All About the Best Toddler Push Bike

Introducing the Best Toddler Bike to Your Child

When introducing a push bike to your young child, it should be a lot less daunting than introducing them to a full-fledged bike. Bicycles can be very intimidating to young ones and our toddler push bike is made so that the process of learning to ride a bike a lot more approachable, for both kids and parents.

Your child will be able to clearly see that both of their feet remain on the ground when riding their new balance bike. Soon, they’ll be more and more confident on two wheels and the transition to riding solo will be smooth and easy.

Balance bike or Toddler push bike?

It’s a childhood rite of passage to learn how to ride a bike and it can be a really exciting experience for both parents and children. But the process doesn’t necessarily have to include countless painful falls or coaxing your child into even attempting a bike ride.

Some call it a balance bike and others deem it a  toddler push bike, but they’re one in the same. Both have two wheels and no pedals. Kids push off the ground to learn balance before worrying about how to pedal a full size bicycle.

Countless studies have been performed to find the best way to teach a child to ride a bike, many of which favor learning from a balance bike. Teaching kids how to stay balanced on two wheels from a young age makes the transition to a pedal bike much simpler. Many kids skip the training wheels after learning from a push bike.

As parents, we know you want the best for your kids. So, here we’ll go into everything you need to know about the best toddler push bike from smarTrike including safety tips and the best ways to approach the balance bike. Before long, you and your kids will be ready for fun-filled bike riding with the help of their smarTrike push bike.

What’s the difference between a bicycle and a push bike?

Simply stated, a bicycle has pedals and a push bike is a  no pedal bike. They require a different set of skills and a toddler push bike is much more suitable to younger children while regular bicycles are best for the older ones.

A bicycle uses gears and pedals to create movement. A push bike moves when the child pushes themselves forward. Push bikes are introduced to kids before bicycles so they can get a feel for balancing on two wheels with a little more security.

How to Explain All the Parts of This Toddler Bike to Your Child

A big help in making sure your toddler feels comfortable trying out their new toddler push bike is by explaining to them all its parts. Showing them how it works will empower them and help them feel more at ease.

You can explain how their balance bike is a bike without pedals meaning their feet won’t leave the ground. You can show them how it’s kind of like walking while sitting down and that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Knowing all of this is sure to let your child relax going into the first ride.

Safety First!

Just because it’s a  toddler bicycle doesn’t mean all safety precautions go out the window. The smarTrike push bike is designed with safety in mind but as the parent, it’s up to you to make sure those extra measures are taken to prevent any mishaps.

This means helmets! Get one that fits snugly to their head and secure it with straps that wrap tightly below the chin. If you know your child is a bit clumsy, perhaps some elbow and knee pads are a good idea, too. Beware of your child rough-housing while using the balance bike and of course, always supervise your children.

Make Sure You Adjust the Seat

The smarTrike push bike comes with an adjustable seat and this should be taken care of first thing. Have your child sit comfortably on the bike and move the seat higher or lower until their feet are resting flat on the ground without strain. With the seat at this position, it’s the safest level for optimal push bike riding.

As your child becomes more confident and understands how to balance on their push bike, you can move the seat higher so their feet are further off the ground. This will add a level of difficulty to further advance their balancing skills.

Start By With Walking the Push Bike

The first thing to teach your child is to walk their balance bike. You’ll have the option to guide them, especially with young children, or they can do it on their own like a traditional toddler push bike.

One common mistake to look out for is that many kids end up looking at their feet versus where they’re going. Especially with something that will feel so new to them, it’s something you’ll want to be aware of. Remind them to always look in front of them when on the  toddler bike.

Eventually Your Child Will Learn to Push With Both Feet

After your child gets the hang of walking their baby push bike, they’ll feel ready for something more challenging. This means pushing more firmly off the ground.

To teach them this, start by using one foot at a time, sort of like a run versus a walk. Soon enough your kid will be having so much fun and won’t be able to get enough!

Soon It Will Be Time to Glide!

Once your child is comfortable and confident in both walking their toddler push bike and using both feet to push, you can show them how to get even more speed.

Show them how to push off with both feet at the same time and keep them lifted to balance and glide.

Teach them how to slow down and safely come to a stop before they even attempt to glide. They should be comfortable placing their feet back on the ground while the bike is in motion without hurting themselves.

And make sure you stress to your child that they shouldn’t attempt to go too fast as it will be harder to stop and could be dangerous.

Balance Bike vs. Training Wheels

You may be asking yourself, why not just get my child training wheels? And that’s a good question. There are pros and cons to both balance bikes and training wheels.

kids balance bike makes for an easier transition to pedal bikes because it helps your child get a real understanding of the concept of balancing. They’ll understand how to correct for weight changes and it won’t be a new experience once they get on a regular bike. With training wheels, they’ll be more focused on pedaling than balancing, meaning more falls and a harder time learning to bike ride.

In addition, with a toddler push bike, kids are learning how to ride a bike without the pressure and intimidation of a traditional bicycle. With a smarTrike push bike, your child understands that there won’t be a long way to fall and they’ll like having their feet close to the ground.

Training wheels can be beneficial, especially for older kids. One of the pros is that you can simply remove the training wheels to reveal a full bicycle that the child can use for years to come. But, that bicycle will be of no use if the kid gets frustrated due to falls or is afraid to try it in the first place.

It’s best to start young children with a balance bike. They probably won’t even need training wheels if they learn to balance properly on a push bike.

Why Our Balance Bike is Best for Your 2-Year-Old Boy or Girl

As parents, it can be a struggle to find ways to not only keep your toddler happy and entertained, but also making sure what they’re doing is beneficial to their growth and development.

With a smarTrike  balance bike, you’re helping your 2-year-old develop important skills like their gross motor development, confidence, and balance.

A smarTrike push bike is particularly perfect for 2- to 3-year-olds because of its low stability option. With the seat lowered so that both feet are firmly on the ground, your young child will be able to learn balance at less risk.

But don’t worry, the smarTrike balance bike grows with your child. As they get taller, the push bike’s smart flip frame adjusts to create a higher stability option.

The Cost of a Toddler Bike Like Ours

A toddler push bike can cost anywhere from $40 to $200. It can be hard to swallow spending so much money on a bike but with our smart flip balance bike you really do get great value for money and many years of use.

A product that changes and evolves right alongside your child is a no-brainer. Your child can start learning to ride a bike at 2 years old, adjust the seat higher for a bigger challenge, and a few years later can completely skip the process of using training wheels.

They’ll be so confident in balancing from loving their smarTrike push bike that learning to pedal on a full bicycle will be a breeze. At only $44.99, the smarTrike balance bike is the perfect investment for your children.