Is It Too Late to Upgrade Your Strollers to Push Trikes?

Is It Too Late to Upgrade Your Strollers to Push Trikes?

If you’ve missed the opportunity to upgrade your plain old stroller to a stylish and thrilling push trike once your child reached 10 months old, don’t worry - it’s not too late! We have some incredible options for kids ages 15 months and up, so you definitely haven’t thrown away your chance to get your hands on a toddler tricycle for your little one.

Who knows - maybe you just stumbled upon our website or saw other parents using a “grow with me” tricycle and want to learn more but you were bummed that your child has outgrown a lot of what you’ve seen.

Here, we’ll go through some of the benefits of having a kid’s trike versus a stroller, how to go about choosing the best push trike product for your family, and more information about the unique and top of the line tricycles that smarTrike has to offer.

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The Advantages of a Toddler Trike Over a Stroller

Let’s preface this section by saying that we’re not against strollers in any form or fashion, but we will say that we think our baby trikes have a clear advantage.

First of all, they promote true engagement. Sure, kids are still welcome to ride passively on their tricycle while a parent or guardian pushes them along (we’ll explain how later) and that’s all well and good. But, when kids are bursting with energy, it can be hard for them to sit still in a stroller yelling about how bored they are. With a push trike, they can be actively engaged even while the adult maintains total control.

Another clear advantage is that our smarTrike products encourage kids to acquire important motor skills. By working on the pedaling motion and understanding the concept of steering, they’re gaining valuable skills that you just can’t get when they’re sedentary in a stroller.

Lastly, our toddler tricycles are made to grow with your children and therefore adapt as they learn and evolve. Beyond the motor skills they’ll gain, kids are also learning that an active lifestyle makes them feel energetic and happy. We hope that by simply introducing a push trike into the lives of your kids, we’re setting them up to lead healthy lives by encouraging movement, getting outdoors, and teaching proper motor function.

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How to Choose the Best Kids Trike

Now that you’re well aware of how great our smarTrike products can be for the development and enjoyment of your kid, it’s time to choose the best one for them and your family as a whole. There are quite a few components to consider so let’s go through what you can expect from each of our different styles and varieties.


4 in 1 Trike - Go For the Extra

Some of our most popular push trike options are 4 in 1 trikes. Their namesake comes from the fact that this toddler tricycle grows through four stages right alongside your child’s growing size and growing skills.

The first stage can be used by children as young as ten months old and is probably the stage that’s most similar to a stroller that you’re used to since our easy-to-use handle is there at the ready. Instead of getting caught up with the pedals, in stage one, we offer a baby footrest and parent controls that ensure the adult is the one in charge. In this stage, there is also a canopy to protect your kid from the elements and the push trike features safety straps to keep him or her nice and secure.

In stage two, we lose the canopy but keep the handle and what used to feel like a stroller definitely starts to feel more like a toddler tricycle in this stage. Perfect for children 12 months and older, you can stay in control while your toddler practices pedaling or using the baby footrest while getting used to gripping the handlebars.

Then comes stage three where the parent handle stays put but you offer a little more control to your child. You can remove the parent controls on the wheel and allow the push trike to be propelled forward and partially steered by the child so they can start to understand how it works when they eventually ride on their own.

Finally, the last stage is where it becomes a fully fledged toddler tricycle that your child can zoom away with on their own. By this point, usually around 30 to 36 months old, they’ll have really gotten used to pedaling and steering so you can trust that they’ll be ready for the independence.

4 in 1 trike

smart trike 3 in 1 - Basic Can Be Awesome

If you’re not keen on all the bells and whistles that you’ll get with the 4 in 1 smarTrike, keep it simple with the 3 in 1 push trike that’s just as good with a more minimalist vibe.

The main difference between the 4 in 1 option versus the 3 in 1 is the canopy. The 3 in 1 is less cushy and comfortable and a lot more like a full-on tricycle from the get-go. It’s still complete with all the safety features you’d expect like the seat buckle, parental controls, and simple parent handle and with only three stages, you’ll get the same experience as stages two through four of the 4 in 1 toddler trike.

Overall, when it comes to choosing between the two varieties, it really comes down to aesthetic. Check out our entire range of quality push trike options and you’ll see what we mean.

smart trike 3 in 1

A Push Tricycle Works Best If Your Kid Can’t Quite Cycle Yet

Chances are if you’re reading this, your child is more than ten months old and you’re concerned that you’ve found out about our amazing smarTrike toddler tricycles a bit too late. In truth, if your toddler already knows how to operate a full trike and they’re zooming away every time you go to the park for a ride, then maybe you did miss the trend.

Otherwise, if your child is under three years old and hasn’t quite mastered riding on their own, it’s still the perfect opportunity to get them a push trike. As we’ve mentioned, your child will learn to ride as the tricycle evolves right alongside them.

smarTrike Combines a Tricycle with Push Handle

At smarTrike, our number one priority is the safety of your child. So don’t fret! We’re not hoping you send off your child completely on their own with their new tricycle in tow right from the beginning.

Probably the best part about our smarTrike products is the detachable parent handle, making these trikes especially unique and unlike anything else on the market. Plus, with patented Touch Steering, controlling the tricycle from the adult's point of view is easier than ever.

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smarTrike Offers Grow with Me Trike Options for More Value

Another way the smarTrike push trike boasts uniqueness is that they truly grow and evolve as your children grow and evolve. The sheer amount of products we offer that all have “grow with me” capabilities is truly unprecedented.

From toddler tricycles to push bikes to ball pits that transform into bouncy trampolines, the smarTrike brand offers incredible value as your child is able to use these toys and cycles for years and years.

grow with me trike

If you have more than one child, they’re even more valuable since they’re made to last and can be passed down to endure the childhood years of all your kids. Instead of throwing away push trike and toddler bike varieties one after another, you’ll only have to buy one that will last.

Beware - Not Every Trike with Handle Has Touch Steering

Touch Steering is patented by smarTrike and with this technology, gone are the days of struggling to make sharp turns and quick maneuvers as you push your child. With even the lightest touch and requiring only one hand, parents can efficiently and effectively steer their children on our smarTrike tricycles with ease and comfort.

When going to buy something that both you and your child will use together, make sure it works well for the adult as well. Long story short - not every tricycle featuring a handle has Touch Steering.


Check for Safety and Convenience When It Comes to a Push Trike

As we mentioned before, safety as part of our smarTrike products is absolutely the number one priority. It’s something we take so seriously and when shopping around for the perfect toddler tricycle, we know it’s on the top of your list as well.

With our safety harnesses, child locks, and quality manufacturing, we make sure that everything we put on the market has your kid’s safety in mind above all else.

Additionally, we know how annoying it can be to order something for your child only to find that it’s going to take all day long to set it up. So, we’re all about convenience too. Not only is it super simple to go from one stage to another within our products, but they’re also easy to assemble right from the start.

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Activities to Try with Your Toddler Push Trike

Once everything is set up and ready to go, there are tons of activities to try.

Get outside and check out your local parks and recreation areas. Bring your toddler tricycle in stage one to a museum, library, or planetarium. Gather the neighborhood kids for a block party full of trike races and BBQ food. The options are endless and we definitely want your kids to have loads of fun when riding our trikes and bikes.

If Your Child is Still Younger Than 15 Months Old, Go For a smarTfold!

If you’re ahead of the game and your child is under 15 months old, the smarTrike push trike probably won’t be right for them yet. Instead, go for a folding trike which will be perfect for your tiny one.

It still grows and evolves as they get older and wiser, so it’s a great alternative if your little guy isn’t quite ready for a toddler trike.