The Best Tricycle for 3 Years Old Toddlers

smarTrike trikes are one of those products that you don’t know how you lived without until you have one. The entire concept of the  ‘Grow with Me’ trike has helped millions of children around the world develop confidence and improve motor skills, not to mention learn to balance and pedal way before their peers.

It has entirely changed the way parents take their kids out and about, from making trips to the supermarket fun, to pretend cycling their way to the park. The jokes on them though. Have you ever walked as slow as a snail while your stubborn toddler attempts to ride independently (before they are ready) for any length of time?

It can be a little painful but with a smarTrike you get to zoom around the supermarket or make your way to the park in record time, all the while entertaining your toddler who totally thinks they are in control. Genius!

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All smarTrike trikes are  “Grow with Me” trikes. This mean they have multiple stages that adapt as the child grows from baby to toddler. The trikes begin as a parent-controlled push trike and adapt all the way until they are a toddler tricycle for independent little adventurers. This table will present some of the trikes you can get at you can see,  smarTrike trikes have awesome features that are meant to make your life easier and your child comfortable and happy on whatever trips you set out to take together. smarTrike really emphasized they want their trikes to be comfortable for kids and moms. You can get it from the design that have features that were made to make your life, as a mom, easier.

I’m talking about features like effortless Touch Steering® and easy switch between parent and child control. But our kids are not being forgotten about either. Features like high back support, bright colors and practicing riding are ultimate for kids’ fun and development.

The “Grow with Me” aspect of the trikes is great because it is a well-known fact that kids, especially young kids, get attached easily. Since these trikes literally grow with your kid, they give your kid a sense of reassurance that their toys are here to stay, at least for a while.

One Last List Before Buying Your First Trike

Have you ever gone into a store, or tried to shop online, and you ended up getting totally overwhelmed by the big range of products in front of you? It happens to me all the time. I go to the supermarket to grab some things for dinner and I end up staring blankly at the long line of products packed onto the shelves.

The next list will add some more details to the table I placed before and will talk about the benefits of each 4 in 1 tricycles. Keep in mind that these trikes are meant to grow with your little one from 10 months and up. They are officially suitable until 3 years old, but there is no reason why your toddler has to stop using their trike as soon as they hit 36 months. While this is the guided recommendation it also depends on their weight and how tall they are.

Zoom 4 in 1 Baby Trike

 Its 4 different stages make it a great  4 in 1 trike. The high back support and safety bar are perfect for when your kid is younger and are removable for when they are ready to go on their own. The footrest is also foldable for when your little adventurer wants to practice pedaling. The canopy has decorative circles all around it so the design is smart and beautiful.



Swirl 4 in 1 Baby Trike

Your little lady will love being queen of the park in her smart trike. Looking for a smart trike? Then pink and full of fun features is the way to go. It is definitely the moment to shine for all the pink lovers out there.


Breeze 3 in 1 Baby Trike 

Another smart trike for cool kids is the Breeze. This color option for the best-selling 3 in 1 trike will definitely work as a show stopper for your little adventurer. While they turn heads in the park, you can enjoy the smarTrike exclusive Touch Steering® system that makes any ride down the street as effortless as walking by yourself.


That’s all for now I hope you found my review useful and that you will join the smarTrike® family, XOXO smarTrike® mommy