Make World Bicycle Day Legendary With Your Kid and Their Baby Bike

Make World Bicycle Day Legendary With Your Kid and Their Baby Bike In case you didn’t know, World Bicycle Day is coming up fast and we want you to celebrate this year. Whether you’re a hardcore cyclist who already loves this obscure holiday or you’re just now finding out it’s a thing, we’re of the mind that any reason to celebrate bikes is a good reason. With a

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In case you didn’t know, World Bicycle Day is coming up fast and we want you to celebrate this year. Whether you’re a hardcore cyclist who already loves this obscure holiday or you’re just now finding out it’s a thing, we’re of the mind that any reason to celebrate bikes is a good reason.

With a brief look into the history of World Bicycle Day and some ideas of how to make it an incredible day for your kids, it’s a mission to get families excited about bike riding, staying active, and enjoying life outdoors.

Read on for more information about our best-selling baby bike products that can help your child learn to ride a full-sized bicycle, where to take your family to celebrate World Bicycle Day, ideas for what to do once you get there, and other safety tips to help you get the most out of your smarTrike products.

Even if it’s your first time taking advantage of a day like World Bicycle Day, we want to help you make it great. It could even become a sort of tradition for your bike riding family. The day has a strange history but the reasons this day continues to exist is for the well-being of our communities.

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Before They Ride a Baby Bike Talk to Your Kids About the History of Bicycle Day

Now, the origins of World Bicycle Day may not be the most kid-friendly, but let’s explain. Apparently, it’s an international holiday commemorating the day that Dr. Albert Hoffman first had an LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25) trip and took a bicycle ride home from his lab in Basel, Switzerland on April 19, 1943.

He had created LSD years before, in 1938 as he was searching for new pharmaceuticals. He seemed to accidentally ingest the compound revealing its psychedelic properties and purposefully decided to test their effects by taking the substance on that fateful day in 1943. When he was feeling the intense effects, his assistant gave him a ride home on a bike and it became the first acid trip in history. With a baby bike, you’ll clearly be having a different kind of day than Dr. Hoffman, but it’s interesting to know these little fun and interesting facts.

While it may require some finesse, before having a day out with your kids balance bike, explaining this historical tidbit can be a fun way to explain World Bicycle Day. But, it should be known that since then it does have a new (and more appropriate) meaning promoting health and well-being with an initiative by the United Nations.

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June 3rd Has Been Declared International World Bicycle Day

Potentially easier to explain as you go to use a baby bike this spring, the original Bicycle Day date has been changed by the United Nations and has declared International Bicycle Day to be June 3rd every year. Campaigned by the World Cycling Alliance (WCA) and the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), Bicycle Day was finally brought to the world stage in 2016 and continues to live on today.

Due to the social, economic, and environmental benefits of cycling, the UN agreed that it’s an important day to celebrate - and here at smarTrike, we couldn’t agree more. Part of the reason we’re so passionate about creating a toddler bicycle that gets your kids excited about cycling is for all of those reasons. With your kid being interested in riding a baby bike, they’re more likely to then ride a bicycle when they’re older, improving physical fitness, making them part of a group, and doing their part to help protect the environment.

With this interesting history related to World Bicycle Day, it’s time to come up with some ideas of what to do to celebrate while getting your children pumped to ride a bicycle. Here are a few things you can do this June. Learn more about our smarTrike products and take them for a spin to really see what they can do. Your kids will certainly thank you.

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Now That You Know All About It, Grab Your Kids and Celebrate #WorldBicycleDay With Our Baby Bike

Celebrating World Bicycle Day is simply a great excuse to get out of the house and onto a bike seat. Perhaps it hasn’t been all that important to you in the past and it doesn't need to be a huge extravaganza, but it’s so much fun to have a bike day and to be honest, it’s incredibly beneficial to celebrate even the tiniest things in life.

Leading up to June 3rd, get your child excited about going for a ride on their toddler bike specifically to enjoy World Bicycle Day. Since you’ve already explained where it comes from and why cycling is such a fulfilling activity, your kids are sure to be ready for some of their own baby bike action as soon as possible.

Check Out Our Balance Bike 2 in 1

Our 2 in 1 balance bike is just like all of our smarTrike products and it grows right alongside your child. With these no pedal bikes, the seat can be raised to accommodate the fast-growing nature of young toddlers and as they push along the ground to walk and glide, they get an understanding of balance and steering which will help them once they start riding a regular, full-sized bicycle.

These balance bikes come in two colors, red and blue - classic choices for both little boys and little girls. The simple, lightweight design of this balance bike is easy for kids to maneuver and can be used for years with kids ages two to five.

