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STR5 Folding Stroller Trike
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9-36 Months

Super convenient for parents and fun for babies, the STR5 grows with your baby in 7 stages from a baby push tricycle to an independent toddler tricycle, helping them develop the motor skills, confidence and balance needed for independent riding. 

Reclining seat
Parent/Child control
7 Growing stages
Baby footrest
Parent tray
Money back guarantee
2-Years Warranty
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Why Choose smarTrike?

Child Development Support

The STR5 offers multiple stages and configurations to fit your child's needs and capabilities, all while supporting their development from infancy to toddlerhood. Our unique parent-child control modes allow a safe ride and increase your child's sense of confidence on its way to an independent ride.

Smooth Ride

Our smarTwheeling technology provides an effortless one-hand steering and easy maneuvering experience. Together with our shock-absorbing mechanism, you can enjoy the perfect riding adventure for all-terrain.

Ideal for Travel

A compact folding stroller trike with build-in storage space and no-tools assembly, the STR5 is the optimal companion for your travels. Whether you are on your way to the beach, to a shopping center, or to a family trip, the STR5 with its trolly mode is easy to carry and store.
Grow as you go
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STAGE 1 - Hello Little smarTriker!
As your little co-pilot learns to sit without support, you can adjust the reclining seat as needed, put legs down on the footrest, offering early engagement with their surroundings.
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Most Unique Design: When she's a young toddler, you can adjust the seat down for a lower, more stable profile. As she grows, you’ll adjust the frame, handlebars and seat to grow with her, helping to prepare her for the big kid bike.
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This toddler tricycle is a true investment piece, as it adjusts and grows with your child from six months to three years. Parents can push and control the bike like a stroller, while little ones sit back and discover the world.
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A mini trampoline can help soothe cranky kiddos and improve their motor and balance skills. Bonus: This model is foldable, so it won’t take up unnecessary space. Plus: an optional ball pit!
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This push trike is so easy to push and steer, it can be done with only a single finger. The smarTrike Breeze Toddler is a smart, inexpensive choice for your baby’s first tricycle.
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In fun, kid-friendly colors, this trike helps kids develop skills starting as they ride with their parents pushing them, then learning to steer and pedal and finally using the tricycle fully independently … We love that it includes features usually reserved for more expensive trikes like an adjustable seat and removable push bar.
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The winner of many design awards, the smarTrike is a reliable brand with several top-notch push tricycles. Our favorite among them is the smarTfold 300 Plus because it folds down easily for travel (much like an umbrella stroller) to nearly flat, making it as easy to gate-check for air travel.
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Parents of bouncy toddlers, your dream toy has arrived! The smarTrike activity center doubles as a mini trampoline with a removable support bar and a ball pit for hours of active play. (It comes with 100 balls, and you can always buy some more if need be).
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8 different configurations in one product means significant savings on buying separate items! There’s a handy storage area – perfect for change of clothing and snacks – all ready for a day out. We love that it really grows with your child and their developing abilities.
Turn your living room into an indoor play gym
Parents who cherish a clean, uncluttered room will love that the balls easily store inside the ball pit's fabric cover, and that in trampoline mode, the smarTrike activity center folds in half and can go under the bed or in a closet until the next time playtime.

Product Specs

SKU 5055500 Length 102 Height 96 Product STR5 Age Range 9-36 Months Box width 29 Box length 63.5 Box height 39 Box weight 9.6
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Parents talking about SmarTrike


My parent handle keeps sliding down - how can I fix it?
The next time you use your trike, please try giving the parent handle one strong pull upwards to activate the pin lock. You should see a silver pin pop out as in this video: Once the pin pops out, lock the red levers...
What are the differences between the STR3, STR5, and STR7?
Generally, parents of younger children, from ages 6 months and up, prefer our STR5 or STR7 models as they have additional stages for growth and a baby footrest for babies who are unable to reach our lower, toddler footrest yet. Parents of little ones...
Can I add accessories to my product? (Ex: Buddy Board, Accessory Kit etc.)
Absolutely! Our 'Rain Cover' is suitable for all smarTrike STR's and smarTfold models. Our 'Accessory Kit' and 'Buddy Board' are suitable for any STR smarTrike.
Does a folding smarTrike meet the carry-on requirements for air travel?
A fully folded smarTrike does fit in the carry-on baggage storage compartment on many flights, however, we recommend you speak with your airline directly to confirm their regulations as they can often vary from company to company.
What are the measurements of the STR when it's folded?
When folded, the STR models are L36.5 x D28.5 x H61-­‐100cm / L14.4 x D11.2 x H24 – 39.4 Inch.
What tools do I need to assemble the STR?
Absolutely none! Fold and unfold the trike as you need, and no tools are required. Watch this video for a simple demonstration.