​Smart Outfits for the New Year to Match Your Children’s Tricycle

Now that your children’s tricycle is decorated for the holidays, it’s time to match their outfits with their trike and ride off into the new year. Not only will others be ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how adorable your children look, your kids will have fun with it too.

It’s sometimes difficult for kids to want to get dressed. But since they’re sure to love spending time on their children’s tricycle (and decorating it), coordinating their outfits will make getting dressed fun. Or maybe it’s the other way around and your child loves to wear clothes but you have a harder time getting them out of the house.

In this post, we’ll go into detail about different kinds of outfits that match our different smarTrike children’s tricycles and how outfits can be a great way to involve your kids, both with getting dressed and getting out and doing things on their smarTrikes.

Let’s Start with Everyday Outfits

When we talk about everyday outfits, we mean jeans and a T-shirt, simple dresses and rompers, or shorts with a cotton polo. Pretty much, anything that can be worn anytime, anywhere is what we mean.

Especially for our Swirl and Zoom style trikes, everyday outfits work great. That’s also in part because these are a children’s tricycle that are great for everyday use. These trikes also work well with an everyday outfit because of the bright colors like lime green, red, and pink. Lots of graphic tees and floral dresses will pop just as well against these lively hues.

Trikes that go well with everyday outfits:

Sporty Outfits are Always Trendy

After all, riding a tricycle is totally sporty! Even though our smarTrike children’s tricycle is a little different than a more traditional trike, sporty outfits will definitely work for you and your child.

We think sporty outfits will look best with our Breeze, Swirl, Zoom style trikes. They’re less “lounge-like” and resemble a bike more than some of the other styles. Therefore, getting dressed up in more sporty, active wear will certainly be appropriate.

And since these tricycles also come in a variety of colors, your child can still fit the trike, even in sporty gear. Perhaps a cool pair of red sneakers or a fun pink baseball cap can be the perfect accessory to complete the outfit.

Trikes that go well with sporty outfits:

Ring in the New Year with Nightwear Outfits to Go Perfectly with a Tricycle

When it comes to nightwear, it’s tough for toddler to not look completely adorable on their own. But if they’re matching a children’s tricycle on top of their innate cuteness, your child will be getting all the attention.

Getting all dressed up for New Year’s Eve will be so much more fun for your child if they’ll be perfectly matched with their children’s tricycle. Being already festive for the holiday season, fun glittery dresses for the girls and spiffy suits for the boys will look great to ring in the new year.

In smarTrike styles like the STR3, STR5 and STR7 tricycles, your child can even rock mini formal wear and it will feel fitting. With the subtle colors and classy design of these particular trikes, your child won’t seem out of place in their evening wear.

Trikes that go well with nightwear outfits:

Why Should You Buy Outfits For Your Children’s Tricycle?

Perhaps you’re thinking it’s a bit strange to plan an outfit based on your children’s tricycle. But really, there are plenty of reasons why this is a good idea. You’re out and about all the time with your smarTrike tricycle so why not use it as the inspiration for choosing the outfits your child wears.

Not only will your child get excited about getting dressed to match their beloved children’s tricycle, but it could also inspire them to get out and go for a ride because their outfit matches perfectly. Plus, after spending all that time decorating it for the holidays, they’ll surely want to show it off.

Below, we’ll dive into the specifics of why you should match outfits to your children’s tricycle both as a way to get your kids to enjoy getting dressed and getting them excited to go out and get on their smarTrike.

You’ll Save Loads of Time

As previously mentioned, it’s not always the easiest to get kids dressed in the morning. You know the drill -- you have a limited amount of time, you’re chasing them around the house, begging them to put on shoes, bribing them with ice cream if they’ll just put on that jacket. It can be a real mess.

Plus, being exhausted after all the holiday hooplah, going into the new year you’ll want to save all the time you can.

Sometimes, all your child wants to wear is a Batman costume. And that’s the idea. If you make things fun for the kids then they’re probably more apt to do them. So by explaining that they’ll have so much fun wearing the outfit that perfectly matches their children’s tricycle, you’ll save time getting them dressed.

