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​Finding The Best Toddler Trampoline That Your Child Will Love

As kids, many of us remember flying through the air with the greatest of ease. No, we’re not talking about our (extremely brief) soiree into acrobatics, but rather our fond memories playing out with our friends, bouncing up and down on trampolines.

There is just something so thrilling about a trampoline as a kid and it’s an experience every little one should have! That’s why we’re presenting you with the ultimate guide for buying the  best toddler trampoline for your little one.

Although a good time, many parents worry about the safety of trampolines for their young ones – we hear you! When used in the wrong manner, trampolines certainly can present a major safety hazard. From broken springs to the worn-out material, trampolines weren’t always the safest. But times have changed and our young ones no longer need to deal with many of the less-than-perfect trampolines of the older generation.

Best Toddler Trampoline

Best Toddler Trampoline-mobile

With so many new trampoline options on the market, it is important to do the research when deciding which will be the best toddler trampoline for your child. Many factors come into play when making the final call.

And how about going to the play centers at the shopping malls and playing with all those colorful balls? Get the best of both worlds. That’s right this trampoline is also a ball bit! You’ll find out about that part more later!

Which Toddler Trampoline is Right for Your Bouncy Child?

For toddlers just learning to use their motor skills, the desire to jump is an inherent one. A toddler trampoline not only lets kids spend time having fun, but it has also been shown to be a great form of exercise and improve motors skills.

You might be thinking you’d never allow your toddlers on a trampoline so young. Well, SmarTrike knows kids (and parents!), which is why they released the smarTrike 3 in 1 Trampoline Activity Center, the best  toddler trampoline out there.

With its innovative technology, the multi-functional trampoline gives kids as young as 12 months old the ability to begin exploring or balancing and jumping. As your kid grows up, the toddler trampoline grows right along with them.

exploring kid

exploring kid-mobile

To begin with, I’ll let you in on a wonderful secret with the smarTrike 3 in 1 Trampoline Activity Center: It folds up and one does not take up space when not in use!

The smarTrike 3 in 1 Trampoline Activity Center is assembly-free as well, allowing you to get jumping right out of the box and all of its accessories are included. With this toddler trampoline you’re getting more than just a few minutes of fun.

So, what does the smarTrike 3-in-1 Trampoline Activity Center actually offer?

All About the 3 in 1 Trampoline Activity Center

We know kids like to be involved in a wide range of activities so it’s perfect that the smarTrike 3 in 1 Trampoline Activity Center starts out as a ball pit. Your young one will love the bounciness of the bottom and the colorful play things, even if their not ready to jump fully with the toddler trampoline.

The ball pit for toddlers is a wonderful way for kids 10 months and up to develop fine motor and cognitive skills, all while having a blast. Place your child in the ball pit and watch them explore, learn, and enjoy. The ball pit comes will 100 balls for countless hours of entertainment.

From there, the toddler trampoline comes with a safety handlebar. This gives tots the freedom to play and explore skills like coordination and balance while holding on to something for stability.

toddler trampoline

toddler trampoline-mobile

But once your child is confident enough in their motor skills to attempt solo bouncing, remove the handlebar without purchasing a completely new toddler trampoline, perfect for kids two years old and up.

So as you can see, the  smart trike 3 in 1 Trampoline Activity Center takes the fear out of trampoline bouncing, leaving your children with a sense of freedom and leaving you with a sense of assurance that your young one can play in total safety.

SmarTrike prides itself on allowing its products to grow with kids and its trampolines are no exception. Kids will feel safe and trust the toddler trampoline because they understand that it will change only when they’re ready for it. It’s also great for a parent’s piece of mind that the product is appropriate to their child’s age range and skill level.

Plus, it keeps parents’ wallets fuller since they’re not buying more than one trampoline -- which is always a good thing!

toddler trampoline with handle

Short on Space? Get the Folding Activity Center 3-in-1 Trampoline

In reality, there are two good reasons why you might opt for a  kids folding trampoline versus a standard toddler trampoline: 1) You’re short on space, 2) you travel a lot, or 3) you’re a neat freak.

