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Travel with ease this Labor Day using a Tricycle with Handle

tricycle with handle tricycle with handle

As the balmy summer months draw to a close and everyone starts gearing up for the school year, Labor is like one final hurrah and is a chance to reap the rewards of all the work you do throughout the year. But, what does this holiday have to do with trikes?

Well, nothing really - but we can show you how to incorporate your toddler’s tricycle into some of the best Labor Day memories ever! Take this day to enjoy your family and get some fresh air. At smarTrike, we love bringing people together through the love three-wheeled products and you can start your journey with us this Labor Day.

What Is Labor Day and How Do We Celebrate it with Kids?

When you think of Labor Day, the first things that come to mind might be back-to-school shopping or the smell of sunscreen as you ride bikes with your friends on a camping trip. But there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, including tricycle with handle activities.

In the simplest of terms, Labor Day is the celebration of labor and those who contribute to the American workforce. This federal holiday is observed on the first Monday in September and it traditionally signals the end of summer. Beginning back during the Industrial Revolution when working conditions in the factories were far more intense than they are today, it’s still a moment to reflect on the year’s work and take a break from it all.

When you have kids, enjoying labor typically includes those classic summertime activities like going on a boat, to the beach, or to a lake house, grilling hot dogs in your backyard, or having a huge family picnic at the park. Complete with bubbles, sports games, and of course, bicycles, Labor Day is the ultimate family holiday to celebrate a job well done all year long.

This Labor Day we want to show you how you can incorporate our smarTrike tricycle with handle into your holiday plans that allow everyone to finish off summer with a bang.

tricycle with handle tricycle with handle

Fun Labor Day Activities for Kids

Kids love to play games and stay active. With all that energy, they’re always dying to go out and have the most fun as humanly possible. Seeing their older cousins play soccer and their big sister riding a bike, they could feel like they’re missing out if they’re too young. That’s where a tricycle with push handle comes in handy.

Our smarTrike products grow alongside your child and go through stages just like them. One of our quality tricycle with handle options allows you to be in control of the trike for as long as necessary. As your child gets used to pedaling and steering on their own, the handle gets removed and they’ll be whizzing away just like the big kids. Using one of these training tricycles on Labor Day is the perfect way to make sure everyone, young and old, feels involved and ready to go.

Start with a Quick but Nutritious Breakfast

To start your Labor Day festivities with the kids, make sure they’re eating breakfast. Even though it’s the end of summer, the weather is still hot out there and have a good meal before things get too active is essential. Especially if your kid will be riding around in the tricycle with handle, it’s imperative that they eat breakfast first.

eat breakfast first eat breakfast first

Which Trike with Handle is Best for You and Your Kids?

Before you can celebrate Labor Day with a smarTrike product, you’ll have to decide which one is best for your family. We have two distinct versions of toddler trikes that present unique features. Depending on your specific needs, we’re sure to have the perfect tricycle that works for both you and your child.

Let’s Start With the smarTfold Line of Trikes

Based on the name, you can probably guess what makes this product special. That’s right - it’s a foldable toddler tricycle with handle for the adult in charge. Each of the folding trikes at this level including the smarTrike 300, the smarTrike 600, and the smarTrike 700 have various stages that can grow with your child from nine months to three years old. That means you won’t have to purchase a new product for years and works with your child from before they can walk and well into toddlerhood.

Tricycle with handle smarTfold Tricycle with handle smarTfold

In the first stage, the parent handle allows the adult to control the speed and direction of the tricycle while your child is too young to handle it on their own. With a footrest and storage bins or bags, it’s super functional for both little tots and parents.

The next stage is allowing your child to get used to pedaling and steering without the parent losing control. The tricycle with handle is still attached and the child is pedaling independently before they’re on their own.

Finally, the handle comes off and the foldable products become fully functioning trikes that can fit in your trunk or neatly put away in the garage. Complete with all the safety features that you’ve come to trust from a smarTrike product, we’ve fitted these trikes with the best handlebars and harnesses. All you have to do is make sure they wear a helmet.

Check Out Our Classic Toddler Trike Lines of Trikes

Our other baby tricycles include the smarTrike 3 in 1 and smart trike 4 in 1 version. They function similar to the smarTfold series but they aren’t foldable. Instead, they’re extremely lightweight and are perfect for those with more storage space or a larger vehicle. Featuring either three or four stages of growth, your child can use these trikes from as young as ten months old.

smart trike 4 in 1 smartrike 3 in 1

smart trike 4 in 1 smartrike 3 in 1

Since this product is a tricycle with handle that starts off in the parents’ control makes this a fantastic, interactive option for kids and adults to form a really strong bond. This Labor Day, you’re bound to create effortless memories playing with these trikes together.

While You’re Outside with Your Kids, Have a BBQ!

As many parents have already learned, purchasing a tricycle with handle for parent for your child is a great way to spend time playing and riding with your little ones. You can easily switch back and forth from parent control mode to child control mode. All it takes is the flick of a button and you’re all set.

You’ll most likely be spending time outdoors this Labor Day enjoying the last bit of summer before school is back in session and the kids are sure to be bouncing off the walls and riding up a storm. By the time the afternoon rolls around, they may still want to stay on their tricycle but they’re all tired out. This makes the tricycle with handle a godsend because now you can be in control and your child can continue to enjoy their trike all day long.

Plus, on Labor Day, parks and community areas are bound to be busy. So you might even want to have parental controls ready to go so that you can keep an extra close eye on your active toddler.

toddler trike toddler trike

Interesting Labor Day Facts

Even though we mentioned a bit of the history behind Labor Day before, we wanted to dive a little bit deeper into some interesting facts surrounding the holiday. The best way to get kids really excited about something is to share the reasons why you’re really looking forward to something. So, before you head out to celebrate Labor Day this September, tell your kids these fun facts as you play together on the tricycle with handle.

To start, you could explain to them how lucky we are now that, even though we might not have the dream job, at least we don’t have to work the crazy hours they used to during the Industrial Revolution. Back then, when Labor Day was first introduced, people would work 12-hour shifts, seven days a week. That’s more than double a standard work week now!

tricycle with handle for parent

Some companies even had children as young as six years old working in the factories. It’s a good opportunity to show your child how much we have to be thankful for since back in the day, kids couldn’t even dream of riding a tricycle with handle and spending a Monday eating hot dogs.

Long story short - America has certainly come a long way since the time Labor Day was created and we have a lot to be grateful for in this country today. So, kick back and celebrate the fruits of your labor surrounded by friends, family, and a good old BBQ. Whether you’re soaking up these last bits of summer at the beach, on a boat, or at your local park, we hope you have a happy Labor Day - from all of us at smarTrike.

What are your plans for the end of summer? Let us know your favorite Labor Day traditions and how you used our tricycle with handle to celebrate.