How a tricycle for kids can help promote your child's independence (hint: start young!)

Parents are always torn between helping their child becoming independent from a very young age, through childhood and into adulthood, while keeping them close for protection and guidance.

smarTrike’s unique line of products to allow you to do both, in one amazing product. If you were considering a tricycle as the next mobility stage for your toddler, we’ve got your back with tips and must-haves when considering a trike.

Choosing a tricycle for your child can be a daunting process, but you don’t need to worry as we have it all! In this guide, we will explore our tricycle product line, so you can have all the details you need in order to make an informed choice and select the right model for maximum enjoyment and development of your child. The right tricycle can adapt with your child and can help improve their motor skills, boosting confidence and encouraging independence. This removes the worry of needing to continually upgrade as your child grows and develops. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of models to suit all preferences and child requirements, to help your child learn the joy of exercise and independence.

3 Points You Should Consider When Buying a Trike For Kids

While we offer a wide variety of  tricycles for kids, there are some important points you will need to consider before making a purchase decision. Taking these factors into consideration will help you to choose the right model for your child.

The three most pertinent are:

  1. Size: The size and age of your child are vital issues to consider when shopping for a trike. There are trikes for every age and developmental stage, but you need to ensure that you choose the right fit. Your child needs to feel comfortable and secure on an appropriately sized trike, or they will be reluctant to use it.
  2. Price: Although price should never be the only deciding factor, it is usually an important consideration. However, you need to weigh the cost against how the trike will be used in years to come. Our trikes are designed to adapt to a growing child, so you won’t need to invest in a new trike every year as your child develops new skills and has more demanding requirements.
  3. Features: If you want your child to have more than three wheels and some pedals, you are in luck. Our tricycles for kids have come a long way in recent years; our range is packed with features, from high seat backs that provide support for younger children to safety handles and storage. The right features will ensure that you and your child will be comfortably seated on his trike the whole day.

Important Child Safety Notes

Before we start exploring the smarTrike collection, there are some important safety notes that will reduce the risk of injury for your child. These notes apply whether you choose to purchase a smarTrike product or another trike model, in order to keep your child safe and secure.

  • A Proper Helmet: A proper helmet is crucial for children riding a trike or bike. It should be properly fitted for your child, and you should make sure your child wears one every time they ride. A properly fitted helmet will reduce the risk of serious head injuries in the event of an accident, and it will develop a habit that can be beneficial when your child is older and is riding a bike to school or during play with friends.
  • Protected Places: Whether your child is learning to use a trike or is moving around with confidence, it is important that they are only using their trike in protected places. You should not allow your child to ride near cars, swimming pools or driveways. While it is a good idea to teach them road safety, when learning to ride they are likely to be distracted, so it is best they are restricted to protected places, where you can monitor them properly and minimize the risk.
  • Encourage Development: While some may argue that the best time to buy a kids’ trike is when the child has reached the age of three years old, you may miss the opportunity to encourage development. Although there are many trike models that are only suitable for children ages three and up, this is not the case with smarTrike. Our team has designed a number of tricycles that can be used by children as young as six months old, allowing them to develop fine motor skills, balance, coordination, and confidence earlier.

The Huge SmarTrike Range of Tricycles for Kids

The massive range of SmarTrike tricycles does offer it all. We have models to suit all requirements, with innovative features to ensure the comfort, security, and safety of your child, while easing parental use. This will encourage you and your child to get out and about, discovering your local area and enjoy exercise during your family outing. We’ll explore the range below so you can determine the best model for your child.

STR3 Plus

The STR3 is a 7 in 1 Folding Stroller Trike trike. This model is designed to provide a chic way to help teach your little one to ride. It starts as a parent-controlled push tricycle for babies from ten months old. This transforms through different stages to adapt to a fully independent toddler trike. This allows your child to explore outdoors while developing motor skills and practicing cycling with the two-stage pedals and adjustable handlebar. There is even a handy storage bag, so you can keep everything you need for your little one close at hand.

