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A Complete Guide for Buying a Boys Tricycle

Boys Tricycle

Boys Tricycle-mobile

Many parents consider a trike to be a toy for older children, but a boys trike can actually be a fantastic activity for toddlers. A trike can help your son develop crucial motor skills, and as our trikes grow with your child, it can take your little boy from being pushed to being able to pedal, steer and control his trike independently. Your little boy will learn coordination and balance, to have his initiative encouraged and develop independence. If you’re still not sure about teaching your toddler to use a trike, we’ll explore this topic in further detail to discover how it could benefit your son.

SmarTfold 300 Plus - Blue

The smarTfold smarTrike 300 5 in 1 is one of our popular boys tricycles. It is designed to provide a practical way to help teach your little boy to ride. This 5 in 1 tricycle is available in a rugged blue shade, so he can enjoy having a big boy trike. 

It starts out as a parent-controlled trike to be used from the age of 10 months, then transforming through a number of stages to create a fully independent trike. This allows your little boy to explore the outdoors while he develops essential motor skills. He’ll even have a handy little storage bag for his favorite toys.

One of the most practical features of the Smartfold 300 plus boys tricycle is that it can be folded into a compact shape of 85% of its original size. This not only makes for more manageable storage, but it also makes it easier to load into the boot of your car if you want to head out on a family adventure. 

The sun canopy will protect him on warmer, brighter days, and you can feel in control with the telescopic parent handle, child/parent control switch, non-slip pedals, and 3-point harness. If blue isn’t your son’s favorite color, this smartTrike folding model is available in a selection of colors including red and green.

smarTfold smarTrike 300 5 in 1

SmarTfold 600 - Grey

The smarTrike Grey is a 6 in 1 folding boys tricycle, ideal for growing with your son. This rugged trike is suitable for boys 9 months and older, transforming for each development stage of baby, toddler, and preschooler. 

Similarly to the smarTrike 300 Plus, these boys tricycles feature a folding design and no hassle assembly to make transportation and storage simple. With just a few clicks, the smarTrike is ready to use with Touch Steering, shock absorbers, wide grip parent handle, and generous canopy to ensure that your little boy is comfortable and safe. The smarTfold 600 is also available in red.

smarTrike Grey is a 6 in 1

SmarTfold 700 - Black

The smarTfold 700 Black is part of the smarTrike 8 in 1 product line. This revolutionary fully folding boys tricycle features a high back seat that can be rotated to allow facing forward or the parent. This trike is designed for babies from the age of six months, with comfort features including a reclining seat, five-point safety harness and position adjust button. 

This model also features Touch Steering for easy parent control and navigation, not to mention a footrest to ensure that your infant is comfortable until they can reach the toddler footrest. The smarTfold 700 is a compact folding tricycle that can be set into a folding mode for convenience. 

The rugged black design with coordinating storage bag, seat, harness, and handlebars will ensure that your little boy feels like he’s riding a big boy trike. It is also available in red, purple and blue.

smarTfold 700 Black

Groove 4 in 1 Baby Trike - Green & Grey

The smarTrike Groove 4 in 1 boys tricycle is ideal for children aged 10 months and up, taking your little boy through four development stages. This can be an intense learning curve, but the smarTrike is designed to make this process simple.

As he progresses, the trike will adapt to support him in learning new skills. The smarTrike patented Touch steering and large swivel front wheel make it easier to navigate tricky terrain, while the parent handle allows you to stay in complete control as your little boy develops hand-eye coordination and motor skills with the security of your guidance. 

At every stage of development, this boys tricycle can be modified to help him gain more confidence until you can see he is ready to steer and pedal independently. This provides a jump start to riding a bike, as your little one can feel secure as he tackles each essential skill until he has become a master.