Balance Bike 2 in 1 Balance Bike 2 in 1 Balance Bike 2 in 1

Balance Bike 2 in 1

Don’t Forget Put on Your Child’s Helmet When Celebrating World Bicycle Day With our Baby Bike

As always, safety is our number one priority here at smarTrike. We do everything we can to make our products as kid-friendly and safe as possible but it’s important for additional safety measures to be in place. A big part of that means parents reminding their kids to always wear a helmet. Especially when they start feeling excited, like on days such as World Bicycle Day, it often causes more accidents to happen when their mind is preoccupied.

Surely, children are going to avoid following the rules as much as they possibly can. Honestly, what kid listens on the first try? That’s why it’s a good idea to get your kid pumped about their safety gear. Buy a helmet in their favorite color or one that matches their prized baby bike. You could also show them professional athletes who cycle in the Tour de France who wear helmets with pride, knowing how essential they are. Make note of cyclists on the street and how awesome it is that they’re wearing a helmet. This will make it seem to your child like it’s cool to be safe (which it is!) and you’re likely to have an easier time when making it absolutely necessary that they wear one.

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Pick The Best Location to Take Your Kid

It’s June 3rd and you’re ready to enjoy World Bicycle Day with your kids, adult bicycles and a baby bike in tow. There are so many places to celebrate that it can be hard to decide which is best.

Probably the most obvious would be going to your local park. But just because it’s a common location to ride bikes doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea at all. In fact, if you’ve gone there with your family before, it’s highly possible that your kids will love that idea.

Even just riding around the block in your own neighborhood is a great place to celebrate World Bicycle Day. Gather everyone who lives on your culdesac and you can host a huge block party where everyone is invited. Grill some food, bake a cake, turn on some music, and grab the baby bike.

Have everyone bring out the bikes and casually ride around the block, relishing in the simple pleasures of being outdoors and having company around. These are the kinds of childhood memories that your kids won’t ever forget and that help to create a special bond between families, neighbors, and communities. Soon it’ll be a yearly tradition that everyone looks forward to.

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Kid’s Lose Patience Quickly - Get Them Excited About Where They’ll Be Going on Their Baby Push Bike

While you’re getting ready for World Bicycle Day, you’ll probably want to start telling your child about how much fun it’s going to be riding their baby bike. Then, the little one starts to become impatient, wanting it to be World Bicycle Day right now. To avoid such confrontations, it’s definitely a good idea to give your kids the full rundown of what you’ve got planned for the celebration so that they have an easier time being patient for the day’s arrival.

By sharing the plans, kids will feel like they have some sort of say in what’s going on - even if they don’t have any actual control. It’ll give your child something to look forward to and be excited about when they know that a full day of riding on their baby bike will be happening soon. Basically, don’t keep your child in the dark unless you want to be dealing with a very annoyed little toddler.

Bring Along Another Adult to Stand on Either Side of Your Child While They Ride

When your child is first starting to learn how their no pedal bike works, there is bound to be some mishaps. Especially in the early stages, you’ll want to invite along another adult to help you supervise your toddler’s bike riding. Whether that’s your spouse or best friend, you’ll see why having an extra pair of hands is beneficial.

As we previously mentioned, safety is our number one concern here at smarTrike and we make our products with your child’s well-being in mind. But as they’re learning to balance and steer their new baby bike, it takes a lot of watchful eyes making sure crashes are at a minimum. So, bring another adult along to make sure your World Bicycle Day is enjoyable and pain-free for everyone.

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Remember to Stop and Enjoy the View

It’ll be hard to peel your toddler away from speeding along on their pedalless bike. And that’s a good thing because the whole point is to get them excited about being active and riding a bicycle. But it’s also important to take a moment and smell the roses, as they say.

If you’re seriously celebrating World Bicycle Day, chances are you probably chose a beautiful landscape to enjoy with your kids and their baby bike. Even if it’s somewhere you and your kids have visited hundreds of times before, there’s a possibility that you’ve never fully taken in the scenery around you. That’s why we’re encouraging you to take a break, get off the bicycle, and enjoy nature’s beauty. Notice some of the things around you that you’ve failed to take in before. Let World Bicycle Day be not only a chance to celebrate cycling and all things bikes but also to appreciate the gorgeous views in your own backyard.

biking with kids biking with kids

Perhaps You’d Like to Have a Picnic

While you’re taking a moment to enjoy the view and smell the roses, you might decide to have a picnic on a break from riding the baby bike. Of course, this will take a bit of thinking beforehand but there’s nothing quite like delicious food in the great outdoors. It’s just another way to enjoy World Bicycle Day.

