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Explore and discover the world

Childhood is all about exploration and with smarTrike every ride becomes an exciting and fun journey of discovery.

Exploring is important for young children as it develops their motor skills , social skills, imagination and creativity.
Learning occurs in all areas of development as young children play and what children learn, stays with them for a lifetime.

Through active play the children learn about the world , about how things work and about themselves .
The American Academy of pediatrics has pointed that Play is important to healthy brain development. Decades of research have documented that play has a crucial role in the optimal growth, learning, and development of children from infancy through adolescence
smarTrike® prompts kids to explore the world, discover new things about themselves, as well as develop their confidence, curiosity and imagination. smarTrike® encourages every boy and girl to experience the joy and adventure of outdoor active play.
We believe in discovering through experience.

So let's ride outside! Adventure awaits!

*”The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds,” Pediatrics, Volume 119, Page 181, Copyright 2007 by the American Academy of Pediatrics

Stimulates the child's senses

Babies are sensory learners. Their awareness and understanding of the world develops through stimulation of their senses.
We all want our baby to make the most of every moment.
Babies and toddlers are open to investigation of the environment. This is how they discover their talents and abilities and this is how they develop their preferences.
smarTrike® encourages kids to explore the outdoors, absorb endless experiences, explore their skills and engage all their senses while discovering new things about themselves and about the world.
Their interaction with their surroundings is maximized with smarTrike® allowing them to feel more, touch more and learn more.

At smarTrike® we believe that experiencing the outdoors encourages the sense of curiosity enables kids to learn more every day, and we know that learning through exploring is easier and so much more fun.
smarTrike's riding experience invites everyone to a fun journey of exploration and discovery.

So If you haven't seen anything incredible today, just go outside!

Promotes healthy development

There is no substitute to playing and exploring the world outside.
Be it the changing leaves or the blue sky, the rush of excitement when managing to pedal a tricycle for the first time.
With reference to developmental aspects at the early age, the total benefits that smarTrike® offers, provide a significant developmental advantage in its contribution to motoric development, interaction with the environment and the toddlers feeling of competence.
smarTrike® evolves with the baby from 10 months and continuously promotes your baby's healthy development during all the trike's stages.
In the first stage smarTrike enables the baby to to sit in an upright position developing his posture by firmly supporting his back and shoulders.
As the baby grows, the trike evolves with the child accompanying him on all his outdoors explorations developing his motor skills.
At around 24 months the child starts to practice independent riding. He starts gaining pedaling and steering experience that help develop both gross and fine motor skill. This stage promotes the development of coordination, synchronization of the senses & control of motion in the space.
In its final stage, when transforming into a classic trike, smarTrike® provides total sense stimulation while the child rides on his own. This independent riding strengthens the child's body and helps the child build self confidence, advanced eye hand coordination, strain adaptation and motor skills.
With smarTrike® your child will love to explore…

Explore the outdoors, explore his skills and explore his body limits.

Promotes social skills

The baby's early years are the most important ones for acquiring skills as during these years the brain's development is the quickest. During these first years the neurological foundations for the future are built: cognitive, motoric & speech skills together with satisfaction resulting from social communication.
The baby slowly acquires confidence and independence together with acquiring speech and social ability to explore with the environment.
Exploring the outdoors with smarTrike® enables the baby to be a part of his surroundings and discover the world . smarTrike® is also great for indoor exploring whether shopping malls or local cafes.
smarTrike® allows a broad field of view that encourages the baby's healthy curiosity and enables him to experience and interact with his surroundings.
It is a fun way to develop good social skills and enhance your baby's emotional well being and feeling of competence.
smarTrike evolves with the baby in the critical stage for language development and the trike's design enables the baby to maintain direct eye-contact with the parent enabling the baby to improve his social skills and language development .
Every journey with smarTrike entails a new discovery and a new interaction , so our recommendation is to never stop exploring.