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Over 20,000,000 happy families
Plus X AwardPlus X Award2019
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The smarT Way to Ride

Patented Touch Steering

smarTrike’s patented touch steering technology is designed to provide parents with a comfortable and effortless steering experience, allowing you to guide your toddler with the slightest touch.

Shock Absorber

The shock-absorbing mechanism built into the STR series provides a safe, smooth, and seamless riding experience across rough terrains that you and your little ones will surely enjoy.


Your child’s safety is our top priority, which is why our STR series is stroller certified and includes safety features throughout all the product stages such as a 5-point harness, safety bar, and rear locking system.
Grow as you go
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10+ Months
It's an exciting time! Your child has just learned to sit up on their own. With the help of the STR3's adjustable reclining seat and footrest, you can provide your child with early opportunities to independently sit upright and engage with their surroundings.

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STR3 Folding Stroller Trike
Multi-configuration modular design
Enhanced stroller safety features
Easy fold and tool-free assembly
Multiple safety and steering patents
Built to last for years
Singular static design
Standard tricycle safety features
Non-foldable and complex assembly
Generic design and engineering
Built from low-quality plastics

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