Toddler Scooter: The New & Exciting Way of Trick or Treating with Your Toddler

With Halloween just around the corner I have a fun little surprise for you and your little pumpkin. Halloween which, as a kid, always was my favorite holiday. I don’t know if it was the dressing up, boat load of candy or going trick or treating with my friends, but Halloween is wonderful! It was great back then and it is absolutely amazing now, as a mom. I love watching my little Anna, getting ready for the holiday, carving the pumpkin, picking out adorable costumes, and yelling trick-or-treat at every neighbor’s door.

Last year, right before Halloween, Janet, one of the mommies in Anna’s daycare, spoke to me when we went to pick up our kiddos. She told me she got herself a  toddler scooter. At first, I didn’t really understand and looked at her blankly. Janet laughed, she began to explain that she got it for her little boy so he can glide and won’t need to walk the long Halloween walk. To be honest, I didn’t think much of it at first; I mean, our little kids are so pumped with so much energy, especially with all the sugar from the trick or treat candy, that it actually couldn’t hurt them to walk a little bit more. If you know what I mean. I guess she got that I was a bit sceptic, to say the least, so she said that she got the toddler scooter for her son a while ago and he enjoys the excitement of riding so much that he doesn’t complain as much anymore after longer walks or walks home from the park.

Scooter: Toddler Style

By that point, I thought it couldn’t harm me to give it a try, it was on sale anyways (I just love sales) and for 69.99 dollars, not having to carry a tired Anna around sounded like an even better deal. I did some research and I found out that there’s quite a big range of  scooters for toddlers out there, but since I already had a smarTrike trike and I knew how good they are and how versatile they can get, I decided to get one of smarTrike T scooters. There are 3 T scooTers that are good for kids starting from 1.5 years old and up to 5 years old and more – depending on the kid’s weight. All this fine detail could be a little confusing, so I arranged the following chart for more specific info you might need before getting a toddler scooter:

After you got to know all the “dry” information about each of the scooters, it’s time for you to really get why these scooters are so fantastic. I’ll start with the one I got, but don’t worry, I’ll talk about the features of the other two as well.

T1 scooTer

smarTrike T1 scooTer is an innovative scooter. It has a removable foam seat. The seat is for younger kids the are about 1.5 years old and up and has yet to develop the ability to stand on one foot and push with the other, which is pretty much what scooters are all about. Basically, at younger ages, kids can use the smarTrike T1 as a ride-on rather as a scooter and work on those scooting muscles. Since the T1 has that removable seat for 1.5 years old – so in my Anna’s case – it was perfect for practice time. Starting to use a new scooter can be difficult. Especially at that age, when your toddler just learned to walk. This is when the “T-Lock System” also comes in handy.

It locks the handlebar in and kids can’t tilt the handlebar to navigate – they can only ride straight. It helps the kids to develop the needed coordination and balance skills while concentrating mainly on their feet and not having to navigate at the same time. Anyways, I still that the seat with me pretty much anywhere we go with the smarTrike T1 scooter and attach it when Anna gets more tired and needs to get some rest for her little legs. The T1 scooTer comes in two colors: light blue for little boys and bright pink for little girls. Anna got really excited trying out her new pink scooter though she probably wouldn’t mind if I would have gotten her the blue scooter instead.

Now, my little baby is already 4 years old – they grow up so fast, sometimes I can’t believe it! she was just a little baby two minutes ago… and guess what, the smarTrike T1 scooTer is still perfect for her to scoot around in. The made to last frame and board are great and the handlebar is adjustable, so when she got taller, I just easily readjusted it to her current height.

T3 scooTer

The T3 is a great option if your getting the first scooter for your kid when they already have the balancing down pat. It still comes with the T-Lock system so they can learn how to use a scooter without having to steer first and then unlock the steering for when they are ready to learn how to fully coordinate steering and riding. The smarTrike T3 scooTer is available in two colors. The purple scooTer is so gorgeous, it will make any girl happy!

T5 scooTer

smarTrike T5 is perfect for kids 3-5 years old as it has an adjustable handlebar for when your kid is getting taller and taller. the smart trike T5 scooter also features the T-Lock system so unlock it and. So even if your little one is 3-5 and it’s their first scooter, they can learn how to ride it safely at their own rate.

The Best Toddler Scooter Features

The smarTrike T scooTers have great features that are made to ensure that your little one will have a fun ride. Let’s go over some of the features.

T-lock mechanism 

Steering is a complicated task for toddlers, I mean, it can be complicated for some adults too; it takes time to realize that by moving the handlebar, you actually change the direction in which you’re moving. It is even more complicated to learn how to steer a scooter because, you have to balance yourself. The T-lock mechanism gives you the ability to develop stability before unlocking the full tilt to turn action.