Storage - The STR3 Plus folds compactly to make storage easier. This also makes it simple to load into the boot of your car, and the quick click system means it takes seconds to unfold it when you want to head out for a family adventure in the park.

Design- The STR3 design incorporates some neat features to make it even easier to use. The child/parent control allows switching in an instant, while non-slip 2 stage pedals just snap into place. Safety is enhanced with the 3-point harness and telescopic parent handle.

Canopy- The sun canopy provides a fantastic solution for those brighter days and hotter climates. This will ensure that your infant is sheltered from the hot sun on those long exploring days.

Colors- The STR3 Plus is available in a range of vibrant colors including Green (of course!), Pink, Red, and Blue.


The STR5 has been designed to grow with your child and is suitable for babies nine months and upward, adapting for every stage of development for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. This model offers no-hassle assembly with an easy fold design and compact storage. There is no dismantling required, as just a few clicks will ensure this trike is ready for use, and with a large storage bag, you can keep all your essentials close on your family’s adventure.

Storage- The unique design makes it simple to collapse and reassemble this STR5. This makes it ideal for easy storage in your car and can even be used as a lightweight carry on for air travel, saving the stress of trying to fold your stroller when you reach the gate or having to check it in at the aircraft's door.

Design- The unique patented Touch Steering is a key feature of the STR5 to allow easy maneuvering. The design also features shock absorbers for a completely comfortable ride and the mudguard navigator button allows switching from child ride control to parent Touch Steering in seconds.

Canopy- The generous canopy provides sun shading for your little one. This will ensure that your child will feel comfortable even if you decide to go on an adventure on a warm and sunny day.

Colors- The STR5 is available in two stylish color choices; sophisticated grey and bold red to allow you to coordinate your new trike.


The STR7 is a revolutionary, fully folding trike with a high back 180-degree seat rotation, allowing you to face your child. This 8 in 1 trike is designed to adapt for babies from six months onward, providing the ultimate comfort for reclining at nap time, including a button to adjust the position, and a five-point harness to ensure safety. The patented Touch Steering allows easy navigation and parent control, and the pedals can be easily snapped into place, while the footrest will enable babies to sit comfortably until they are ready to use the toddler footrest. There is even a color coordinated bag to store all your baby essentials on any journey.

Storage- The innovative design requires no tools for assembly. This compact folding trike can be set to storage or trolley mode for the ultimate in convenience. If you’re traveling, a few clicks will allow you to fold the STR7 for easy storage in your vehicle.

Design- The STR7 features a revolutionary design, with an innovative seat that can be reclined or swiveled to face forwards or the parent. This means that your child can enjoy a full day out, but when they start to tire, relax for a comfortable nap.

Canopy- Even a mild day can become troublesome if it starts to feel too bright, but fortunately, this Smart Trike is equipped with a generous canopy to provide sun shading for your little one. Whether your child is reclining for a nap or taking on a challenging adventure, the canopy can provide shading from the harsh sun.

Colors- The STR7 series is available in a choice of three bold colors- red, blue and purple with color coordinating detailing on the storage bag, canopy and restraint straps.

Zoom 4 in 1 trike

The Zoom 4 in 1 is designed to take your little one through five stages of growth and development. The reclining seat provides comfort for infants aged from 10 months, with a safety bar and high back seat to allow napping or sitting up. From 18 months, the 4 in 1 converts into a guided trike. Once your child is able to sit upright, the safety bar can be removed to allow a feeling of independence, but the Touch Steering and multi-point safety belt provides security. As your child develops, the 4 in 1 can be converted into a training trike that will allow your child to learn how to develop motor skills and coordination, as they learn to pedal by themselves while you remain in control. Finally, this model can be adapted to form a classic trike by removing the parent handle to allow your child to steer and pedal on their own for complete independence.

Storage- The 4 in 1 lacks the folding capacity of the Folding Stroller Trike models, so you do need to be aware that it is not possible to collapse the trike for storage or transport.

