Celebrating Valentine’s Day with our Pink Tricycle

February is fast-approaching meaning it’s almost time for huge stuffed bears and boxes of chocolate  and red roses all around. Kids love to be involved in fun holidays like Valentine’s Day, so why not include them with something fun that will keep them active. We promise it’s better for them than heart-shaped candies.

At smarTrike, we offer a wide variety of innovative children’s products from balance bikes to toddler trampolines. And this Valentine’s Day, we’re excited to share everything you need to know about our red and pink tricycle and why they’re the perfect choice for the season of love and all year round.

In this guide, you’ll learn all about our tricycles that come in pink and red shades to help you find what you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day. Each of these tricycles have different features concerning the way they adapt to your child’s age and skills. But even with all the choices, we’re positive you’ll find the tricycle that best suits your little one.

Up First, the STR3

The first pink tricycle we’d like to share with you is the STR3 line of trikes. This product was created with both kids and parents in mind, beginning with safety features.

Firstly you will love to know that these trikes have wonderful features that give you more control and also keep your little one safely put. The coolest of these features is the parent control mode. You can have all the control while your little one imitates pedaling until they are ready to fully pedal on their own. Other features include a 3 point harness and safety bar.

Additionally, as the name smarTrike suggests, this product is certainly a STR3. The pedals are removable to create a push trike on command or the pedals can be switched out for the foldable toddler footrest. With this pink tricycle, you’re getting three products in one.

If your toddler gets too tired to push or pedal (or they’re not ready for solo movement of any kind) the STR3 has a parent handle and super easy steering mechanism that allows you to push them along so they can enjoy the ride.

What’s more is that the STR3 can fold up and be easily transferred. Simply pop it in the back of the minivan and bring it to your local park or to Valentine’s Day parties. We know being out and about takes a lot of prep when spending the day with a child - baby wipes, diapers, snacks, change of clothes - so this tricycle includes an attached storage bag to hold all the essentials.

Check Out the Swirl 4 in 1 Baby Trike

While our Swirl smarTrike 4 in 1 pink tricycle is rather similar to the STR3 in many ways, however the key difference here is that the Swirl does not fold. So if you are not on the route all the time grab this pink tricycle instead.

Like the STR3, it has the option to lock the front wheel as a safety precaution, hopefully helping parents get some peace of mind that their child won’t be able to ride off into the sunset unattended. The Swirl 4 in 1 Baby Trike also has the same three-point safety harness keeping your tot strapped in tight and a storage bag attached where you can keep everything you need for you and your child that day. The bag is, of course, pink super trendy to especially match for Valentine’s Day.

This smart trike pink product also has a removable parent handle in case the little ones need a rest from pedaling. Speaking of pedals, this is where things start to get different for this particular pink tricycle. Instead of the pedals being completely removable, they are adjustable. Pull the pedals out slightly until you hear a click so that your toddler can pedal while you push, without actually controlling the movement of the wheels.

Then, simply click the pedals back in and your child regains controls of pedaling for real. The young baby footrest is available with the Swirl 4in 1 Baby Trike as well. Your child will also get a cup holder for their apple juice, something that’s not available with all tricycles.

Match thispink tricycle with a cute pink dress or matching pink shoes and a hat. Your little princess will be in love at first site.

Here’s More on the Zoom 4 in 1 Baby Trike

When talking about the Zoom 4 in 1 pink tricycle, you’ll find that, so far, it’s most similar to the Swirl 4 in 1 smart trike. From it’s non-removable but adjustable pedals so kids can practice the motion without controlling the movement of the wheels to the retractable young baby footrest, these features are common among all of these 4 in 1 tricycles.

The safety features are all included as well like the wheel lock and three-point harness safety belt. As you can see, smarTrike prides itself on making all our trikes safe for children as young as 10 months old.

Instead of an included storage bag that handles everything parents and kids might bring along, the Zoom 4 in 1 Baby Trike has a toy basket at the base of the product. Additionally, a lot of extra design work went into the ergonomics of the child’s seat, making it a bit taller as to help support their head and neck while riding. It does, of course, get removed when being used as a full-fledge pink tricycle but for younger kids, this is a fantastic option.


