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Should you use a stroller or a tricycle for 1 year old?

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One-year-olds are at that great age where kids really start to come into their personalities. Maybe they’re already walking or maybe they’re speediest when crawling from point A to point B. Perhaps they say “mama” or “dada”. Maybe they love books in the bath.

You might be thinking, my little one isn’t ready for a tricycle - are you crazy?!

Well, maybe we’re a little crazy but it’s true, our smarTrike tricycles can be used with kids as little as 10 months old.

To help you decide whether you should use a stroller or a trike, especially if you’ve never heard of “grow with me” version, we’re here to let you know that a tricycle for 1 year old is a good idea indeed.

Do Tricycles Make Good First Birthday Gifts?

There’s something truly special about a baby’s first birthday. It’s the first time they’ll blow out the candles and it’s a chance to create new memories for young families as they celebrate their little one hitting that huge milestone. Kids change so much in that first year and it’s exciting to see all the new things they can do.

You might be thinking that a trike or a bicycle is a great gift for a child, but maybe when they’re three or four. Certainly, you hadn’t considered getting a tricycle for 1 year old. It seems so soon!

On the contrary, our smarTrike tricycles are fantastic first birthday gifts and we’re sure it will be the talk of the party. But first, what is a toddler tricycle and how could it possibly work for a child as young as a year old?

Never Heard of a Baby Tricycle Before? Let Us Explain

Our baby tricycles come in either three or four stages, meaning they start off in the parent’s full control and eventually evolve into a regular trike that your kid can’t get enough of.

In stage one, your child will be securely strapped in and enjoying the ride as you push them along using the included parent handle. As a tricycle for 1 year old, in this stage, the child can use the attachable baby footrest instead of getting overwhelmed by the pedals and they can hold onto the handlebars if they’d like. But don’t worry - you’re still the one doing all the steering.

From there, these smarTrike trikes go through each stage adding a little more independence for your little one. They’ll be able to practice pedaling and steering without actually being in control since the parent handle will still be attached.

Then, once they understand and are used to how it feels to operate a tricycle, they’ll be ready to ride on their own. It’s the perfect tricycle for 1 year old because it lasts well past their first birthday and they’ll get some really good use out of it.

First Birthday - Get a Girls Tricycle

For a little girl’s first birthday, we have quite a few options when it comes to push trikes just for them. With girly colors and patterns, there’s a lot to choose from.

Lots of little girls love the color pink. For that, we have the Vanilla Plus 4 in 1 Baby Trike and the Breeze Plus trike. But we also know that lots of little girls love all the different colors of the rainbow.

With a smarTrike tricycle for 1 year old, girls will be so excited no matter which color or style you choose. We’ve got red, blue, green, grey, and even multi-colored baby trikes that are sure to put a smile on every child’s face.

First Birthday - We’ve Got Boys Tricycle Options, Too

Of course, we can’t forget about all the little boys turning one either. We definitely have colors and styles that include “boy” colors and sporty finishes. Not that girls can’t be sporty and a tomboy, too!

It really depends on the personality of the child as an individual that will determine which color you eventually go with. Boys can like pink and girls can like blue. Regardless, smarTrike has enough tricycle for 1 year old options that everyone will be happy with the final selection.


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