The Groove 4 in 1 is available in a striking green and grey design, with the padded seat, frame, restraint, canopy, and accessories all color coordinated. Moreover, our 4 in 1 trike range is available in a rainbow of different color options.

smarTrike Groove 4 in 1

Developmental Stages of Toddler Boys Tricycle

Before you buy a toddler boys tricycle, it is essential that you understand the importance of the developmental stages necessary for learning to use a trike. Each of our tricycle models is designed to adapt to the requirements of the child, so they continue to learn and gain confidence. 

Some of our trikes are suitable for infants as young as 6 months, but many of our trikes are suitable for 10 months and upwards. Here we’ll go into these development stages in little more detail, so you feel ready to make an informed purchase decision.

toddler boys tricycle

Requirements of Developmental stages From 6 Month Old to 12 Month Old

While many parents consider a trike to be a toddler toy,  a boys trike can actually help your little one develop key skills. Children’s bodies show rapid development and growth in early infancy, and children just 6 months old can benefit from a tricycle. Your little boy may not be able to pedal at this young age, but he will learn to coordinate his body and feel more engaged in his surroundings on a trike. 

Our smarTfold 700 boys tricycle can be used from six months of age, with a seat that can not only be turned 180º to be front or rear facing but can also recline for nap time. This model also features a sun canopy, padded seat, and storage, so you can have a full day of fun with your little boy. 

Most of our other trikes are suitable from the age of 9 or 10 months, and at this stage, your little boy can be sitting more comfortable, with a safety harness and safety bar to help them remain steady and secure. This means that while you’re enjoying a family day out, even at this early stage, a trike is helping your son’s development.

smarTfold 700

smarTfold 700 - mobile

Requirements of Developmental stages for a 1 Year old

From one year old, boys often start to develop a sense of independence. He is likely to be keen to do things on his own but may doubt his capabilities. Your little boy is likely to want to learn how things work and perform easy tasks, and this is where a boys tricycle can further assist in his development. 

The need to push his boundaries is a common development stage in a boy tricycle models at this age, will help him enjoy a little freedom, while you remain in control of the steering and braking. As your son develops more confidence, you can easily switch to child control to allow him to start pedaling, just be ready to stay caught up with him as he may want to be off exploring.

boys tricycle

Requirements of Developmental stages for a 2 year old

At the age of 2, your son is likely to have developed a natural enthusiasm, wanting to do things on his own and take the initiative. At this developmental stage,  a boys tricycle is the ideal toy to provide encouragement. A tricycle for 2 year old boy will provide the ability to steer and pedal independently, with reassurance from a parent handle, so you can take control if needed. 

You can also switch back to parent mode if he starts to tire. At this stage, your little boy can develop more confidence as he gets ready for greater independence.

tricycle for 2 year old boy

tricycle for 2 year old boy-mobile

Requirements of Developmental stages for a 3 Year Old

By 3 years old, your little boy is likely to want to independently ride. This can be easily accomplished by converting any of our boys tricycle models into a  tricycle for toddler boy. This will involve removing the safety bar and parent handle, so he can happily pedal away. 

He can load up the storage bag or bin with his favorite toys, and he can feel independent, even if he is only a couple of feet away. This is also a good time to reinforce riding safety, even if your little boy is limited to riding in the yard or on the driveway.

He needs to be aware of looking out for cars and other danger, so he can be ready for the road safety requirements of moving on to a regular pedal bike when he’s ready.

tricycle for toddler boy

Not Just For Boys

Although we have some fantastic boys tricycle models, our trikes are not just for boys. We have some fantastic girls tricycle models with all the innovative features we’ve already discussed. 

Both girls and boys go through similar stages of development, so you can be sure that smarTrike models will help your little one develop the confidence, motor skills and coordination needed to progress on to a regular bike.

girls tricycle

girls tricycle-mobile

Check Our Full Color Options

We have a massive product line with a rainbow of color choices in smarTrike models. We have girls and boys tricycles in a rainbow of colors from blues and greens to reds and pinks and multi colors. Our trike models are available in a choice of colors, to make it easy to find the ideal one for your boy or girl.

kids tricycle

kids tricycle-mobile