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Discover the Ultimate Push Tricycle with smarTrike Touch Steering

tricycle with handle for parent  

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At first glance, it doesn’t seem like our smarTrike products are all that technological. In the sense of computer chips and coding, of course, they’re not very techy. But when it comes to innovative design, there is lots of technology involved in these products.

Most notably at smarTrike, we patented the Touch Steering technology that puts us in a totally different playing field from our competitors. Because we heard so many parents complaining about how complicated it is to push other trikes with handles, we knew something had to be done.

Here, we’ll talk more about what a push trike is, what’s involved in our Touch Steering technology, and more about our innovative tricycle products.

What is a Push Tricycle?

A push tricycle is made for children, has three wheels, a seat, and a variety of additional components depending on the brand. It’s a term used to describe our line of smarTrike tricycles that include a removable parent handle, allowing parents to push the child along until they’re ready to navigate on their own.

We have a wide range of push tricycles that are designed to grow with your child. At the first stage, your child rests their feet on a footrest instead of pedaling while the parent uses the attached handle to steer.

Then, it transforms as the pedals are engaged, and the child gains more steering control of the push tricycle, while the parent continues pushing the handle attachment.

Finally, when your child is ready, a fully functional tricycle will be ready for action as you remove the parent handle, and allow them to ride on their own.

toddler push trike push trike-mobile

Are You Frustrated By Other Toddler Push Trike Options?

When maneuvering a tricycle with handle for parent, things can quickly become tricky. Oftentimes, parents find these types of trikes difficult to steer causing them to avoid using these tricycles altogether.

You can imagine pushing your child along and feeling like you’re almost dragging the tires along the ground. They don't seem to turn the way you need them to and that’s can really annoy parents. At smarTrike, we set our minds to finding a better way to steer a push tricycle.

smartrike touch steering

No worries! The smarTrike Touch Steering Has Got You Covered

Presenting, smarTrike Touch Steering: a patented design that makes steering a toddler trike so easy that you can even do it with one hand. We found it to be so incredibly helpful that we included this technology in our smart trike 3 in 1, smart trike 4 in 1, and smart trike 8 in 1 line of tricycles that grow with your child, along with the smart trike 300 plus and the smartrike 600 foldable lines of toddler trikes.

Here at smarTrike, we’re proud to be the only company with this unique steering capability. It truly sets our push tricycle products apart from the competition since it creates such a noticeable difference. You’ll be surprised at how smooth and effortless it becomes to push your child along in their smarTrike toddler trike.

baby trike
push tricycle

Even Though It’s A Tricycle With Handle, Kid’s Can Still Steer

Some people think that because a tricycle with push handle can be maneuvered by someone else, this gives absolutely no autonomy to the child riding the trike. With smarTrike, this is only partly true.

At the first stage, kids are just sitting and enjoying the ride without being in charge of any movement. The second stage is where things get interesting. Even though the push tricycle has a handle for the parents to ultimately have control over movement, the kids are, in fact, free to steer and pedal at the same time. It won’t be until the third stage that the child actually gains full control.

The point is, this intermediate phase is an important step in the learning process of riding a tricycle, so smarTrike makes sure this valuable step was included.

mobile_childrens tricycle

Yes, The Touch Steering Patent is Great - But There’s More!

Now that you’re aware of how our Touch Steering technology works, you can understand how it really sets us apart in the world of push tricycle brands. But, that’s not the only thing that makes our products stand out.

Between the materials we use and our innovative designs, we do everything we can to make our products the best of the best. Keep reading for a deeper look into how smarTrike goes above and beyond to provide our customers with the ultimate experiences for toddlers and parents alike.

tricycle with handle mobile_tricycle with handle-mobile

Our Push Trikes for Toddlers Are Made With the Best Materials

At the heart of all smarTrike products are the materials they’re made from. We choose only top quality materials to build our activity centers, push bikes, and push tricycle options. Everything has a purpose, and everything is created with innovation in mind.

With our trikes, you’ll find a variety of shapes and sizes. The more sporty versions have lightweight frames and kid-friendly textures. Plus, the tires are EVA airless designs. In the more luxurious versions of our tricycles, you’ll find sturdy textiles for the canopies and bag attachments. As smarTrike products grow with your child, you can expect them to last for years and years.

grow with me trike

Fits Perfectly For Every Stage

One of the major perks of choosing a smarTrike childrens tricycle is the fact that they’re built to grow with your child and fit perfectly at every stage of their development. In the case of our push tricycle, suited for kids from ages ten months to three years, there are clever ways to adjust the pieces to make it work for your child’s age, size, and skill set.

Some trikes have only three stages while others have up to eight, and they all function on the progression from using a parent handle to becoming a stand-alone tricycle that the kids ride on their own.

smart trike 8 in 1 smart trike 8 in 1-mobile

Huge Range of Toddler Push Tricycle Colors

Anyone who has kids will know that they all have their own distinct personalities and they’re not afraid to show who they are. Some are shy, others are energetic, and we make our tricycle with handle options in a variety of colors and patterns to match these personalities.

Moreso in our 4-in-1 push tricycle line, you’ll find everything from floral designs to striped patterns to simple, classic colors. You won’t find a lack of color ideas and you’re sure to find a style that matches, not only your child’s personality but also the style of the parent. These smarTrike products are just as much an adult’s product as the child’s. After all, when using the attachable handle, the parent will be participating just as much as the kid.

childrens tricycle

Made With The Best Design

Our design is another thing we really take pride in here at smarTrike. At first, the thought of a push tricycle that grows with your child and needs adjustments can seem overwhelming. You might be thinking that means a lot of disassembling and rebuilding of the components. With our innovative designs, that idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

We made it super simple to go through the smarTrike stages with ease. Our footrests either flip down or pop out when they’re no longer need. Pedals pop right on and the parent handle is detached with the push of a button. Made with such thoughtful design, it’s not at all difficult to change the trike from one stage to another.

push tricycle push tricycle-mobile

We Take Safety Seriously!

Sure, our push tricycle will have all the fun stuff like fancy colors and cool design but nothing is taken more seriously than the safety of your children when using our trikes.

For starters, the whole reason we developed the parent handle is to ensure your kid’s safe-keeping as they learn to steer and pedal on their own. In its initial stages, the wheel can be locked to ensure the parent is in total control. Plus, the pedals have two stages where the child can either practice pedaling without creating movement or they can control the movement with the parent handle still maneuvering things overall.

Plus, we include three-point harness safety straps for the initial push tricycle stages to make sure your little one feels secure.

parent control button

You Can’t Beat Our Prices

Even with our high-quality materials and patented designs, smarTrike products are still surprisingly affordable. The key word there is affordable, not cheap. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and with toddler trikes, it’s no different. So, it’s always important to consider the value for your money, not necessarily the actual cost.

With the ability to grow along with your child, smarTrike products are multiple products in one which is the best way to look at it. Kids grow and change so quickly when they’re young. Instead of buying a new push tricycle every year, ours can stand the test of time which makes the cost a no-brainer.