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Make the Most of Easter This Year With a Toddler Trike

Toddler Trike

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After the cold, dark days of winter, as the weather starts to get a little warmer, many parents start to think about the upcoming holidays and school breaks including Easter. 

Easter celebrations are packed with captivating activities including painted eggs, chocolate bunnies, and fun activities. There is a tendency to associate Easter with overindulging with chocolate and sweet treats. 

However, Easter doesn’t just have to be about eating lots of chocolate, as you can make the most of the celebrations this year with a toddler trike

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can enjoy some fantastic family fun, even if you have little ones. A Toddler tricycle is not only great for helping your little ones to develop crucial skills including coordination and balance, but they can also allow them to join in the family fun on days out and celebrations like Easter.

Toddler tricycle

Easter and the Traditions Easter

While it is regarded as a religious occasion for many people, Easter has come to represent more than just a Christian holiday. 

The long Easter weekend provides families with the opportunity to get out and enjoy some treasured fun activities. The date of Easter is determined as the first Sunday following the first full moon of spring. 

This means that Easter can fall between March 22nd and April 25th in any given year. Traditionally, the celebrations fall with Good Friday preceding Easter Sunday and Easter Monday as a bank holiday the following day. 

The celebrations and festivities for Easter are diverse and heartwarming. While some family celebrations may be centered around going to church services and hunting for brightly colored dyed eggs, Easter is also a popular time for weddings. 

Easter decoration

Easter decoration-mobile

Many Easter activities are based around the outdoors with Easter egg hunts, egg rolling and even parades, so the whole family can get out and enjoy the great spring weather. 

This is why toddler trikes can allow your family to make the most of this fantastic holiday. They can allow you and your entire family to get out and about to enjoy all of the festivities. 

This can be almost impossible when you have a youngster as it can be difficult to pack everything you’ll need with a stroller to get out and enjoy the celebrations. 

Additionally, it can be frustrating for youngsters to be stuck in their stroller, missing out on what is going around them. So before you think you’re stuck with another year of eating chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, be sure to read on.

outdoor tricycle with smartrike

outdoor tricycle with smartrike-mobile

Outdoor Activities in Easter with Our Toddler Trikes

As we touched on above, most Easter celebrations are based around outdoor activities, but as most parents will appreciate younger children tend to get frustrated stuck in a stroller or tired walking around. 

When you are trying to get the whole family outdoors to enjoy the spring weather, it can ruin the fun atmosphere of the day when your little one starts to get grumpy or tired. 

No parent wants to hear the dreaded words of “I’m bored” or crying because they feel stuck in a buggy while older children around them are having a good time. This is where kids tricycles can be a fantastic tool. 

Outdoor Activities with smartrike

Outdoor Activities with smartrike-mobile

Our toddler trike is designed to teach children as young as 10 months how to ride. This will allow you to take the whole family to any outdoor Easter activity. 

Your little ones can feel like part of the activities and excitement, even if you remain in control of the trike with the wide grip parent handle and touch steer maneuvering. This will help to prevent your child from feeling bored while reducing the risk of them becoming overtired and grumpy as the day draws on.

When it's time to nap recline the seat

Still Not Sure About Our Toddler Trike? (Check our 3 category trikes)

We are confident that we produce the best toddler tricycle options with our awesome product line. We have a variety of toddler trikes:

3 in 1 Trikes:

This is a fantastic kids trike with 3 stages to take your child from 10 months to 3 years. It includes footrest option, parent and child control, touch steering and an easy-to-reach toy basket. 

Our 3 in 1 trikes are available in a variety of bright colors to suit all kiddy personalities. Some models also feature a canopy, which is ideal for protecting your little one in a case that the Easter sun is a little brighter than you expected. An example of our 3 in 1 trike includes the Zip Plus toddler trike which features a sun canopy, 3 point harness, side safety bar, high back support, wide grip parent handle, and parent console.

3 in 1 trikes

3 in 1 trikes-mobile

4 in 1 Trikes: 

This is one of our most popular trike models that can take your little one from 10 months to 3 years old. It also features a toy basket, footrest option, touch steering, parent and child control, and canopy. 

However, if you don’t have unlimited space in your garage, you need to be aware that our 4 in 1 trikes doesn’t fold, so you would be better with one of our smarTfold folding trike models. 

Our 4 in 1 trikes are available in a variety of designs with a rainbow of colors, such as the Glow model that includes a large storage bag, matching parent bag, UV canopy and coordinating padded seat, or Swing DLX that includes a padded seat cover with extendable sun canopy, shoulder straps, matching parent bag, wide grip parent handle and even a little cup holder for your toddler.