With all the action, you don’t want anyone to get dehydrated or feel low on energy. Packing healthy fruit and veggie plates, yummy sandwiches, and washing it all down with refreshing lemonade will ensure everyone has the fuel to continue biking and enjoying the day without getting too tired, or worse - feeling sick from dehydration or being overly hungry. See, picnics aren’t only tons of fun, they’re good for you too.

Play Some Games While Taking a Break

After you’re done eating the yummy picnic food, your child might not want to hop right back on their baby bike. Bring some games or make up your own for good old fashioned fun while you let your food digest properly. Whether that’s a game of catch or it’s a chill round of checkers, think of a game that the whole family can play that isn’t as strenuous as bike riding but can be just as fun.

Some of the best memories can be playing games as a family and it gets everyone involved and participating. Healthy competition is always good and teaching your child not to be a sore loser is a skill that will help them in every walk of life as an adult. It’s often understated how important playing games can be. So, while you’re taking a break from the main event of World Bicycle Day, have a few games in mind that you can play with your kids. Everyone is sure to have a blast.

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Make Sure to Dress Your Kids Appropriately for the Weather

This might go without saying that heavy coats in June might be a bit too much. But hey, maybe you live in Australia and the seasons are opposite to ours here in the States. Plus, you might completely unaware that having your kids wear denim during a baby bike ride can lead to some serious chaffing. Ouch!

Therefore, understanding what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dressing your children appropriately based on the weather while their celebrating World Bicycle Day will not only benefit your kids but as parents, you’ll be thanking us in the long run.

How to Dress Your Kids in Winter While Riding Their Baby Balance Bike

In a way, dressing your kids to be active while also staying warm in the winter months can be difficult. You’ll need something that protects their little bodies from the cold but that won’t be suffocating when their heart rate goes up from riding their baby bike. That’s where specific kinds of material for clothing becomes rather important.

Activewear has become really trendy and people where it all the time. Well, we won’t comment on whether or not you should wear these brands all the time, but we can say that they’ve got the right idea when it comes to what materials are best for being active. Buying a few outfits for your child, made by activewear brands who know what they’re doing will be your best bet for comfortable clothes for bike riding to keep your kids warm.

For starters, because we know how fast kids can grow, comfy sweat pants and hoodies are easy to move in and will keep your kid warm enough to brave the cold.

Dressing Your Kids for Summer Baby Bike Riding

In the warmer months, it might be a bit easier to dress your child appropriately while they’re riding their bike for toddlers. Simple take off a layer when things heat up and you’ll be good to go. Be careful of the sun though. You may want to make sure your child’s shirt has short sleeves to protect their shoulders from sunburn and you’ll definitely want to apply sunscreen wherever the skin is exposed. Do your best to pick a shady area of the park or your neighborhood to go for a bike ride and avoid midday sunshine, too.

Breathable materials like cotton or lycra are popular options and can also be found in activewear brands who make specific clothing for kids you are out and about, breaking a sweat. But, while riding their baby bike you can simply put them in some “basketball shorts” and a T-shirt for a breezy ride.

biking clothes for kids biking clothes for kids

To Wrap Things Up

You’ve probably never thought about World Bicycle Day before today, have you? But now, we’re sure you’re buzzing with excitement at all the fun things you can plan with your kids that will get them excited about bicycles and being outdoors.

Our toddler bicycles grow and evolve as your child develops and the simple design makes it easier for kids to learn to ride a bike which benefits children in a variety of ways. Socially, starting your child off with baby bike riding encourages interacting with other people in the community, economically it saves money on other forms of transportation if your child grows up to ride their bike to school or work, and environmentally it helps reduce the emission of harmful toxins into the atmosphere while finding a love of nature and being outside. It’s hard to overstate all of these positive effects.

Balance Bike 2 in 1 Balance Bike 2 in 1

On World Bicycle Day, you’ll have an amazing day with your family by going outside and enjoying the weather, sharing stories about what World Bicycle Day means to you and why it’s important, and taking your kid and their baby bike to the park or right in your own neighborhood to have a picnic, enjoy the views, and play some games while taking a break from riding. All of these activities create special memories for parents and children alike and create a positive perception of bike riding, which is what World Bicycle Day is all about.

While parents make sure their bicycle-loving kids are wearing a helmet and the proper clothing to keep them safe and comfortable, there’s no way you’ll have a bad day come June 3rd. With all these fun ideas in mind, we can’t wait to see World Bicycle Day grow into a more mainstream holiday while sharing our unique baby bike products with the world.

How are you planning to spend this bike-lovers’ holiday? From all of us here at smarTrike, we’re wishing you a fun and speedy World Bicycle Day this year! Happy biking!

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