​Holiday DIY Accessories For Your Toddler Tricycle

In this post, we’ll go into detail about why doing it yourself is beneficial for you and your toddler and we’ll share some Christmas-related DIY project ideas to help deck out your child’s toddler tricycle.

With the holidays around the corner and as decorations start donning every home on the block, your kids surely will want to join in on the fun. Perhaps they received a toddler tricycle as a gift last year and want to decorate it to be festive. Or maybe you’re planning to buy your child one for Christmas and want ways to accessorize it yourself.

Either way, DIY (or do-it-yourself) projects are the perfect way to add pizzazz to your child’s toddler tricycle all while engaging with your child, connecting with other parents and kids, saving money, and having tons of fun.

Doing-It-Yourself is Good for You and Your Toddler

There are plenty of reasons why DIY projects would be good for you and your toddler to do together, especially as the holiday season approaches and you start gathering as a family. Some reasons are obvious, like the quality time spent with each other and encouraging less technology-based activities.

Beyond simple arts and crafts, doing a DIY project involving your child’s toddler tricycle adds a whole new layer to the process. It’ll get them excited to be active on their trike and thrilled to be involved in the holiday spirit. We have a wide range of trike options that will be perfect to start DIY decorating.

Put Away the Electronics, It’s Time to DIY

These days, it seems like most activities for children revolves around a screen. Chances are your kid’s Christmas list involves a few video games, movies, or pieces of technology. But what if there were something else you could encourage them to spend time on.

Well, with a DIY project, you’re getting them up off the couch, out from behind a screen, and creating something new. Usually, once children are pushed to make things with their own two hands, they tend to really enjoy it and they might even ask to participate in crafty projects, like decorating their toddler tricycle, more often.

Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with technology and the incredible advantages these devices have when it comes to education and recreation, but it’s great to give kids the opportunity to find other interests.

“Joy to the World” with DIY - It Gives Enormous Satisfaction

As mentioned above, children tend to really enjoy crafty projects and doing things themselves. Even though they might resist turning off the TV at first, you’d be surprised at how much kids enjoy doing DIY things.

Christmas is the perfect time to decorate, too. And with their toddler tricycle, your child will have a blast adding DIY accessories to it for the holiday season. Christmas is a magical time of year in and of itself and having some exciting things to do with their tricycle will make it even better.

DIY Means Keeping Your Wallet Full

While the holidays are certainly exciting for kids each year, they can put pressure on the wallets of parents around the world. With to-do lists, grocery lists, and shopping lists looming, the last thing parents want to do during the Christmas season is spend more money.

Hence why it’s such a great idea to accessorize a toddler tricycle using DIY methods. When you and your child make things together from scratch, all you need are the materials -- which are overall much cheaper than buying pre-made trike accessories.

Have Fun and Festive DIY Get-Togethers

Now this is where things get even more fun! When you have an idea for a DIY project it gives you the opportunity to not only spend more quality time with your kids, it’s also an opportunity to connect with other parents and their children as well.

Christmas is the season of giving and this year you can give the gift of quality time with others in your community. Perhaps you’ve got some friends who bring their kids and toddler tricycle to the park. Invite them along.

Or maybe your child’s best buddy from preschool loves arts and crafts. Plan some easy DIY projects for the kids to do together while you spend time with the parents planning the annual Christmas PTA bake sale.

The point is, DIY projects are a great way to get involved with other parents and their kids for the holiday season.

Perfect for Picky People - Do It Exactly How You Want To With DIY

We all know kids can be extremely picky. Cue the mental breakdowns when a child doesn’t get exactly what they wanted. Well, with DIY projects, they’ll be getting exactly what they wanted -- or in the least, they’ll have less room to complain because the product will be up to them, right?

One of the biggest perks of DIY accessories is that you have total control. If you have an idea, you can make that idea a reality in any way you see fit. Who says Christmas colors are red and green. When done DIY, you have the power.