The foot bar

the foot bar or scooter decks is a major part of a scooter. It has to be wide enough and long enough to fit two feet when riding, but it can’t be too big so it becomes too hard to push with just one leg. smarTrike scooters has a pro scooter deck that is perfect for kids of different ages. The scooter deck also comes with TPR rubber that doesn’t wear out and is totally meant to last. The rubber on the footboard is essential for a good grip of the foot during the ride.

Weight limit

when getting any ride-on toy, it is crucial to make sure that it fits the kid’s measurements – if the scooter is too heavy, the kid won’t be able to ride and if the kid is too heavy, the scooter becomes unbalanced or might break. smarTrike T scooters comes in a range of smart scooter with different weight limits so any kid can get exactly what they need.

unlocking the full tilt to turn action.another great feature to look for is the wheels. The T scooTers have 3 wheels: one rear wheel and two front wheels. This  three wheel scooter gives maximum stability. The T5 has an additional double back wheel!

The handle grips 

the scooter handlebar is another key component of a scooter. This is what kids hold on to while scooting. Their grip has to be comfortable and safe. smarTrike T scooter handle grip is covered in soft foam that prevent the kids’ hand palms from getting bruised by the aluminum frame.

These features are some of the most important features in a ride-on toy and especially, in a scooter. Any parent knows that kids’ often fall and get bruised. It is definitely an inseparable part of growing up. My sweet Anna was no different and we had to learn the hard way that extra measures of safety must be taken when having your little one riding a scooter. Anna was my first born and I’m not as clueless nowadays as I used to be back then, but I did create a short list of safety steps to take when planning on gifting your little one a scooter.

First of all, keep in mind toddlers aren’t the best at judgment calls. They pretty much do what they want to do without any fear. As grownups, we have to think 3 steps ahead and think of any possible situation or “surprise” we might get into. It’s not a secret that a pack of wet wipes and band aids are every mom’s best friends. Riding a ride-on like a  baby scooter that asks for the development of coordination and balance definitely takes a bit more learning then just hoping on and riding off. Thinking ahead and taking the necessary safety precautions are definitely the first rules of kids’ scooter safety.

Next, instruction. Kids and infants are usually quick learners, but some may find riding a scooter less intuitive than the rest. It is no secret that our little angels imitate us. Who hasn’t experienced having said something on someone and having their kid repeating on that piece of information? Well, don’t feel bad, it happens to us all, and it’s okay. We just have to learn how to use this rather embarrassing quality as an advantage.

“Thinking ahead and taking the necessary safety precautions are definitely the first rules of kids’ scooter safety.”

If you demonstrate your kid how to ride on a scooter, it can help them get better at it sooner. It might even make them love the scooter more if they’ll see you’re into it. My advice is to use the “actions speak louder than words” method. Instead of using just words; go on a scooter yourself or hold a doll and demonstrate with it.

How to balance a scooter while riding? That’s probably one of the most challenging questions when getting your kid their  first toddler scooter. I advise you to teach them how to stand on one foot first. Have them hold your hands and try to balance themselves for 10 seconds, 30 second and so on until they learn how to hold themselves on one foot.

It’s important to practice on two legs. Coordination is an important skill that will most certainly help them as older kids or in their adult lives and you know what they say…” practice makes perfect”.Start of your little ones learning experience by choosing a flat surface to practice on. This will help them master balance and coordination with out any other obstacles in the way.The next issue, is probably the most important one of the bunch: safety gear. Wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads is the most important safety precaution of riding on any ride-on.

As I said before, our kids can’t ride alone and have to have our supervision at all times. But let’s be honest, we are not guardian angels. Some of the things we just can’t prevent or even think of before they happen. Therefore, protective gear is very important. You can have it as a parent-child activity and go shopping for scooter helmets and scooter knees and elbow pads that they like. You can find a wide range of helmets and knees and elbow pads in toy stores or online. Pick something your kid will love and it will become easier to keep them safe while riding and having outdoor fun.

In addition to all of the above, I have one word for you – shoes. Shoes are not just meant to make a fashion statement. You know how different athletes wear different shoes, like soccer players for example that wear shoes that are meant to prevent them from falling on the wet grass while running? Riding a ride-on toy requires the right shoes. You may never think of it, but, picking the right shoes can also affect the ride a lot. My suggestion is to get toddler skate shoes for your little one. Skate shoes are flat and they provide a better grip on the foot bar. They also have no edges that can make your little one stumble as the put their foot on and off the board repeatedly.

Last but not least, take care of your scooter! Maintenance is not just for your car. It is important to know how to maintain your toddler scooter. The smarTrike T scooters are made to last, but it is important to keep your scooter clean as well as oil the scooter once in a while to keep the steering and wheel mechanism running as smooth as the day you got it. A well-maintained ride-on can prevent a big number of hazards when outdoors since it will allow your little toddler to navigate safely and smoothly.

Sooo, after talking about the best features to look for in toddler scooter and how to keep your little bundle of joy protected and happy while riding, all that’s left is to have fun on any ride you and your toddler go on. Especially on the best day of the year.

Have a spooky Halloween,