The Ultimate Guide for Getting a Bike for 3 Year Old

The Ultimate Guide for Getting a Bike for 3 Year Old

You’ve got a rambunctious 3-year-old and you’re looking for a bicycle that will help them blow off some steam. Or maybe your toddler is interested in anything with wheels and you’re dying to teach them how to ride a bike. No matter what your situation might be, buying your child their first bike is an exciting milestone and we’re here to help make the process as smooth as possible.

So, without further ado, we’ve compiled a quick guide for getting a brand new bike for your precious toddler. Read on!

Have You Considered a Balance Bike?

Your first thought when it comes to getting a bike for 3 year old kids might include the image of a shiny red bicycle complete with pedals, a basket, and a classic bell on the handles. While of course, this is what most people think of when they think of bikes and you’re not alone, it’s actually not the best option for those just learning to ride.

You might also consider training wheels, assuming that they teach your child to ride. Soon enough, those extra wheels come off and they’ve then got a fully functioning bicycle ready to go. Sure - this can work, but not without a few painful falls.

That’s because training wheels on a bike for 3 year old doesn’t teach children how to balance. It gets them into the hang of pedaling and steering, but what the skill you really need to ride a bike is to balance. In that sense, perhaps it’s time to consider a pedal-less bike at the start.

balance bike

What’s the Big Hype Around Kids Balance Bike?

There certainly is a lot of hype surrounding these pedal-less bikes but for good reason. They actually help kids learn to be master bicycle riders. Ok - well maybe not masters, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly they catch on. By prioritizing balancing skills, kids are able to adjust to full pedal bikes with ease.

So, when it comes to choosing a bike for 3 year old, these push bikes come highly recommended. In short, they actually work and kids love them!

Are You Looking for a Seasonal Product or One That’s Long-Lasting?

In both an environmental sense and to save money, choosing a product that will last a long time is always going to outweigh any kind of seasonal product that only lasts for as long as your child’s latest growth spurt. There’s nothing more draining than getting rid of yet another pair of shoes that your toddler is too big for. Now, just imagine that same process but with something like a bicycle! No way do you want to throw away multiple bikes.

You’ll want to consider that your children are growing fast. Making sure to choose not only a bike for 3 year old kids but also one that works for four and five-year-old kids too that are going to last a few years at least. It will be the biggest money saver and the clear winner if you’re deciding between brands.

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We Have Some of the Best Kids Bikes Around

At smarTrike, we’re all about giving you the biggest bang for your buck while caring for the safety and development of your children. We’re passionate about creating products that grow with your child while fostering the skills necessary to ride bikes with confidence. Plus, we love spreading joy and giving kids ways to have fun, stay active, and get outside.

We offer a few different toddler bikes to choose from so we’re sure you’ll be able to find the best bike for 3 year old here.

Check Out Our Balance Bike 2 in 1

First up is our classic, no pedal bike that’s perfect for children ranging from two to five years old. The unique flip frame design allows this bicycle to grow with your child and adjust as they learn valuable skills.

Coming in two colors, red and blue, it’s our original model and has been a best-seller at smarTrike for years, complete with rave reviews. Kids practice their balancing skills and are able to use it for years and years. Once they transition to a full bicycle - they’ll be ready for it.

Balance Bike 2 in 1 Balance Bike 2 in 1 

We Also Offer a Folding Balance Bike

If you’re a family that’s always on the go or short on space, we have a solution for you as well. The perfect bike for 3 year old that will work for your situation might be one that folds down for easy transport and storage.

This collapsible toddler push bicycle works in the same way as our classic 2 in 1 model, just in a more compact form. Bring it to grandma’s house for a bit of outdoor play during a visit or tuck it in the corner when the neighbors are over for dinner. It’s no longer necessary to store big bulky bikes in your garage or squeeze them in the car with a compact solution like our folding balance bike.

The Difference Between a 14 Inch Balance Bike and a 16 Inch Balance Bike

Two inches may not seem like much of a change, but for small toddlers, it can be a huge deal. Our smarTrike Balance Bike adjusts from a 14-inch to a 16-inch frame and the lower level is perfect as a bike for two-year-old or bike for 3 year old.

Basically, if the seat is too high, your child won’t be able to reach the ground in order to push off and ride the bike at all. Yet, if it’s too low, your child’s feet will get in the way which, again, makes it nearly impossible to ride. Plus, the handlebar on our smarTrike Balance Bike is also adjustable so that when the flip frame is activated the handles will match up.

To know the best seat height for your child, have them sit on the saddle and let their feet touch the ground. Their feet should be flat with a slight bend in the knee. On their bike for 3 year old, if just their toes touch or their knees are overly bent, this is a sign that the frame should be lowered or raised, respectively.

convertible balance bike

Can Any Bike Be Considered a Balance Bike with Pedals?

The short answer is: no, not all bikes can be considered balance bikes. Sure, even with pedals you might be able to say that riding a bicycle requires balance and therefore even a bike with pedals could be considered one, but as far as our definition is concerned, there’s a lot more to it.

Most toddler bikes have fixed pedals without any kind of “grow with me” options for the child. That’s one of the main reasons why not every bike for 3 year old is made equally. If a bicycle has pedals, then it’s clearly not prioritizing balance as the number one skill needed to confidently and successful start riding a full-sized bike.

With most balance bike options, going pedal-less encourages the right skills needed to ride a bike and with smarTrike, we take it a step further and make sure the bike adjusts with your child along the way. It’s obvious that kids grow at the speed of light, so we proudly created products to last through every stage of development.


Ask Other Parents About Their Experience Buying a Bicycle for Kids

Look no further than your own fellow parents to seek advice about the best bike for 3 year old available. Of course, you should take other peoples’ opinions with a grain of salt and be the one to make the final decision about what will work for your particular child, but here at smarTrike, we’re confident in what other parents have to say about our products.

First of all, we’re thinking about parents just as much as we’re thinking about kids. Of course, we love making fun toys and creating a joyous playtime experience for young children at every stage, but when it comes to the actual manufacturing of these playthings, parents’ peace of mind is a huge priority. When it came to making a bike for 3 year old kids, our priorities were no different.

bicycle for kids

It’s well understood that safety and convenience are at the top of any parents’ list when they go to buy things for their kids. That’s why we make everything in our line of products safe and easy. From puncture-free tires to handlebars that help protect tiny hands, we’re always thinking about ways to make our bikes safer. Plus, with foldable options and easy assembly, these balance bikes fit easily into the lives of busy families.

So go ahead - ask your fellow parent friends what they think about our smarTrike products. We’re known to be favorites of both parents and kids alike so when choosing between bike for 3 year old options, you can see all the benefits of our fantastic bicycles.

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When You Want the Best Kids Bikes, Choose the One with the Most Value

So, we’ve talked a lot so far about our bicycles growing with your child and evolving as their skills develop. But what does this actually mean? It means that when a balance bike has the ability to change and adjust, you’re getting more value for your money.

You can pay the same amount somewhere else only for your child to outgrow the product in a year’s time. With smarTrike, our goal is to make our bike for 3 year old products last as long as possible for your tiny tot and we’re proud that everything we sell is multifunctional. It’s better for the environment, better for your wallet, and better for your family.