Is it Time for You to Get Your Child a Baby Trampoline?

Is it Time for You to Get Your Child a Baby Trampoline?

Trampolining can be a fantastic activity for all ages; encouraging children to become more active. However, trampolines can also offer some astonishing developmental benefits for toddlers. Playing on a trampoline not only provides fun activity, but it teaches persistence, improves flexibility and helps to develop motor skills. This activity can also boost self-esteem and improve posture. Learning to use the trampoline at an early age could create a new activity for the whole family to explore. Here we’ll explore whether it may be time to get your little one a trampoline or a smarTrike 3 in 1 trampoline activity center.

What About a Baby Trampoline That is Also an Indoor Ball Pit?

While a trampoline can be an excellent activity for youngsters, the smarTrike 3 in 1 also provides a neat ball pit for fantastic fun for even the most mischievous of toddlers. It features a trampoline with foam covered safety handle and a ball pit to make it usable throughout the year. The high-quality elastic mat and strong elastic bands provide an even bounce so your child can move through the three child development stages.

Although many toddler ball pits may provide a fun activity for a while, the smarTrike 3 in 1 promotes exercise and development for little ones aged ten months and above. This makes it far more than a simple baby trampoline.

Baby trampoline

What About the Plastic Balls for Ball Pit?

The smarTrike 3 in 1 Activity Center is supplied with 100 bright colored balls so your little one can start playing immediately. For many parents, a primary concern will be about the plastic balls. They are likely to envision balls spilling everywhere every time they need to move the ball pit. Fortunately, smarTrike has anticipated this potential problem. The 3 in 1 Activity Center conveniently folds, so it can be tucked away when your child isn’t using it, and the fasten string allows you to quickly enclose the ball pit to prevent mess and balls rolling all around your home. When your little one wants to use the baby trampoline, you can use the included storage bag to keep all the plastic balls neatly tucked away.

Advantages of Playing in a Baby Ball Pool

A ball pool can help your little one to develop fine motor skills and cognitive abilities. As your child is sat in the ball pit, he or she will learn to grab and pick up the bright colored balls, but since it is in your own home, you don’t need to worry about other children spreading germs to your little one. You can also start to introduce your child to colors as they reach for each ball, you can teach them the color and challenge them to find a ball of a certain color. This makes the 3 in 1 baby trampoline and baby ball pool a way to help your little one get ahead of the game developmentally.

baby ball pool

Games to Play in Your Home Ball Pit

A ball pit provides year-round entertainment for your little one whether it is too hot to play outside or it’s raining. There are lots of games you can play with your child to not only encourage development but keep them enchanted. This includes:

Learning Colors: As mentioned above, you can use a ball pit to help children to learn the different colors. When your little one picks up a ball, you can teach them the color and ask them to find another of the same color. As they get a little older, you can even place several balls on the baby trampoline so they can watch the different colors bouncing around.

Counting: Children typically start to understand the concept of counting from the age of two, but it is never too early to start helping them to learn numbers. Using the bold colored balls will help to keep your little one’s attention as you count out balls. Stick to one, two and three initially, but even this will help your child to start to recognize the numbers. This can even be carried over to when they start using the trampoline.

Catch: The light plastic balls also make an excellent way to teach your little one to play catch. You can roll the bright colored ball to them so they can learn to grab a moving item. You can carry this over to the baby trampoline as the child sets a ball moving. Just ensure that they don’t try to jump and catch.

Throwing: A home ball pit is also a natural way for your child to learn to throw. Little ones can get very excited to see the balls moving in the pit as they move their arms and legs, so it is a natural progression to learn to throw.

Hoops: You can also help toddlers to learn to shoot hoops. Place a small plastic bucket at one end of the ball pit and encourage your child to throw balls into the bucket. As they get older, you can continue this game on the baby trampoline. This will help your little one to develop greater hand-eye coordination.

home ball pit

Perks of Having a Mini Ball Pit at Home

Ball pits can provide an excellent source of fun, but there are a number of other perks to having one at home. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about germs from other children. Public ball pits can be a great activity, but you are relying on the venue to ensure that the balls and pit are adequately cleaned and sanitized after use. Some venues are notorious for having dirty ball pits.

Additionally, public ball pits tend to have strict age regulations so you may struggle to find one that will allow your little one to join in the fun. With a 3 in 1 Baby Trampoline and ball pit, your little one can enjoy some dazzling and educational activity at home.

A Small Ball Pit Saves Space- And our Folds Too!

In a busy family home, space is often at a premium. Most parents appreciate that even infants require lots of toys and equipment, so a small ball pit can not only provide a fun activity, but it can save space. The smarTrike 3 in 1 Activity Center is also folding so it can be easily tucked away when it is not in use. With the provided bag, you can keep all the balls contained within the baby trampoline and ball pit, making it easy to store in a closet or nursery.

trampoline ball pit

A Ball Pit Pool to Grow With Your Child

Many toys are one trick, but with the smarTrike 3 in 1, you can stay ahead of the game. There is no need to put the toy into storage until your next child can use it, a younger relative is visiting, or you decide to donate your children’s old toys. This toy is designed to grow with your child. From the age of ten months, your little one can enjoy the ball pit, boosting cognitive development and fine motor skills. It will also promote exercise to help your little one build muscles and learn to enjoy movement. However, once your child has begun to outgrow this stage, it can be converted into a baby trampoline.

The Second Stage: A Trampoline With Handle

At twelve months plus, the smarTrike activity center can be transformed into a trampoline complete with a soft safety handle. This will help your little one to kickstart their balance skills within a fun and safe environment. They will start to enjoy jumping and exploring this fun activity.

trampoline with handle

The Third Stage: Little Trampoline

At stage three, children can begin to enjoy themselves freestyle jumping. Toddlers using the trampoline with handle will soon gain balance control and confidence so they can progress to this next intriguing stage. This typically occurs from the age of two, but unlike the typical baby trampoline, the smarTrike can be converted into a mini trampoline that can be used by children up to the age of five. This makes this toy something that your child will use for years.

So, Why Spend Money on a Separate Indoor Ball Pit and Trampoline?

Since the smarTrike 3 in 1 can be used by your child from the age of ten months to five years, it will provide years of fun. This flexible toy can grow with your little one to encourage development and provide fantastic fun inside your own home. Not only will two separate toys take up more space, but you’re likely to end up putting them into storage after a short period of use as your child outgrows the activity. This can be frustrating, as you end up keeping these toys for siblings or for visiting younger children. However, the smarTrike can not only be used for years, but it neatly folds to make storage easier, so it simply doesn’t make sense to buy a separate baby trampoline and ball pit.

3 in 1 trampoline

The All-in-One Trampoline Ball Pit is a Family Favorite

Once you have a smarTrike 3 in 1 Activity Center, it is sure to become a firm family favorite. Not only will any guest find the toy enchanting and want to get one for their own home, but you’re likely to find siblings want to join in the fun with your little one. This will promote family play, as your older children enjoy engaging their younger siblings with the bright colored balls or encouraging them to jump higher. This will creates smiles all around from the kids to the parents alike. So, before you consider a separate baby trampoline and ball pit, think about how much fun your child can have with the smarTrike 3 in 1 Activity Center or how much enjoyment it would bring as a gift.