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Why Your Child Needs a Kids Balance Bike

Ah, we can all remember the days when we took our first fearful spins on our bicycle with equal mixes of fondness and trepidation. Our feet barely reaching the pedals, our parents eagerly holding the back of the bike seat while we tried our best to keep our balance and take those initial few spins [...]

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Best Kids Trampoline

A trampoline can be a fantastic activity for children of all ages. Trampolines can encourage children to be more active and can offer some excellent developmental benefits for younger children. Playing on a trampoline is not only an exercise in disguise, but it improves flexibility, teaches persistence and develops motor skills. It can also help [...]

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How a tricycle for kids can help promote your child's independence (hint: start young!)

Parents are always torn between helping their child becoming independent from a very young age, through childhood and into adulthood, while keeping them close for protection and guidance. smarTrike’s unique line of products to allow you to do both, in one amazing product. If you were considering a tricycle as the next mobility stage for your [...]

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with our Pink Tricycle

February is fast-approaching meaning it’s almost time for huge stuffed bears and boxes of chocolate with pink heart balloons and red roses all around. Kids love to be involved in fun holidays like Valentine’s Day, so why not include them with something fun that will keep them active. We promise it’s better for them than [...]

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The best Guide to choose a Toddler Bicycle

In the past, the concept of a no peddle bike or a toddler bike didn’t really exist. Children may have been encouraged to ride a trike, but this left younger children unable to enjoy the sense of exploration that comes with expanding their mobility. Riding a bike is a massive milestone for many children, but [...]

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Your Guide to childs trike Options

In the past, learning to ride a bike was a rite of passage for many children. Today, trikes make it possible for children to learn at a much earlier age. Trikes allow children to learn how to pedal long before they are old enough to even consider bikes. Tricycles can grow and adapt with your [...]

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​Smart Outfits for the New Year to Match Your Children’s Tricycle

Now that your children’s tricycle is decorated for the holidays, it’s time to match their outfits with their trike and ride off into the new year. Not only will others be ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how adorable your children look, your kids will have fun with it too. It’s sometimes difficult for kids to want to [...]

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​Holiday DIY Accessories For Your Toddler Tricycle

In this post, we’ll go into detail about why doing it yourself is beneficial for you and your toddler and we’ll share some Christmas-related DIY project ideas to help deck out your child’s toddler tricycle. With the holidays around the corner and as decorations start donning every home on the block, your kids surely will want [...]

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All About the Best Toddler Push Bike

Introducing the Best Toddler Bike to Your Child When introducing a push bike to your young child, it should be a lot less daunting than introducing them to a full-fledged bike. Bicycles can be very intimidating to young ones and our toddler push bike is made so that the process of learning to ride a bike [...]

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10 fun activities for you and your baby while out in your baby tricycle

Hey, mommies and daddies, I have some fun stuff for you here. How about some fun indoor and outdoor activities for you and your baby or toddler! Because you know that here at smarTrike we are all about you and the baby! And the best part of this list is that most of these activities [...]

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