Why Is It Mostly Girls Who Prefer The Color Pink?

Here’s a bit of history for you explaining why it’s typically girls who prefer the color pink and perhaps also prefer a pink trike. While these days it’s certainly a social construct in many instances - for example, parents exposing their girls to pink so much that they come to prefer it - we’ll have more on that later.

Scientists have suggested that girls have actually liked the color pink since prehistoric times. When homo sapiens were hunters and gatherers, it was the female role to gather food for the tribe. This included fetching fresh fruits which were a staple food source in ancient cultures, as they still are today.

Obviously, most berries along with some other fruits have purple, red, and pink undertones when they are ripe and ready to be picked and eaten. Therefore, it is suggested that women and girls have an affinity toward pink and its related colors since their ancestors associated that color with ripe fruit for their families.

Sometimes It’s the Parents Who Choose a Child’s Favorite Color

To elaborate on the societal pressures that account for girls preferring the color pink more often than boys, oftentimes it’s simply because of exposure to that color.

It’s no secret that when parents find out they are having a baby girl next April, they’re going to start painting her room pink, filling it with pink teddy bears, pink blankets, and a  pink tricycle.This constant exposure to the color is making her subconsciously really like pink because all of the things she loves and is told to care for is, well… pink!

Or, it could be because of all the yummy pink-wrapped chocolates that come around on Valentine’s Day that helped the kids choose a new favorite color. Who knows!

While your child may very much like the color pink and naturally choose a pink tricycle, it probably does have a lot to do with what they were exposed to since birth. And it’s not even a good or bad thing -- just a thing.

So, Girls Like Pink and Boys Like Blue… Right?

Traditionally, yes. But that’s certainly not always the case. When choosing what color tricycle your child wants, if they’re a girl who has been exposed to pink all her life, chances are she’ll go for the pink tricycle. Same for boys who’ve been given all things blue in the past -- he’ll probably choose a blue tricycle. Which is totally fine, but boys and girls can like both colors regardless of gender stereotypes.

Girls might like blue for a variety of reasons. Maybe her favorite TV show character is Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. He’s blue in which case might make her love the color blue way more than she loves pink. In that case, she might not choose a pink tricycle even if all her belongings since birth have been pink.

Similarly, a boy could love eating strawberries. The sweet and tangy fruit stains his fingers pink and he absolutely loves the color. He forces his parents to make strawberry shortcake weekly and his favorite thing to do is visit his local strawberry farm. This kid is obsessed! So it’s no wonder this little boy would go for a pink tricycle when it came down to it.

And honestly, they may not even need a reason. A girl could choose blue out of the, you know… blue. Or a boy could happily prefer pink just because. They could prefer any color under the sun, really. And here at smarTrike we’re happy to give kids lots of options for colors and patterns to find whatever tickles their fancy.

How Do Kids Perceive Color Anyway?

You may be wondering how children perceive colors -- are their color preferences learned or are their favorite colors hard-wired? Essentially the question is, will all girls no matter where they’re from choose a  pink tricycle? Well, scientists have done research across a huge span of different cultures hoping to figure out whether kids like certain colors due to nature or nurture.

By researching in various places, the scientists could get a feel for whether or not kids differ in their color preferences due to their environment and culture or if each gender like similar colors across cultures.

  • It turns out that the research suggests color preference is actually hard-wired rather than learned. So, perhaps most girls in the U.S. would choose a pink trike and so would girls from Israel, even though those countries enjoy very different cultures.
  • In the same experiment, it was shown that children pay more attention to bright colors -- reds, blues, purples, and oranges -- indicating that those colors are preferred over duller hues.

But as with most things, our choices are shaped by a little bit of nature and a little bit of nurture. And not all kids are the same. Still, it’s interesting that these color perceptions seem to be similar across various cultures.

