10 fun activities for you and your baby while out in your baby tricycle

Hey, mommies and daddies, I have some fun stuff for you here. How about some fun indoor and outdoor activities for you and your baby or toddler! Because you know that here at smarTrike we are all about you and the baby! And the best part of this list is that most of these activities can be done while your little one is strapped into the  baby trike by smarTrike, they aren’t called smarTrike for no reason…Pay attention to some of the smarTrike tips.

Pass n’ twist

Start off by sitting behind the  baby tricycle, alternate passing your little one a toy from one side to the next. As you are passing and grabbing the toy from your baby strapped in at the front, keep your abs tight in a halfway upward sit up. Not there yet, no worries, take sitting breaks in between. If your little one isn’t getting the hang of it, just add a bit of ‘peek-a-boo; to it and they will be in the game in no time and you’ll be working those abs like a pro.

BENEFIT: You get to work your abs and arms while baby develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

Bubble gazing

We all know how much amusement kids get from popping bubbles as well as developing fine motor skills by trying to poke at them and catch them all from the comfort of their baby trike. But guess what, This one may be for you also. Have you ever sat there blowing bubbles and had a sense of ease and peace?

Well, that’s probably because the deep breathing helps relieve stress plus your head is going back to those younger days when these bubbles were just as amusing for you…. at a way less stressful time. Therefore some of you may find that these bubbles are a sort of relaxation exercise that brings you back to stress-relieving thoughts from childhood. So take a break from walking around and pushing the  baby's tricycle, sit on a bench and take a breather.

BENEFIT: Stress relief for parents and helps with developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination for baby.

Lunges and Peek-A-Boo

Let's sneak in some exercise time for ourselves because we all know how hard it is to squeeze that one in with a little baby being the center of attention…all the time. As you are out an about on your afternoon stroll with your little one strapped in their baby trike you can do lunges as you walk. Simply hold the parent handle of your smarTrike and take a big step and lunge as far down as you can and repeat with the next leg. Sounds easy right!

BENEFIT: Improves your balance, flexibility and works gluteal muscles.

smarTrike TIP: See if your baby tricycle has an adjustable parent handlebar. If it does, you can lower it down to make lunges easier along with the patented Touch Steering technology. Make sure you are in parent control mode for this one.

Tummy time for you and me

Since we are on a roll let’s keep these exercises going. Let’s take the baby trike a side for this one. Place your baby on their tummy with his toys placed within his reach while some placed slightly beyond. Since your baby is occupied with the next toy that catches their eye you can work on your tummy crunches right beside them.

BENEFIT: Strengthen babies neck and core while making it less likely to develop a flat spot on their heads.

What’s that noise?

Let’s take a break from those lunges. For this one, mommy sits on the bench while your little one is sitting in there baby tricycle. Increase your babies investigation skills through this fun-filled activity. Pack a couple of containers in  your baby trike. When ready to play, fill them with toys, lego, sand, cereal, pebbles or whatever you have on hand. Once the containers are full, bring them in front of the baby and rattle them so the contents make noise. You can also hit them together to make some big noise. The baby will soon realize the source of the sound and will try holding the containers and move them on his own. this a great outdoor activity for your seven-month-old and up. When your baby is a bit older you can even try to make some patterned taps on the baby tricycle or noises and see if baby replicates with you at the same time.

BENEFITS: Cognitive skills by understanding cause and effect

Downward facing baby

You won’t be needing your baby trike for this one. When your little one is about 6-10 months old and starting to crawl, you can practice some yoga in front of them. A great pose in downward dog. As you are doing this pose your baby will likely try to mimic you. You can even encourage them to do this pose by playing a right-side up/upside-down variation of peek a boo. Help them out the first time by putting there hand in front and gently lifting their hips.

BENEFITS: Flexibility for both of you and motor skills for your baby

Bouncing baby

Is your little one getting a bit anxious in their baby tricycle? Or just tired of being strapped in for so long? Take them out and have them stretch out their legs a bit and do some bouncing. Hold their hands while they bounce on your thighs. This should also get them a bit more tired before nap time and who knows, maybe they will doze off on the way back home.

smarTrike TIP: Try our 3 in 1 Activity Center for some more bouncing fun. And if you are in your baby trike by smarTrike for this one make sure you are in parent control mode on the way home in case your little one does doze off.

Catch that toy

Ok time for another fun one to do in the baby tricycle. Maybe your little one is getting a little bit cranky and doesn’t feel like they want to be strapped in. Take their mind off of it! Pull out a soft plush toy from the smarTrike parent bag or toy basket (varies with smarTrike model). Now hand it back and forth, slowly turning it into throwing back and forth. Yep, we have a footballer in the making!

BENEFITS: Cognitive skill development, fine motor skill development

Hand clap

Have baby sit in their baby trike just opposite to you so that you have their attention. Start by singing your baby's favorite song and clap your hands. Show the clapping action to the baby and observe if they replicate it by hitting their palms together.

BENEFITS: Cognitive skills development.

Water toy fun time before nap time

It’s been a long day out in the  baby tricycle. Let's head back home and take a bath before bedtime. One last bathtub activity coming up. Fill your baby’s bathtub or for daytime fun use an inflatable plastic pool. Once filled halfway with water and baby’s legs are covered place some water toys in the water and have baby sit in the pool. Start off by moving some toys around in the water.

Splash the water around while using the toy will help to intrigue your little one. Your baby will then reach out to a toy himself and try splashing them to test basic cause and effect and get a sensory feel of t he water at the same time. Be prepared for a lot of water splashing! And after all this everyone will be sleeping like a baby.

BENEFITS: Will get baby ready for bedtime or nap time while promoting the development of curiosity, senses and cause & effect and in a minute you will have you time.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty tired. We hope you enjoyed your day of exercising out in the baby trike! These activities will be so much fun for you and your little one. Besides bonding time there are so many other benefits that come out of this. It is so important to stay healthy and active. Send us some of your favorite games or exercises and follow us on social media for more fun and games with baby trikes and more!

XO SmarTrike