Perhaps you and your growing family live in a small apartment in the city. In those situations, the last thing you want taking up precious square footage is your child’s trampoline. Or perhaps you’ve set up the toddler trampoline outside but you have a small backyard. In both instances, it’ll be nice to pack it up to make more use of the limited space.

kids folding trampoline

kids folding trampoline-mobile

Additionally, if your family is always on the go, your child may be fun to bringing the trampoline along. In this case, being able to fold the toddler trampoline with handle will come in handy and gives you a chance to keep your little one entertained with the ball pit or trampoline.

The last reason you may want a folding toddler trampoline is if you’re a neat freak and are picky about things looking a certain way. While the smart trike 3 in 1 Trampoline Activity Center is definitely not a sight for sore eyes, it’s also not inconspicuous. So if you like things to match in every room, buying the folding option makes more sense.

smarTrike 3 in 1 Trampoline

Guide to Buying a Toddler Trampoline

Although trampolines have been around for decades, their design and function have undergone many changes. Now that there are so many new options for  small trampolines, it is important to do the research and choose the right one for your youngster.

The size, quality, and placement of your child’s toddler trampoline are among the most important factors when choosing which trampoline to purchase.

Size Matters

When deciding on the placement of your new toddler trampoline, of course the size of the product will impact where you’ll place your child’s new favorite toy.

If you’re using it as a toddler indoor trampoline, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of space around where there’s no chance of bumping their head while jumping. Also, it’s best that the trampoline is in a carpeted area -- just in case.

Be advised that when using it as a toddler outdoor trampoline, place it away from anything that could interfere with its use or pose a danger -- such as tree limbs. And choose a grassy area away from any cemented surfaces.

Bounce Indoors or Outdoors -- or Both!

SmarTrike prides themselves on durable, lasting products. With UV resistant material, the innovative toddler trampoline is perfect for both indoor or outdoor use so your kids can jump whenever the desire strikes. The smarTrike 3 in 1 Trampoline Activity Center is made with a top of the line elastic mat so you never have to worry about the product not holding up. Its strong elastic bands will provide your tot with perfect trampoline experience – every time.

Because of its durability, the smarTrike trampoline has the ability to be used safely outdoors without the fear or sun or heat damage. In colder weather, the smarTrike toddler trampoline can be easily folded and transferred inside.

toddler indoor trampoline

toddler outdoor trampoline

smarTrike Goes Above and Beyond

With an extensive line of innovative products that are specifically designed with kids in mind, the smarTrike 3 in 1 Trampoline Activity Center is another unique product made with smarTrike’s signature out-of-the-box way of thinking.

With this product, you have so many options all in one package. From  ball pits for toddlers to a small trampoline for kids, this product is truly all you need. With the option of a folding toddler trampoline for certain lifestyles plus the in-between stage of bouncing on a trampoline with handle it’ll be easy to keep your child happily playing for years of fun.

ball pits for toddlers

ball pits for toddlers

Beware! Always Check the Weight Limit

Not sure when your child should graduate from the trampoline with handles to the regular toddler trampoline? The change is usually determined by your child's weight, so keep an eye out for when they are ready for the next level of fun. This way you never compromise their safety or the longevity of our product.

The Pros of Jumping on a Kids Trampoline

Still not convinced a toddler trampoline is the right choice for your child? Well here’s something to think about when considering your purchase. An age-old activity of choice, the trampoline has been shown to provide a lot more than just a good time.

Research has shown that playing on a trampoline provides kids with added health benefits including:

    kids trampoline

    kids trampoline-mobile

  • Exercise to improve muscle function, strength, and cardiovascular fitness -- they’ll be getting a workout without ever knowing otherwise!
  • As they improve, your child will gain confidence and learn to persist even when something seems difficult at the start.
  • Improvements in posture and balance from learning to manage weight distribution and coordination.

Think your child is ready to get jumping? Excellent. Head to https://www.smartrike.com/3-in-1-activity-center/ to learn more about the innovative toddler trampoline activity center that will last for years of fun. Let the bouncing begin!