4 in 1 trikes

4 in 1 trikes

smarTfold Trikes:

As the name would suggest, our smarTfold trike models are designed to make it easier to take your toddler and trike anywhere. You can easily fold the trike to put it in your trunk on every trip. Your toddler can enjoy riding all day while you enjoy the incredible convenience features including the effortless Touch Steering. 

  • The smarTrike 300 Plus is a 6 in 1 folding toddler trike that allows your little one to enjoy the outdoors while developing those crucial motor skills and gaining some confidence and independence. These models start as a parent-controlled push tricycle, but it can be transformed through 6 stages to evolve into a fully independent toddler tricycle. 
  • Another example is our smarTrike 600 which has 7 stages to take your child from 9 to 36 months with a compact folding, no tools assembly, and great comfort, making it perfect for a family on the go, such as during the Easter celebrations. 
  • The smarTrike 700 toddler trike folds up into a small shape featuring a swivel seat, so your little one can face backward or forward, or recline for a nap. This is the perfect travel companion as it can be easily folded and packed into your car trunk if you want to head out for any parades or celebrations in your area. Additionally, there are features to keep your little one entertained and feel part of the action while you enjoy super convenience and effortless steering.

kids folding trike

smartfold trikes

Join in the Easter Egg Hunt

Once your child has learned to use their new toddler trike, there is no reason why they can’t join in the Easter Egg Hunt. A toddler tricycle makes it easier for little ones to travel the distances over the hunting field. You can search for Easter eggs together, either controlling the trike yourself or allowing your child to take the reigns. 

Join in the Easter Egg Hunt

Don’t Forget to take Tricycles for Kids to Visit the Easter Bunny

One of the highlights for children at Easter is seeing the Easter bunny. With his buoyant personality and brightly colored outfit, for many children, the Easter bunny is the superstar of the celebrations, taking center stage at many events. 

Whether the bunny is on a parade float throwing candy to the children or hopping around the field where the children are searching for colored eggs, it is likely to be a highlight for your little ones, so don’t forget to include a visit to the Easter bunny in your plans.

Easter Bunny

Fortunately, tricycles for kids make it easier to track down that elusive bunny and maybe get the kids a little sweet treat to enjoy. 

With a toddler trike, you can visit the Easter parade, knowing your child can sit in comfort to watch the show, without getting grumpy and bored. Just be sure to switch over to parental controls, so you can keep them under close supervision. 

That will allow your child to remain secured and comfortable, while all of you can enjoy the parade without worrying about tired little legs or temper tantrums. Even in the packed public space at a parade, a trike will ensure that your little one isn’t jostled by the crowd and can enjoy the show.

Tricycles for Kids

Tricycles for Kids-mobile

indoor activities in Easter Away From the Toddler Tricycle

While there are some great activities to enjoy with your toddler trike outdoors, don’t forget that there are plenty of indoor activities that can be included in your plans. So, don’t forget to set the trike aside and enjoy some fun indoor activities.

Settle Down and Watch Easter Movies

After a long day out at the park, it can feel great to settle down and watch some Easter movies. There are lots of animated movies suitable for younger children that will keep them entertained while you try and organize your Easter weekend, or you could make it some quality time and settle down with your youngsters and enjoy some bonding.

Easter movies

The Most Fun at Easter - Color Easter Eggs

Whether your little ones are crafty or not, children love coloring Easter eggs, which is a perfect indoor activity. Don’t forget to protect your flooring from accidental splashes, but coloring eggs can also allow you to set up your own mini Easter egg hunt in your yard. 

You can easily color eggs, and you only need to use regular food coloring, so you shouldn’t need to worry about staining. You can also get creative using shaving cream with food colorings to make marble effect eggs or even use tissue paper and other craft materials to create characters. 

Color Easter Eggs

Color Easter Eggs-mobile

Make Easter Cookies with Your Child

For many, Easter is about tasty treats, and you can have some real quality time by making delightful Easter cookies with your little one. 

Basic Easter cookies are simple to make for even little hands, providing you handle dealing with the oven and cookie sheets. Then once the cookies are cool, you can get creative with the decorating. A simple Easter cookie recipe requires; ½ cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 2 cups all-purpose flour, ¼ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and an egg. Simply mix the sugar and butter until light and fluffy, beat in the vanilla, egg, baking powder and salt, before folding in the flour.

Allow your cookie dough to rest wrapped in plastic wrap for an hour or so in the fridge, before rolling out and creating your shapes. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes at 350ºf. Once your cookies are decorated, you can wrap them and put them in your toddler trike toy basket to deliver to all their friends.

Easter Cookies

What about Easter Jokes

Finally, entertaining a toddler indoors or outside is not complete without a couple of jokes and we have some Easter themed ones to make your little one giggle.

What happened when the Easter Bunny misbehaved at school? He was eggspelled! 

Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road? ‘Cause the chicken was busy!

What do you call a prankster egg? A practical yolker!