Why Your Child Needs a Kids Balance Bike

Why Your Child Needs a Kids Balance Bike Ah, we can all remember the days when we took our first fearful spins on our bicycle with equal mixes of fondness and trepidation. Our feet barely reaching the pedals, our parents eagerly holding the back of the bike seat while we tried our best to keep our balance and take those initial few spins

kids balance bike

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Ah, we can all remember the days when we took our first fearful spins on our bicycle with equal mixes of fondness and trepidation. Our feet barely reaching the pedals, our parents eagerly holding the back of the bike seat while we tried our best to keep our balance and take those initial few spins of freedom. Fearfully riding down the street before beginning to dangerously teeter, eventually tumbling, with our little kid dreams of becoming Lance Armstrong crashing down along with our bike.

Gone are the days our little ones have to struggle with learning how to ride a bicycle in an outdated and impractical fashion. Introducing, our  kids balance bike, the bike rapidly becoming the most desired way to teach kids how to learn to ride a bike.

With proven research showing the earlier a child develops the skills needed to ride a two-wheeled bike, the more likely they will be to develop stronger physically and athletically, bike riding is undoubtedly an important skill to gain—early on!

What is a Balance Bike?

The kids balance bike is a revolutionary new generation of training bicycle in that it’s a bike without pedals, specially made for youngsters just learning to cycle. The bike teaches riders how to properly balance (as its name aptly suggests), steer, and master other skills that come with learning how to ride a bike, and are overall important for development.

What is a Balance Bike?

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Think training wheels or tricycles are a tried and true solution to learning how to ride a bike? Come on, it’s 2018! Our phones can now recognize our faces, so why would we leave our bike tech in the dust we just rode over?

Well, unlike training wheels or tricycles, a kids balance bike never run the risk of tipping over. With a  balance bike, you can rest assured your tiny treasure is riding safely! Additionally, training wheels and tricycles can often be uncomfortable for little ones to manage without the help of an adult, especially those brand-new to riding. With the balance bike’s sleek and lightweight design, your kids will be ready to ride with ease while gaining an important sense of independence.

kids independence with balance bike

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The SmarTrike Balance Bike Has a Lot to Offer Your Kid?

So, what makes the smarTrike Balance Bike the best of the  best balance bikes for kids learning to ride? Glad you asked! The kids balance bike acts just like a regular bike but is unique in that fact that it lacks pedals. ‘A no pedal bike?! How can that be helpful!?’.

Well, while many may think pedaling is a cornerstone of learning how to ride a bike, this is a common misconception. It’s not the act of pedaling that needs mastering, but rather the act of learning how to balance that should be the focal point of learning to ride a bike!

Rather than complicating your child with the distraction of pedals, smarTrike no-pedal bike lets them focus on learning what’s important—balancing on two wheels, steering, and getting comfortable in the seat all while building confidence.

kids balance

kids balance

The kids balance bike is also durably designed for riding on rougher surfaces, preventing falls usually caused by uneven pavement or other small obstacles. Unlike other run-of-the-mill training bikes, balance bikes don’t come with push bars (there’s no need!) so your tots can feel the full freedom of learning to ride independently, without the fear of tipping or falling over.

our tots can feel the full freedom of learning to ride independently, without the fear of tipping or falling over.

Toddler Boy Bike vs. Toddler Girl Bike -- Not So Different

Boy and girl tots love to feel unique. It is an age when they are discovering their own special personalities and having fun with it -- and we love to let young ones explore their creative side while providing safe and kid-friendly ways to do so.

At smarTrike we know that the color and appearance of their kids balance bike are super important to your young ones. But does that mean boys,  blue balance bike and girls, pink or red balance bike? No way, that is so 1950's! That’s why the smarTrike Balance Bike is available in a selection of fun colors, so kids can really make their smarTrike their own! With new colors coming out all the time, kids can really let their colorful side shine through!

best balance bike
Kids balance bike

How Do You Choose the Best Toddler Balance Bike?

Think you’re ready to take the plunge into the kids balance bike way of life? Excellent, let’s start by exploring which type of balance bike would most suit your tot.

