3 in 1 Activity Center: A Smart Solution for Ball Pit Balls

3 in 1 Activity Center: A Smart Solution for Ball Pit Balls

Think about the last time you went to one of those indoor playgrounds with your children? How long did they spend in the massive ball pit? Probably a significant amount of time because kids love pools filled with balls - they’re a great time!

Yet, young kids who might not even be able to walk yet may often be left out of all the fun that ball pits have to offer. SmarTrike has a solution.

In this blog post, you’ll learn all about our 3 in 1 Activity Center and how it goes from a baby ball pit to a toddler trampoline without needing to buy a whole new product.

How Many Plastic Balls for Ball Pit Should I Get?

When it comes to ball pit balls, there’s not a right or wrong number to buy. Of course, it’ll all depend on the size of your ball pool and how many balls your toddler might be ready to handle. Our smarTrike 3 in 1 Activity Center comes with 100 balls but you can fill up the ball pit pool as much as you see fit.

For younger children, perhaps you’ll want to only fill up the pool with half the balls we provide. That way, if they tip over while playing, your child won’t be buried with balls. Then, as they develop and become more confident in the Activity Center, you can start using all 100 of the ball pit balls.

ball pit balls


The Developmental Advantages of an Indoor Ball Pit

At smarTrike, we’re passionate about creating products that develop and evolve right alongside your growing child. We saw the development advantages of a ball pit and we were ready to take advantage of them. But you might be thinking, how could a ball pit possible help with my child’s development?

First of all, they’re learning to use their motor skills. Larger motor skills like throwing and catching are definitely on the list of what your child might learn, but they’re also honing in on fine motor skills by simply grabbing and holding the ball pit balls.

Plus, your child will be learning to share with other children or siblings as well as learning colors by differentiating between the different colored balls.

baby ball pool


Where to Put Your Ball Pit Pool

As an activity for your toddler, it might be nice to keep the ball pit in indoors so that you can have a watchful eye on their whereabouts. It’s small enough to fit right in your living room or your child’s playroom and you won’t have to worry about the ball pit balls getting lost or dirty outside.

On the other hand, it might be important in you that your child gets some fresh air. As you probably already well aware, smarTrike offers products for outdoor fun for kids at all ages, so you can easily find the right tricycle, scooter or bicycle, depending on your child’s age. We even offer a baby tricycle you can use to stroll and learn from the age of 6 months.

baby tricycle


Should You Consider a Trampoline Ball Pit Combination?

Kids grow quickly. So, what happens to their toys once the toddlers are too big for them? Sure, you can pass them down to a sibling or a cousin but chances are, these outgrown toys are simply thrown away. Instead, you could get your child an all-in-one Activity Center with ball pit balls and a trampoline.

At smarTrike, we love products that grow with your kids and this ball pit trampoline is no exception. Considering this fun combination is a no-brainer to get optimal use out of this kids toy.

trampoline ball pit

It Starts as a Baby Ball Pool (with Balls Included!)

So, how does the 3 in 1 Activity Center evolve? First, it starts as a ball pit for babies as young as 10 months old. They’re learning hand-eye coordination to be able to throw or catch and they’re learning fine motor skills needed to handle the balls, all in a pool of color that make fun sounds as the balls bounce against one another.

Plus, unlike many toddler ball pits, ours actually comes with the ball pit balls. There’s nothing worse than opening the package with an excited kid who’s ready to play, only to find that this ball pit requires balls to be ordered separately.

Then, It Evolves into a Baby Trampoline

From there, the ball pit transforms into a toddler trampoline, perfect for kids between the ages of 1 and 2 years old. We all remember being kids and we all remember how much of an absolute blast it was to jump on a trampoline for hours and hours. It’s as if kids have endless energy! Let them burn it off on a trampoline that’s just their size.

So, when your kid gets sick of playing with ball pit balls, it means they’re ready to jump! Good thing you already have a trampoline at the ready. Definitely a smart move, parents! 

trampoline with handle

Why You Might Want a Little Trampoline for your Home

The benefits of introducing your little one to their own indoor trampoline are a handful. Being more than just a toy, it teaches your toddler important developmental skills.

First of all, jumping takes a lot of coordination. They’ll need to balance and coordinate in order to work with their body properly. Plus, it’s great for their cardiovascular fitness and toning their muscles. Getting kids excited about staying active is something that’s so important to shaping the personality of children. Playing with ball pit balls and jumping on trampolines are just fun ways to burn off energy!

Plus, having it your home isn’t going to be as much of a pain as you might initially think. It’s small enough to fit in your living room or even in your child’s bedroom. No need to worry about space.

Thinking in Stages: Getting a Trampoline with Handle

Safety is our top priority at smarTrike and we always think of our products in stages, considering what’s best for every age group. So, when creating our 3 in 1 Activity Center, we realized that going straight from a ball pit to a trampoline is a pretty big leap as far as motor skills are concerned.

That’s why we added a handlebar to help with the transition. Going from tossing ball pit balls to full trampoline bouncing is quite a jump (no pun intended), so this way your toddler is able to get used to bouncing and keeping their balance with the assistance of the foam-covered handle until they’re ready to jump on their own.

little trampoline


Our Home Ball Pit Folds Too!

Even though our ball pit trampoline combo is tiny enough for little tots and it won’t crowd up your home, it also folds away when not in use. When the neighbors come over for dinner or you just want kid time to be over, you can easily store it away and out of sight.

And don’t worry about losing the ball pit balls, either. Our 3 in 1 Activity Center comes with a bag to hold all the balls so that you won’t have any of them stray away and get lost.

home ball pit


A Mini Ball Pit is Perfect for Indoor Activities

Especially when it comes to young kids, we often don’t want them out and about on their own. Keeping their activities inside is smart for making sure you always have your eye on them. Plus, when it’s raining or snowing, it’s important to make sure your kids are entertained in an active way even while indoors.

The smarTrike 3 in 1 Activity Center is perfect for letting your children burn off some steam while learning new things, all within the comfort of your home. Whether your child loves playing with ball pit balls or they’re thrilled to be bouncing on their baby trampoline, being able to do so indoors means the good times never have to end.

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Are You Convinced Yet? Get Your Child a Small Ball Pit Trampoline Combo Today!

As you can see, there are a lot of perks when it comes to our smarTrike 3 in 1 Activity Center and they’re truly hard to beat. From improving your child’s motor skills, coordination, and cardio fitness to growing with your child from ages 10 months to 2 years, this long-lasting plaything is great for both indoors and outdoors.

You can even make the 3 in 1 Activity Center last even longer by gifting it to a younger sibling or cousin. Take it with you on a camping trip since it’s easy to fold down and transfer the ball pit balls with their bag. Watch as your child begins to understand colors and gain a better handle on tossing and jumping.

With its safety features and your child’s development at the forefront of our design, we hope we’ve convinced you that the smarTrike 3 in 1 Activity Center is worth purchasing for your toddler. Get yours today!