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The parent handle of the folding trike doesn’t stay up, what should I do?

The first time you use your trike, give your parent handle a stronger pull. The silver pins should pop out, then you will be able to lock the handle in place. This step-by-step video should help:

The parent handle of the folding trike is moving back and forth, is that normal?

Yes, it is most definitely normal. The parent handle is designed to move a bit to allow the trike to be folded. Our trikes have been tested by “Intertec” and are approved for safety.

The STR3 won’t steer properly

Contact our friendly team at [email protected] and we will resolve the issue for you as quickly as possible.

The brakes on the STR3 are activated spontaneously

Remove the cap on the wheel with the brake, strengthen the bolts and put the cap back on. The brakes will operate smoothly.

Will the Rain Cover fit my trike ?

Yes, the Rain Cover is designed to fit all of our trike models.

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How much does a product weigh?

The weight is different for each of our products. The weights vary between 15.2lb (6.9kg)-29.8lb(13.54 kg) for trikes, 4.3lb (1.95kg)-26.2lb (2.8kg) for scooters and the Activity Center weighs 29.8lb (13.54kg)

What are the trike’s dimensions?

The dimensions are different for each of our products. They vary between L78*W48*H100cm (L38.2*W40*H97.4 inch) to L78*W40*H97.4cm (L30*W15.75*H38.3 inch).

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