You might have noticed after a quick Google search there are many types of balance bikes on the market. But keep in mind, not every toddler bike is suitable for all children and all ages. While balance bikes usually range in price from around $50 to $300, there can be big differences in their quality, durability, and performance, so it’s important to choose the right one for your youngster.

With not all balance bikes being created equal, let's take a look at one of the best, and most popular balance bikes on the market, the smarTrike Balance Bike. Designed for children as young as 18 months, all the way up to five years old, the smarTrike ensures a top-of-the-line learning experience for your little one.

The smarTrike Balance Bike is compact and lightweight. When first getting their kids balance bike, let your child get comfortable with it by walking or running alongside it, even holding onto the handlebars as they familiarize themselves with the smarTrike balance bike -- the best bicycle for kids!

What is the Appropriate Size?

When it comes to buying a toddler bike, it is very important to choose the right size for your child. It is always necessary to keep in mind that not every bike is suitable for every toddler. Before purchasing a kids balance bike, make sure your child can sit comfortably on the seat with the ability for their feet to touch the ground.

At What Age Can My Kid Use a Balance Bike?

great age to start balance biking

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The smarTrike Balance Bike is the perfect bicycle for kids and they’ll be able to use it throughout their early years of bike riding, usually from ages 2-5 years. We know that all those discarded bikes in your garage from your children's youth just take up space! That’s why smarTrike is doing things differently.

A SmarTrike kids balance bike is specially designed to grow with your child. With adjustable handlebars, seat, and frame, your child with be able to use the smarTrike Balance Bike for years.

Flat Tires? Not With Our Balance Bike

EVA wheels for kids

EVA wheels for kids-mobile

Want another fun feature for the parents out there? Because learning how to ride usually takes a lot of wear and tear on a bike, adults usually have to go through the tedious process of frequently replacing or filling their kid's tires with air. Not with smarTrike!

Our push bike tires have unique maintenance-free wheels that are air-free, ensuring a truly effortless ride. The fun doesn’t end there. Did someone say puncture-free wheels? We did! That’s right, the smarTrike Balance Bikes comes with puncture-free wheels, so you never have you worry about replacing those pesky flat tires on your kid’s balance bike.

Metal Frame

The highest quality kids balance bike out there, the smarTrike Balance Bike comes with a top-of-the-line metal frame. The frame is also lightweight and easily adjustable, so you can effortlessly set the frame’s height to your child’s exact height needs.

In addition to being able to grow with your child, the frame is light, making it comfortable for young ones to maneuver easily and independently. One of the most exciting features of this  toddler bicycle is that because the frame is adjustable, it can actually grow with your child, ensuring years of balance bike fun to come!

Glide Before You Ride

toddler push bike

toddler push bike-mobile

Eventually, your tot should get the feel of the seat and practice moving the kids balance bike with their feet while seated, scooting the bike along as they go. You will notice that your child will quickly start to naturally pick their feet up off the floor and balance as they go.

Once they are riding comfortably with their feet off the ground and have learned the art of steering, they should be able to transition from their toddler push bike to a normal two-wheeled pedal bike with confidence. This can take anywhere from a few months, to a few years, depending on your child’s age.

The ultimate toddler push bike, smarTrike has mastered the art of bikes and we’re ready to get your tot gliding!

How Many Years Do Toddlers Ride on a Kids Balance Bike?

Although this varies based on the individual toddler, this is a  balance bike for two years old and up. Most youngsters who master how to ride a balance bike from around two-years-old, usually graduate quickly to using a regular bike around their fourth birthdays. That’s because this method really sticks.

balance bike for two years old

The Premium Choice for a Balance Bike -- smarTrike Brand

By now you’re probably dreaming lofty fantasies about your child in the Tour de France – hey, what can we say, we like bikes! If you’re now excited about the idea of a kids balance bike, think no further than smarTrike, the best kids bike you could possibly want for your little one.

So get a head start by giving your little one sweet childhood memories of learning how to bike ride with the smarTrike  Balance Bike, the premium choice when it comes to balance bikes.

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