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10 Unusual Mother’s Day Ideas To Do With Our Push Trikes for Toddlers

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the best ways to celebrate mom. And while you may not think a toddler tricycle would have anything to do with the springtime holiday, we’re hoping to convince you otherwise. It’s more than just a trike that grows as your child develops. Our smarTrike [...]

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Make World Bicycle Day Legendary With Your Kid and Their Baby Bike

In case you didn’t know, World Bicycle Day is coming up fast and we want you to celebrate this year. Whether you’re a hardcore cyclist who already loves this obscure holiday or you’re just now finding out it’s a thing, we’re of the mind that any reason to celebrate bikes is a good reason. With a [...]

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A Look Into the Value of Our Smart Trike 3 in 1 Tricycle

With innovative designs made to grow with your children, we couldn’t be more proud of our smarTrike 3 in 1 line of toddler trikes. Not only are they an economical option that takes the pressure off your wallet, but they’re also extremely safe, they help with valuable developmental skills, and they’re lots of fun for [...]

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Eye-Opening Things Worth Knowing Before You Buy a Ball Pit for Toddler

Considering buying a toddler ball pit for your child? Well, you came to the right place. Taking a closer look at the unique features, price, and quality of ball pits on the market will help you make the right decision. To help you out (and hopefully convince you that the smarTrike ball pit activity center is [...]

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The One and Only Guide to Buying a Balance Bike

With various options on the market, it may seem overwhelming to decide on the perfect toddler bike for your little one. From color to size to assembly, there’s certainly a lot to consider. That’s why we came up with a complete guide to buying a push bike including all the things you should take into account [...]

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Discover the Ultimate Push Tricycle with smarTrike Touch Steering

   At first glance, it doesn’t seem like our smarTrike products are all that technological. In the sense of computer chips and coding, of course, they’re not very techy. But when it comes to innovative design, there is lots of technology involved in these products. Most notably at smarTrike, we patented the Touch Steering technology that puts [...]

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All You Need to Know to Buy a Girls Tricycle

While many of us consider a trike to be something for an older child, it can actually be a great activity for toddlers. A trike can help your daughter develop crucial skills, and our trikes can grow with your child, from being pushed right through to being able to steer, pedal and control the trike [...]

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A Complete Guide for Buying a Boys Tricycle

Many parents consider a trike to be a toy for older children, but a boys trike can actually be a fantastic activity for toddlers. A trike can help your son develop crucial motor skills, and as our trikes grow with your child, it can take your little boy from being pushed to being able to [...]

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Make the Most of Easter This Year With a Toddler Trike

After the cold, dark days of winter, as the weather starts to get a little warmer, many parents start to think about the upcoming holidays and school breaks including Easter.  Easter celebrations are packed with captivating activities including painted eggs, chocolate bunnies, and fun activities. There is a tendency to associate Easter with overindulging with chocolate [...]

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A Complete Guide to Buying a Bike for 2 year Old

Learning to ride a bike is an exciting time for a child, but your child doesn’t need to wait until they are in elementary school. Most of us have very fond memories of riding a bike in our childhood. Riding a bike is almost a rite of passage for many children, and it provides a [...]

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