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10 Kid-Approved Activities for a Fun-Filled Day with a Kids Tricycle

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Having trouble peeling your child away from all the fun they’re having on their toddler tricycle? If they’re like most kids, spending hours upon hours riding their little trike seems to never get old, no matter if it’s a hot summer’s day or a chilly winter morning, they love to ride their trike from dawn to dusk. That is until they realize how many fun things can be done with their new favorite toy.

Keep reading along for our top ten kid-approved, fun-filled, engaging activities you and your child can do together to get the most out of their smarTrike kids tricycle.

Our Best-Selling Children’s Tricycles to Take on Adventures

We’ve got a wide range of tricycles but none are more popular than the 4 in 1 smart trike line, perfect for all the fun activities that your kids will love. With a variety of styles, colors, and designs, you’re bound to find the best option for your family.

Our 4 in 1 trikes grow with your child in stages. Starting at 10 months old, your little one can rest their feet on the built-in footrests without worrying about the pedals. Still, they’ll get a feel for holding onto tricycle handlebars while you guide them along using the parent handle.

As your child gains motor skills and an interest in more autonomy, the kids tricycle adjusts accordingly. With options to pedal without actually controlling the movement and finally, in stage four, turning into a fully operational trike, you’ll be able to use these 4 in 1 trikes for years of family-friendly excitement.

So, let’s get right into it with ten wonderful activities you can do with a tricycle.

4 in 1 smart trike

Check Out Your Local Museum

Often overlooked, local museums hold some of the most exciting things a kid could possibly imagine. Huge tyrannosaurus rex fossils, celestial projections of the cosmos, and for tiny tots, plenty of kid-friendly events like story time and playrooms. Bringing along tricycles for kids who enjoy spending time at the museum, will make going to and from, all the more thrilling.

That’s assuming you live close by the museum in your area so you can use the trike as transport. But even if it’s a bit of a drive to get there, pop your kids tricycle in the back of your car or van and park a few blocks away allowing you and your child to enjoy a nice walk or a brisk ride to the final destination.

Most museums will allow your child to be guided along in their smarTrike tricycle with the parent handle attached, as long as you’re the one in control. Perhaps it’s not the best idea to let your child ride it on their own indoors with extremely valuable objects in the vicinity.

Head to the Zoo in Your Area and Learn All About Animals

Another great place you can take your child and their favorite kids tricycle is the zoo. Especially if your child has an affinity for animals, this is a place you’ll want to get them excited about. Learning about all the different kinds of animals and seeing them in the flesh is truly an awe-inspiring activity, especially through the eyes of a child. Whether it’s towering giraffes or slimy giant eels, there’s sure to be something that piques your child’s interest.

Granted, zoos are usually outdoors and fully in the open, meaning things can get scorching hot on a sunny day. Having your toddler tricycle in tow with its shaded canopy and comfortable seat is a welcome respite from what’s sure to be a sweaty afternoon.

discover the zoo

discover the zoo-mobile

Decorate the Toddler Trike for an Engaging DIY Project

For those crafty kids who like to color and draw on anything and everything (including your kitchen walls -- apologies if that’s a sensitive subject), you can channel that artsy energy and suggest they decorate their kids tricycle. It’s an activity you can do with your younger ones or something older tykes can enjoy on their own.

Whether you use colored tape for easy, hassle-free decorations or go all-out with paint, lights, and accessories, bringing your child’s craftiness to their tricycle will not only get their creative juices flowing, but it’ll also encourage them to use their trike more, excited to show off their work.

Make a day of it by inviting the neighborhood kids over for a decorating party. It’s an excuse for a bit of social interaction while your child and their friends build excitement about going for a ride on their decked out kids tricycle together at a future get-together.

Walk Off the Food Coma After a Family Barbecue

All too often we throw a barbecue with way too much food. We’re talking juicy cheeseburgers, saucy ribs, classic hot dogs, and coleslaw for days. Not to mention gallons of lemonade and sweet tea, topping off the afternoon with a summer berry pie. Let the food coma commence.

