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All You Need to Know to Buy a Girls Tricycle

 Girls Tricycle

 Girls Tricycle-mobile

While many of us consider a trike to be something for an older child, it can actually be a great activity for toddlers. A trike can help your daughter develop crucial skills, and our trikes can grow with your child, from being pushed right through to being able to steer, pedal and control the trike independently. Your child can learn balance and coordination, develop independence, and even have their initiative encouraged. If you’re still unsure about the benefits of a girls tricycle for your child, here, we’ll explore this topic further to discover how it could benefit your daughter.

SmarTfold 300 Plus - Pink

The smarTfold 300 Plus is one of our popular smart trike folding models, which is designed to provide a cute way to help teach your little girl to ride. Our 7 in 1 girls tricycles are available in a beautiful pink shade, so she can coordinate with her favorite accessories. It starts out as a parent-controlled push trike to be used from the age of 10 months, transforming through a series of stages into a fully independent trike. 

This will allow your little girl to explore the outdoors while developing crucial motor skills. She’ll even have a handy little storage bag, so she can keep favorite toys close by. One of the most attractive features of the Smartfold 300 plus girls tricycle is that it can be folded very small. This not only makes storage more manageable, but it also makes it easy to load into the boot of your car for those family adventures or days out. 

The UV protective canopy will protect her on those intense brighter days, and you can feel completely in control with the child/parent control switch, non-slip pedals, telescopic parent handle, and 3 point harness. If pink isn’t your daughter’s favorite color, this smart trike folding model is available in a variety of colors including red, green and blue.

smart trike folding

SmarTfold 600 - Red

The SmarTrike Smartfold 6 in 1 folding trike is ideal to grow with your child. This trike is suitable for infants age 9 months and older, adapting for each development stage of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Like the smarTrike 300 Plus, this girls tricycle has a no hassle assembly and folding design to make storage and transportation simple. Just a few clicks will make this trike ready for use. The smarTrike 600 features Touch Steering for easy use with shock absorbers and a generous UV canopy to ensure your little girl enjoys a comfortable ride. The smarTfold 600 is available in a bold red or a sleek grey to suit your little girl’s preferences.

smartrike smartfold 6-in-1 folding trike

Joy 4 in 1 Baby Trike - Multicolor

The Joy 4 in 1 Multicolor trike is part of the smarTrike 4 in 1 series. This girls tricycle is ideal for your child between the age of 10 months and 3 years old to take her through the four stages of development. This crucial stage will allow your little one to develop key skills to gain confidence. This model features a large swivel front wheel and SmarTrike patented Touch Steering make it easy to use around town. The parent handle allows you to remain in control, as your little girl develops motor skills and the hand-eye coordination needed to ride under the security of your guidance. 

At each stage of development, this girls tricycle can be adapted to allow her to gain more confidence until she is ready to pedal and steer independently. While our 4 in 1 girls tricycles are available in a variety of colors, the Joy model is one of the most delightful in a bright and cheery color combination. The canopy, padded seat, restraint, frame, and accessories are in red, green, and yellow to ensure that this trike puts a smile on your little girl’s face every time you head out for a family day out.

smartrike 4 in 1

Boutique 4 in 1 Baby Trike - Black/Red

Like the Joy girl’s tricycle, the Boutique 4 in 1 features fantastic features to keep your little one comfortable while they develop those crucial motor skills. The Boutique 4 in 1 smarTrike red and black design looks chic for the girl out on the town. With a matching storage bag, parent pack coordinated with the red handlebars, seat, pedals, and wheels, your little girl is sure to enjoy taking her new trike out and about. 

There is even a cup holder on the handlebars, so she can keep a sippy cup handy for when she feels thirsty after riding for the day. The Boutique 4 in 1 girl tricycle is available in the red and black we discussed above, or an equally attractive blue and black. However, there is a rainbow of other colors available in the 4 in 1 trike product line to appeal to your little one’s personality and flair.

smart trike red and black

Stages of Toddler Girls Tricycle

Before you buy a trike, it is important to understand the developmental stages involved in our models. This will help you to determine which model is best suited to your little girl. Some of our trike models are suitable from the age of 6 months, but many of our girls tricycle options are suitable for ages 10 months and up. Here we’ll discuss the development stages, so you can make an informed purchase decision.

girl trike

From 6 Month Old to 12 Month Old

While many of us consider a toddler girls tricycle more suited to a toddler, this type of trike can actually be an excellent tool for younger children. Children’s bodies experience rapid growth and development in their early infancy. Children as young as 6 months can learn to coordinate their body and feel more engaged in their surroundings in a trike. Our smarTfold 700 girls tricycle can be used from the age of six months, with a reclining seat that can be used for nap time or turned to face backward or forwards. 

There is also storage and a UV canopy, so you can enjoy a full day out with your little girl. Most of our other girl trike models are suitable for children from 9 or 10 months. At this stage, your little girl can become more comfortable sitting up, with a safety bar to help them to feel comfortable and secure. This means that a girls tricycle can help your daughter’s development even in this early stage while allowing you to enjoy those family days out.

toddler girl tricycle

toddler girl tricycle-mobile

1 Year Old

From the age of one, children are often torn between doubt and developing independence. While most children at this stage are keen to do things on their own, they are often doubtful that they can. Your little girl may feel eager to perform some easy tasks and want to know how things work, and this is where a tricycle for 1 year old baby girl can assist her development. The need to perform tasks and learn how things work can be satisfied by a girls tricycle that will provide her with the freedom she wants. 

As she develops more confidence, she will feel proud that she can move forward and feel encouraged for her efforts, but you can easily switch across to parental control if necessary. This also provides you with the assurance that you can take control when needed. So, if she starts to tire or you enter a busier area of the park, there is no need to struggle to help her to navigate.

tricycle for 1 year old baby girl

2 Years Old

By the age of 2, most children have a natural enthusiasm to take the initiative and do things on their own. At this stage of development, a girls tricycle is the perfect toy to encourage your little girl to do so. A tricycle for 2 year old provides the ability to pedal and steer independently, with the reassurance of a parent handle, so you can take control if necessary. At this stage, your little girl will gain more confidence as she learns to pedal and steer, getting ready for greater independence.

tricycle for 2 year old

tricycle for 2 year old-mobile

3 Years Old

At this stage, your little girl is likely to be ready for independent riding. You can convert any of our girls tricycle models into a standard tricycle for 3 year old. This involves removing the parent handle and safety bar so that your little girl can happily pedal away to her heart’s content. She can even carry around her favorite toys in the storage bag or bin so that she can feel truly independent, even if she remains within easy reach. 

At this stage, you’ll need to reinforce the safety rules about riding, even if your little girl is only riding on the driveway. She needs to be aware of road safety and watching out for danger, so you can prepare her for upgrading to a regular pedal bike as soon as she’s ready.

tricycle for 3 year old

Not Just for Girls

While we have some fantastic girls tricycle models, you can be sure that our trikes are not just for girls. We have some fantastic boys tricycle options with all the features we’ve discussed above. Both boys and girls will go through similar development stages, so you can be sure that our trikes will help your little one to develop those essential requirements of motor skills, confidence and independence to progress to a regular bicycle.

boys tricycle

boys tricycle

Check For the Colors That Your Girl or Boy Would Like

We’ve only touched on the fantastic range of models available in the smarTrike product line. We have models in a rainbow of colors to suit the wants of any boy or girl. From pinks and reds to blues and greens. Our trikes are available in a number of colors, so you can find the perfect one for your girl or boy.

kids trike

kids trike-mobile