Plus, this is a great way to teach your children that instead of throwing a fit when things don’t go their way, you can take responsibility for the “problem” and do it yourself. It can help improve their confidence and they might learn new tactical skills as they plan and execute decorating their toddler tricycle.

More Than New Presents This Year, Your Child Can Learn New Skills, Too

So, what new skills will your child learn by decorating their toddler tricycle? The list is endless. And apart from the skills, mentioned above, of taking responsibility and building confidence and self-esteem, your child is bound to end up with various other skills, too.

Most crafty projects will use fine motor skills that are fantastic for young children. Activities like cutting with safe scissors, drawing specific lines and shapes, and attaching one piece to another are all using fine motor skills.

They’ll also learn problem solving skills. Maybe a certain material isn’t working in a way they’d hoped. Or that glue just won’t stick. When problems come up in DIY, it’s a welcomed opportunity to help your kids problem solve their way through.

With DIY, your children will also pick up negotiating skills if working with others and creativity skills as they’ll be make something new.

It’s Time “Deck the Trike” of Their Toddler Tricycle

Chances are, your child loves his or her toddler tricycle. Chances also are, your child loves all things Christmas. So what better way to introduce a DIY project than by decorating their tricycle for the holiday season?

The first thing you’ll need to do is hit up your local arts and crafts store. You’ll be inundated with color, shapes, and fun ideas for your child’s trike, even ones you probably haven’t thought of yet. Make sure to bring your child along too because half the enjoyment will be from picking out the materials and planning the project.

Lights on the Tree? How About Lights on a Toddler Tricycle?

Light up the trike for a fun DIY project! While you’re stringing lights upon the tree and on the roof of your home, your little one can be lighting up their toddler tricycle for the holidays. With so many varieties of LED lights these days, the options are endless.

Maybe hang some fairy lights along the handlebars or wrap traditional string lights along the entire trike. It will be the perfect way for your child to participate in getting ready for Christmas.

Plus, when you take walks through the neighborhood to bask in everyone else’s fantastic outdoor decor, your child will have a perfectly lit up tricycle - both safe and fun! Don’t forget a portable battery pack though.

Even Though It’s Cold Out, Keep Hydrated with a Decorated Water Bottle

We even have a smarTrike toddler tricycle that comes with a built in cup holder which means a great opportunity for creating decorated DIY cups and water bottles. Taking the time to make fun and exciting bottles will encourage hydration by making kids thrilled to show off their drinking devices.

Keep in the holiday spirit - perhaps you can make a snowman water bottle with white paint and buttons for eyes. Or dress it up with a tiny Santa coat and hat. Keep it classic and decorate a sippy cup with glittery snowflakes or labeled as the #1 elf.

Accessorize the Toddler Tricycle with Fun Holiday Tape

While our smarTrike tricycles do come in a lot of color varieties, we don’t exactly have trikes in a holiday theme. But not to worry! Simply use cool, colored tape to easily (and temporarily) change the color or pattern of the toddler tricycle.

Tape is kid-friendly and easy to use and if your child makes a mistake with tape, it’s no trouble at all to fix. Use red and white tape to wrap around the handlebars for a candy cane look. Or use decorative patterned tape for a truly original design.

Ride Into the Holidays with DIY Handlebar Streamers

It’s the classic bicycle and tricycle accessory -- handlebar streamers! Typically found on girls trikes and bikes, this is a perfectly fun add-on for all. As your child zooms along in their toddler tricycle, handlebar streamers will blow in the wind.

Plus, they’re an incredibly easy DIY project. Using long plastic streamers (paper ones might fall apart a bit too easily), choose the color combination you’d like -- perhaps red and green or silver and blue for the holidays. Split the piles in two, tie one end of each bunch with a colored rubber band, and use a hot glue gun to adhere the streamers to each end of the handlebars. Too easy!

And there you have it. A few fun and festive DIY projects for you and your child to accessorize their toddler tricycle. Happy Holidays from SmarTrike!