Matching To Your Children’s Tricycle Makes Shopping Easier

Every store seems to have a massive section filled to brim with clothes for children. For every occasion, color palette, and preference they have kid’s clothes to go along with it. This can become incredibly overwhelming and you probably just end up with a bunch of clothing that no longer fits, just because you couldn’t choose which to get.

Plus, coming into the new year and after all that holiday shopping, the last place you probably want to be is at the shopping mall. Deciding to match the outfits to their tricycle will only make shopping easier for you.

You’ll know which colors to choose and what style of clothing fits the children’s tricycle best. That way, you’re not picking random items and spending countless hours in the mall buying clothes that you’re later forcing your kids to wear. This is just one of those ideas to try and help simplify things.

Snap Insta-Worthy Images with #HappyNewYear

We live in a world of social media and it’s so fun to post the cute photos you’re constantly snapping of your little toddler. Play dates with their friends, family get-togethers, silly selfies -- they’re all great for posting on Instagram.

By matching your child’s outfits with their children’s tricycle, you can only imagine the amazing Instagram-worthy snapshots that will be filling up your phone. Adorable green sunglasses that go perfectly with their Glow smarTrike or a flashy red bow tie to coordinate with their Boutique smarTrike, your Instagram feed is about to go wild!

Not to mention, it’ll be a perfect opportunity to get that new year’s post ready and get the new year off to a fun (and totally matching) start.

Your Child’s Creativity is Bound to Improve

By making it fun to get dressed, you never know -- you could be sparking the fashion designer inside of them. Bring out their creativity by unleashing the opportunity to have them pick out their clothes. It can be a game -- what shirt matches best with the trike? Let your child choose.

Encouraging your child’s creativity they’re sure to come up with all kinds of awesome outfit choices. Maybe they want to wear all white with blue accessories to match their Legend smarTrike or you never realized that their favorite socks go great with their Lollipop smarTrike.

There are lots of ways to coordinate and match an outfit with a children’s tricycle and encouraging your child to get involved with choosing the best outfit to match their trike is sure to spark their creativity.

Create Adorable Matching Sister Outfits

Have you got two little girls? Then you probably already know that there are few things that are more adorable than dressing them up in matching outfits. Now, you can double match them -- with each other and with their tricycles.

Maybe they’re the kind of sisters who love to do everything together and are extremely similar. In that case, they might already have the same kind of children’s tricycle. This makes everything simple. Matching everything will be cute as can be.

But maybe they’re the kind of sisters who are polar opposites. If that’s the case, you can try matching outfits in different colors or different outfits in matching colors. Or if they have different kinds of trikes, just match them to their respective children’s tricycle and they’ll be adorable and coordinated either way.

Don’t Forget Matching Outfits for Brothers

Boys can be matching, too! With two little boys running around, the younger one probably looks up to his older brother. If that’s the case, this is a chance to get them matching outfits that they’ll both be thrilled to show off.

For some reason, it seems like boys are less likely to be in matching outfits but surely boys will definitely have fun when they’re matching too. Especially when they get to match with their cool smarTrikes, they’ll not only look super cute, but you’ll probably have to pry them off their children’s tricycle.

And Of Course, You Can Have Matching Outfits for Brothers and Sisters

Even if the siblings aren’t the same gender, that doesn’t mean they can’t be matching as well. In this case they’ll probably have a theme, like a matching pattern and color of fabric that shows up within both outfits.

For example, a pair of corduroy pants and white polo shirt on a little boy would match completely with a little girl wearing a corduroy overall dress over a white polo shirt. But you can also choose to use some classic T-shirts saying “little brother” or “big sister” which are super cute, too.

However you choose to do it, dressing your children in matching outfits is fun and exciting for both you and them. And matching your kid’s clothes with their children’s tricycles not only makes getting dressed more exciting, but it’ll make them want to get out and go for a ride to soak up the last bit of the holiday season and the new year gets going.

Happy New Year from all of us at smarTrike!