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Make Father’s Day Priceless - Teach Your Kid to Ride the Best Toddler Bike

best toddler bicycle best toddler bicycle

When you think of dad you might remember his man cave down in the basement with baseball blaring on the flatscreen. Or perhaps you’d think of tools in the shed as he fixed the old 1969 Ford Mustang that he finally got up and running. And most certainly, you probably remember how he taught you to ride a bike for the first time.

Father’s Day is the one day a year to show dads that extra bit of love and appreciation to say thanks for all you’ve learned from them. Let’s do it right this year.

History of Father’s Day

When thinking about how to celebrate Father’s Day, riding the best toddler bike might not be what first comes to mind. In the United States and Canada, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. The first known celebrations of Father’s Day actually began in community churches, first in Fairmont, West Virginia in 1908 and another in Spokane, Washington in 1910. Both were advocated for by women who thought it would be nice to honor their fathers and eventually the trend took hold nationwide.

toddler bike

Even though many people were in favor of celebrating Father’s Day, it may be surprising to you how long it took to become a national holiday. It was first issued as a proclamation by President Lyndon Johnson in 1966 but it wasn’t until President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972 that the third Sunday in June officially became Father’s Day.

Often, Americans celebrate Father’s Day with a classic summer BBQ and activities to enjoy the warm weather. From delicious flame grilled cheeseburgers to tossing around the football, families nationwide jump on the chance to celebrate our dads. We suggest teaching your child the best toddler bike techniques and tips this Father’s Day that is sure to be an unforgettable way to spend the holiday.

Spend Father’s Day Teach Your Child How to Ride a Toddler Bike

As we grow up, many of us recall fond memories of our dads teaching us countless new things like how to play sports, how to fix a car, and how to ride a bike. At smarTrike, of course, we’re focused on making products but when you look deeper, our goal is really to bring families together and encourage lifelong healthy habits.

So, this Father’s Day we thought it’d be a fantastic idea to help dads around America become the best toddler bike instructors they can be. From choosing the perfect push bike for your child to tips on avoiding painful crashes, we know that spending this time with your child can help lock in an everlasting bond. And what better way to share Father’s Day than by doing the ultimate fatherly duty!

toddler balance bike

Balance Bike 2 in 1

Before you can teach your child how to ride a bicycle, you’ll need to get them one first. Instead of buying a cheap, tiny bike that you’ll have to get rid of in a matter of months, our smarTrike push bikes are built to last and they grow alongside your child’s development and these two stages are what makes our product the best toddler bike on the market.

These baby bicycles come in two colors, red and blue, that are classic for any boy or girl. The unique flip frame starts off low for kids as young as two years old and flips to extend higher for those up to five years old. A bike without pedals like ours is the perfect tool to help your child learn to ride a bike by teaching balance and steering skills.

Folding Balance Bike

Our latest model of the smarTrike 2 in 1 baby bike takes things to a whole new level of ease, especially for the parents. It comes with all the same great features as the original product but now we’ve made it fold-able. Somehow, we made the best toddler bike into an even more unbeatable product.

Available in red, blue, and pink, this baby bicycle easily fits in the back of your van and helps to save room in your crowded garage. With speed cycling style handlebars, the lightweight design, and their dad’s effective teaching skills, your kid will feel like a professional bike rider from the get-go. In three simple lessons, we’ll show you how to spend this Father’s Day sharing all the best tips and tricks of bike riding with your little one.

Best toddler bike Best toddler bike

First Lesson: Start by Walking With the Toddler Bike

It may seem like a really slow start but trust us. Even the best toddler bike rider has to start somewhere and we suggest they do so with walking the bike. With the flip frame in its lowest position, your child’s feet should be able to comfortably reach the floor. From there, show them how to stay seating while walking with the bike in tow.

Second Lesson: Then, Teach Them How to Push the Toddler Bicycle

After they get used to walking the bike, they can start to pick up the speed a little bit. By pushing just a bit harder, they’ll start to understand the importance of good steering and their confidence will noticeably improve.

Third Lesson: Now, It’s Time to Glide!

Our smarTrike push bike is the best toddler bike for teaching children to ride because it doesn’t have pedals. Teaching your child to push off and glide for a few seconds without their feet touching the ground is not only thrilling for them, but it also teaches proper balance that they’ll need when transitioning to a full-sized bike.

In fact, pedaling is one of the easier skills necessary when it comes to riding a bicycle. It’s the ability to balance on just two wheels that makings bike riding difficult. You’d be surprised how effortless going from a push bike to a regular bike will be. So, don’t worry - you won’t have too hard of a job to do this Father’s Day. Just three simple steps and we can assure you that your kid will be the best toddler bike rider around.

balance bike balance bike

Experience Nature With Our Toddler Balance Bike

Something we’re really passionate about when it comes to our products are top of the line is the fact that a good baby bike encourages families to get outside and enjoy nature. Father’s Day is meant to be enjoyed in the company of loved ones, breathing in the crisp, clean air outside your front door. Whether you stay in the neighborhood or you explore the wonders of a renowned National Park, we hope our smarTrike bicycle pushes your family to experience nature.

Show Your Child How to Maintain Their Balance Bike

Now that your child is gliding away on their bicycle nonstop, the next important lesson you can teach them this Father’s Day is how to maintain and care for their bike. One of our best toddler bike features is that fact that the tires have no chance of a puncture, so you won’t need to show them how to pump a tire with air until they get a bigger bike. But making sure the bike get properly stored in the garage or gets cleaned up after a fall in the mud, it will help your child appreciate it even more.

toddler bike toddler bike

Before Long, Your Kid Will Be Ready for Their Own Pedal Bicycle

As we mentioned before, we think you’ll be shocked at how easy the transition between a balance bike and pedal bicycle really is. Once your child understands how to balance on their push bike, learning to pedal itself will be a breeze. Many parents assume the best toddler bike to start your kids with includes pedals, thinking that’s the hard part. When in fact, it’s the understanding of balance and weight distribution that takes a while to get the hang of.

Quick Tips to Prevent Falls

Make this Father’s Day a safe one and take these extra precautions to prevent crashes and falls.

First, make sure your kid is always wearing a helmet. In fact, it’s important to lead by example and always wear a helmet yourself. It’ll be difficult to convince a child that it’s imperative to wear their safety gear if you refuse to wear any yourself. So, be a role model and show your child that safety is your number one priority.

best toddler bicycle best toddler bicycle

Avoid slick spots on the road. Even the best toddler bike can get caught on a slick spot. Take a look at the area you’re about to go riding on with your kids. Are there any large puddles? Did a car leak some oil? Go around those areas.

If it’s wet outside, wear waterproof gear such as non-slip shoes. Your child might still be begging to go for a ride even with slippery roads. Since your child will be pushing off the ground for movement, prevent worse falls by wearing things that will make it harder to slip.

Take the roads you’re familiar with so that there won’t be any unexpected twists and turns. This also ensures that your kid is as comfortable as possible since being nervous can actually add to the damage done by a fall. If you’re out of town for Father’s Day, take a walk around where you’re considering riding your bikes beforehand.

Soon enough you’ll see why smarTrike offers the best toddler bike available and we can’t wait to hear about your the special moments you’ve shared with your family this summer. To all the dad’s baking in the sun, as they teach their tiny tots how to ride a bike, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day.