​Top 5 Benefits for your Toddler with the 4 in 1 Trike

Parents, are you looking for ways to keep your little ones busy and entertained, all while helping them develop valuable skills? Or maybe you are just looking for a great b-day gift. After you check out these amazing benefits of 4 in 1 trikes you will be set!

Features of the 4 in 1 Tricycle that make it better than a regular tricycle

4 in 1 trikes is not a regular trike. It has 4 adaptable stages and numerous great features. Let me explain how the stages work more or less, please take note that they do slightly differ from model to model of the 4 in 1 trikes:

Stage 1 (10M+): Comfort & Fun. 4 in 1 trikes have so many wonderful features to make the ride smooth and fun for you and your baby. No worries, just happing riding.

Stage 2 (18M+): Develops Valuable Skills. Your baby can develop confidence, balance & motor skills while enjoying a fun-filled ride with a wide-eye view of the world around them.

Stage 3 (24M+): Teaches Pedaling. Adjust the features of your smarTrike and your little one can practice pedalling and steering while you take control.

Stage 4 (30M+): Supports Independence. Remove the parent handlebar. The high back support and Y harness keeps toddler secure while they pedal happily on their own.

Effortless Touch Steering

All of the 4 in 1 trikes by smarTrike have patented Touch Steering. This function allows the trike to easily steer all through the city. No forceful pushing, you literally just touch it and it intuitively glides in the direction you want to go.

Safety Features

Safety always comes first. Some of the notable features are the wonderful high back support that helps with your little ones posture, the safety harness and safety bar can give you some peace of mind that your little one has a bit more protection around them. And a favorite is the UV protective sun canopy – Protecting your little one from those every so strong sun rays so they can ride around outside longer!

Practice Pedaling

The 2 stage pedals are a superb feature of the  4 in 1 tricycle. Toddlers can practice cycling around while you are in control. Alternately, the pedals can be activated with the pullout clutch so that your toddler can totally ride around on their own now. That’s pretty awesome!

Storage Compartments

Take the trike for a longer trip around town or the park that is a bit further down. You will find the 4 in 1 trikes to have multiple storage compartments. Some with a conveniently located parent console, or am even bigger storage bag that is detachable from the trike. There is even a treasure basket for your little ones toys that they can easily reach. See if your trike has any of these!

Refer to our chart to see which 4 in 1 trikes come with which features.

So the 5 Benefits for your toddler is:

Outdoor Exercise & Playtime

Time for some fresh air and outdoor fun on a toddler trike. To make it even better, we asked all our mommies and daddies over here, what are their kids’ favorite activities and games. We have noticed that some kids share the same interests. We took the top 5 most popular ones that kept all our children happily entertained for longer than the usual 15 minute interest span kids seem to have. Ok here it is:

  1. This is an obvious one, take a nice stroll in the park getting you closer to those 10,000 steps while your little one can practice cycling skills in the meantime.

  2. I spy with my little eye, yes, this is an all time favorite. Pick an object that’s in plain sight and start by saying “I spy with my little eye something that is [insert something you see here]”

  3. “Today I’m a…” That’s all you have to say and your little one will now pretend he’s a race car driver, a fire fighter, a princess on her carriage and more - it will encourage independent and creative thinking which are important skills for kids to develop.

  4. Here’s a twist on ‘you’re it’; It’s called ‘not it’ Pick a color in your kids reach and say it out loud, your little ones has to touch the color and as long as they are touching it you can’t tag them. Better be fast or you will ‘tag’ them and then onto the next color. 

  5. Have some time on your hands? Make flashcards with drawings of different bugs, tree’s, birds and flowers and have your little one go through them and point them out on your walk.

Top Trikes that Include smarTrike Benefits :

Swirl 4 in 1 Baby Trike

Sweet and simple, like your baby, the smart trike Swirl is an all-time favorite. One of the most convenient smart trike 4 in 1 trikes is that your child can cruising around town effortlessly while baby is engage in exploring his new trike and all the wonderful features.

Zoom 4 in 1 Baby Trike

Looking for something extra convenient for you? This smart trike Zoom has a parent console and a large storage bag for you. While your little one can store all their toys in the easy-to-reach toy basket of this smart trike 4 in 1.

Develops Valuable Skills

That’s right, our 4 in 1 trike helps develop crucial skills in baby development and is full of engaging and fun activities that will encourage your baby’s ever-growing curiosity.

Develops Gross Motor Skills

smarTrike® has a system that allows toddlers to practice pedaling and steering, while the parent remains in complete control of the trike. That’s right, your little one will be pedaling and steering all through town developing their muscles stronger until they are actually old enough to switch the control mode on the trike and give it a real go!

Develops Confidence

So, as I explained above, this same mechanism will build confidence in your little ones and before they know it, riding becomes intuitive and almost natural for them. Sooner rather than later, they will be riding along independently.

Develops Balance

Along with developing motor skills and learning to cycle, your little one will learn the sense of balance needed to cycle and steer to where they want to get. These skills can be further developed with some of our other smarTrike toys as well.

Prepares for the Balance Bike or Toddler Scooter

Remember I mentioned that we have more toys that will help your little one develop balance skills. Well these are them. Now that your baby has developed their motor skills we can move on to the  kids balance bike; an ideal stepping-stone for kids and one of the fastest methods of learning bike riding. Or maybe a cool 3 wheel scooter, which is already loved by millions.

Comfortable and Convenient

If this isn’t the ultimate tricycle then what is? It’s comfortable for your little angel and convenient for you! How so you ask? Let me explain.

Use this smarTrike as a way of moving around or as a fun and engaging toy for your little one. With effortless touch Steering® you can take the trike on the go while your baby sits back and witnesses the world around them.

Eventually, your little one will be riding around town as the smart trike converts to a tricycle for 2 year olds. Features like a high back seat, padded seat cover, side bars and safety harnesses will ensure a comfortable ride for your little one and take some stress off your shoulders.

We took this one to the test. We got some of our smarTrike® mommies and daddies to vote on their favorite trikes as well as looking at some of the best sellers out there and these are the top 4 winners!

If you have any great benefits that you found with your smart trike 4 in 1 trike let us know through our live chat, customer support or social media.

XO smarTrike Family