Design - The Zoom 4 in 1 features the patented Touch Steering for effortless maneuvering, spring suspension for a comfortable and smooth ride, a cup holder and a large storage bag.

Canopy - The sun canopy coordinates with the color and design of the trike to provide shading for your little one when you’re out and about. Whether it’s nap time or you’re enjoying a stroll in the park, you can feel confident that your little one is comfortable and safe.

Color - The 4 in 1 is available in a sophisticated grey color scheme. The black, white and grey detailing ensures that this trike complements any clothing or preferences.

Swirl 4 in 1 trike

The Swirl Trike 4 in 1 is ideal for family outings. It is perfect for children 10 to 36 months old. Our patented Touch Steering and large swivel front wheel allow easy maneuvering around town. The 4 in 1 is designed to take your child through four stages of development. In Infant Mode, your little one can sit up comfortably and safely with the footrest and padded seat. At 18 months, the conversion to the Guided Trike allows you to remove the safety bar and create a feeling of independence, while you remain in control. The Training Trike mode at 24 months, adapts the 4 in 1 to a training trike to allow your child to learn the coordination needed for pedaling, while under the security of your guidance. Finally, you can remove the parent handle and create a classic trike , which will allow your child to steer and pedal independently, gain confidence and continue to develop their hand-eye coordination and essential motor skills.

Storage - Unlike the Folding Stroller Trikes in our range, the Swirl 4 in 1 does not fold. This means that you need adequate storage space and may be restricted if you want to take the trike when you travel.

Design - The 4 in 1 design ensures maximum comfort for your little one. With a padded seat, safety restraint, footrest, and telescopic handle, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon or a day on-the-go.

Canopy - All the 4 in 1 models come equipped with a canopy to provide your little one with sun shading.

Colors - The 4 in 1 is available in a variety of colors and bold patterns. This includes green, pink, blue, red, multicolor, black & grey. These striking designs and colors include a coordinated canopy, padded seat cover, restraint pads and generous storage bag to ensure that your little one is both comfortable and stylish.

Breeze 3 in 1 trike

The Breeze Trike 3 in 1 is a classic model, allowing your little one to discover the joys of a trike from infancy. The model is designed to accommodate babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, with two-stage pedals so your little one can practice while you remain in control, or pedal independently. There is also a simple to use parent control button on the front wheel mudguard which allows you to switch between parent and child control in an instant. With a three-point safety harness and foldable footrest, you can ensure that your little one is safe and secure on any adventure. There is even a rear toy basket, so that favorite toys can join you for the ride or as a stash for all those treasures you find in the great outdoors.

Storage - Like the 5 in 1 and 4 in 1 models, theBreeze 3 in 1 does not fold. This means that you will need adequate storage space and consider that traveling with the trike may be a little more complex.

Design - The vibrant design of the 3 in 1 has number of innovative features to ensure the safety of your child as they enjoy trike fun. There is a young baby footrest to keep your little one comfortable until they are big enough to use the toddler folding footrest, and a safety bar to provide your toddler with additional security and confidence as they enjoy the ride.

Canopy - While the 3 in 1 does have a telescopic parent handle, there is no canopy available, allowing a more realistic trike experience.

Colors - The 3 in 1 is available in three color options; red & black, yellow-blue-green and multicolor for a bold and colorful look that your child will love.


Whether you want to encourage your child to feel a little more independent or want your little one to develop motor skills and coordination, the SmarTrike product line has a trike to suit your requirements. Our entire line offers innovative features that are designed to ensure that your little one is comfortable, safe and secure. Additionally, as our models adapt to your growing child and their development, you don’t need to worry about it being quickly outgrown. You can gauge your child’s progress and adapt their trike to provide new challenges in a safe and comfortable environment. This will encourage your child to enjoy being active and allow you to enjoy days out as a family for any occasion.

If you are still unsure which trike model is best suited to your child, get in touch with us. Our team would be delighted to answer any queries or questions to help you make your purchase decision.