Kids tend to have a raging good time at barbecues as well. Chances are they filled up on Cheetos and apple juice early on and spent a fair bit of energy zooming around the backyard on their kids trike. Now, they’re loopy with fatigue but aren’t quite ready to call it quits. Now we have two problems, a sleepy child and a food coma. What to do?

A fantastic aspect of a smarTrike 4 in 1 kids tricycle is that it not only progresses into a classic trike, it can also revert. So, even if your child is capable of pedaling on their own, you can still reattach the parent guide handle so they can sit back and relax. After a busy day of barbecuing, go for a walk to aid in the food coma and let your little one chill.

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Simply Walk Around the Block and Meet Some Neighbors

It’s amazing what you can find right in your own neighborhood and who knows, you may be overlooking a goldmine. Whether it’s popping into the corner cafe that you’ve never actually been to, or your child showing off the best toddler tricycle on the block while you offer your famous chocolate chip cookies to the family that just moved in, there is a lot to do without going far at all.

Bring along the kids tricycle to neighborly cul-de-sac parties or when it’s that time of year to sell Girl Scout Cookies door-to-door with your eldest daughter. You may run into old friends you haven’t seen in a while with whom you always promise to “grab lunch” to no avail. The point is, just get outside and take a walk about the neighborhood. Fresh air will do you good and you’ll be more likely to create a bond with the families around you, smart for both you and your child.

Take Photos for a Family Scrapbook

Make some memories and snap some pictures while out and about with your kids tricycle. A three wheel bike for kids has been a hit among children for generations and your parents probably have photos of you spending balmy days riding your childhood trike. Now, with smartphones and their top-notch camera quality, you have no excuse but to get action shots of your kid on their very own tricycle.

On a rainy day, when the tykes are dying to get back out and play with their tricycle, you can have indoor fun with scrapbooking. Use your old photos of youthful trike rides, and paste them beside your child’s current kids tricycle photo from last week. It’ll be special to see all your family’s memories in one place, to keep forever and pass down through the years.

Family Scrapbook

Family Scrapbook-mobile

In the Summer, Throw a Backyard Luau

Nothing says summer like dreams of Hawaii. But, we have a hunch that you don’t actually live in Hawaii. You may not even live anywhere near the ocean. In that case, why not throw a backyard luau and bring your kids tricycle along?

Similar to a backyard barbecue, there’s sure to be food. But there’s also sure to be water games and all things tropical. Especially in their stage 4 form (and otherwise as well), smarTrike products are water resistant and won’t be ruined by a bit of splashing.

Additionally, when your little one gets too hot from the blazing sun, having a break in their trike with its shaded canopy will do the trick while sipping on some, probably coconut-infused, juice. Because well... Hawaii.

Encourage Friendly Competition With a Tricycle Race in the Park

Ready, set, go! And the kids tricycles are off!

Setting up a friendly kids tricycle race in the park encourages healthy competition and team camaraderie, both incredibly important aspects of a child’s social life. Learning how to be a graceful winner and a humble loser is essential in the game of life, and is a fun way to play with tricycles.

All you need to do is set a date and time, invite a few of your child’s friends (perhaps your walk around the neighborhood, mentioned earlier, is a good time to spread the word), and make a few teams. Once you’ve explained the rules to everyone, it’s time to ready, set, go!

Explore a National Park

Ah, the beauty of nature, carefully preserved for all of us to enjoy. National parks are, sadly, fading away and becoming less of a priority for a lot of people (and politicians). Hence why it’s essential to visit national parks with your kids tricycle to ensure they don’t fade away into an elusive and forgotten history.

While this may require an out-of-state trip to see famous parks like Yellowstone National Park or Zion National Park (which are definitely worth the travel), you may be surprised to find there’s a national park not too far from your home.

Bring along the trike as you walk along the beautiful trails, admiring stunning views that you just have to see with your own eyes. As a bonus, your child can gain a deeper appreciation and respect for the natural world around them!

As the weather warms up, what activities are you planning to do with your child and their kids tricycle?

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