Red - The Color Pink’s Step Sister

For kids who would naturally choose a pink tricycle, a red one could be seen as pink’s step sister. And while we love our step sisters in real life, you get the reference, right? For kids who adore the color pink, getting a red tricycle will make it feel like second best. Even if it’s totally awesome in reality. What’s more -- red is still just as much of a Valentine’s Day color as pink, so you’re in the clear for all of your loving celebrations.

Many times, parents are confident about choosing a red tricycle over a pink trike because red works perfectly for both boys and girls. It also seems to be just the classic color for a bicycle or tricycle so it’s oftentimes a clear winner when parents choose for their child and since these tricycles growth with your child they can be passed down to younger siblings who will also love the color, boy or girl.

The good news is smarTrike offers some incredible trikes in red as well as pink. Take a look

Starting With the STR7

As the name suggests, this tricycle folds up for easy transfer to vacations and trips to the park. And if you wanted a pink tricycle, the STR7 option actually only comes in red, purple, and blue - so you’re out of luck there.

This child’s trike is packed with features including the swivel seat that has the ability to turn your child around so they’re facing you, which is especially great for young children. With two different footrests, the child can get used to having their feet resting on non-mobile pedals in two stages. From there the folding stroller trike from STR7 becomes a training trike and then a full tricycle that kids can use on their own.

As with all the smarTrike pink tricycle products we’ve mentioned so far, it does come with a parent handle to help your child along while they’re learning to pedal on their own but its purpose is to encourage kids to learn to ride, not simply to be pushed along.

Onto the STR5

As you can probably imagine, the folding stroller trike by STR5 is very similar to the STR7 explained above. But there are a few differences to mention.

For starters, this option, like the STR7, also doesn’t come in a pink tricycle color. It’s only available in red and gray - and to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we suggest opting for the red one, of course.

The 6 in 1 folding stroller trike - Red has a safety lock on its front wheel in case your child finds it while they’re unsupervised, it has removable pedals, foldable toddler pedals and a young baby footrest, and a three point safety harness. Plus, parents get a telescopic handlebar to push your kiddies along while they get a feel for the trike and a roomy storage bag for all your belongings.

The main difference between this folding stroller trike 6 in 1 tricycle and the STR7 is that it doesn’t have the reclining and pivoting child seat that allows the child to face you. And it’s different from the pink tricycle options mention earlier in that it transitions through six stages of development versus only three or four.

Now, the STR3

Well, we’ve heard this all before. The STR3 that comes in red is exactly the same as the pink tricycle of the same name that we mentioned early on in this post. Literally the only difference is it’s color, so let’s talk about that.

With a black base color, it’s only the wheels, handles, and canopy that are all in the bright shade of whatever color you decide is best. While the colors are bright and bold, sure to catch a child’s eye, it’s not overdone since the black hardware balances things out quite well.

Both the red and the pink tricycle in the STR3 style are fabulous for the season of love that is Valentine’s Day. It’s certainly coming up soon so if your child can’t decide between all the colors available, suggest that red or pink are the colors of the season. It’ll help narrow things down a bit.

And Finally, the Zoom 4 in 1 Baby Trike

Of all the tricycles that smarTrike offers, the Zoom 4 in 1 Baby Trike is one of the sportier options since it doesn’t have that plush, comfortable look that some of the others have. And while it’s not necessarily uncomfortable, it’s definitely made more for riding and playing and less for lounging and feeling cozy.

It’s most similar to the Vanilla style pink tricycle mentioned above, another more sporty option of trike. Except this one doesn’t have a storage bag but instead a toy basket. The Zoom 4 in 1 is also only available in red. Sorry pink lovers! But don’t forget, it still works for Valentine’s Day so that’s definitely a win!

Of Course, smarTrike Has More Colors Than Just Pink and Red

When shopping for the perfect color trike for your child, rest assured that you’ll find a variety of colors, way more than only a red or pink tricycle. While these colors are great for Valentine’s Day, check out the full smarTrike product list to see our wide range of color options including green, purple, blue, gray, and even multicolored tricycles (if you’re really undecided). With smarTrike tricycles, you and your child will be on your way to a fun, active, and colorful Valentine’s Day.