​10 Best Grow with Me Tricycle for 2 Years Old

Our kids’ happiness is the most important thing for us. Well, second to health, that is. In order to please our angels, we, as parents, tend to spend a lot of time and money. When my daughter was 2, I got to the point that I decided I don’t want to waste my money any more.

I started looking for multinational toys; toys that would grow with my baby and would last more then just a couple of months. I really wanted to get her a toy she wouldn’t outgrow in a heartbeat, and that will be as developmental as it is fun for her. That’s when I came across smarTrike.

smarTrike is a brand that, among other products, makes multi-stage toddler tricycles. They have really cool toys like scooters and trampolines – all are multinational and made to grow with our babies - from baby to toddler, making our lives that much easier and cheaper; one toy that has the potential to last for months and years to come. It’s genius!

How is the design?

When it comes to  tricycles with a push handle, it is important that your opinionated kid, will feel comfy and happy with their trike. The design must be fun and kid friendly – colors are always important to our little ones, that’s why it’s sometimes fun to get a bright colored one. It also has to be comfortable – dangling feet are not only dangerous, they are not comfortable as they put pressure on their lower back area.

But, your toddler is not the only one who will have to be around the tricycle for 2 year old, you also need to like the design. It is important that the parent handle will be the right size for you and that steering will be easy. It is also important that the trike will have a smart design that will be childish enough that your kid will love, but not too childish that you feel weird walking around with it.

By now we have mentioned some the most important features in a trike for 2 years old toddlers. Now let’s talk about the cost of buying one of these trikes. There is a wide range of smarTrike trikes, most cost between 49 and 99 USD. Below, I will talk about some of my favorite ones. I chose these as they are some of the more affordable models and they are a great way to experience everything I was talking about without spending a huge amount of money. My top picks of affordable  tricycles for 2 year old:

Zoom 4 in 1 baby trike

The first trike I want to tell you about is a 4 in 1 trike. The Zoom is a trike has high back support for your kid’s comfort and has all the smarTrike safety features we have talked about before. It also comes with a UV canopy that helps keep babies safe from harmful sun rays. It has a toy basket so your little one can take their toys with them.

Breeze 3 in 1 Baby Trike

The smarTrike Breeze is another option for a great product. If you’re looking for a less expensive trike, Groove is just for you! For only $69.99, you get a removable canopy, a big, chic storage bag, a toy basket and a cup or bottle holder for your baby – so they can feel all grown up while you enjoy steering easily.


Swirl 4 in 1 baby trike

This 4 in 1 trike is a wonderful alternative for both boys and girls – it is a great middle spot between the Swirl and the Breeze both price and features wise. In addition, it has a uniquely designed matching canopy and parent console for an extra dose of chic. 

Easy & Light - A Great Tricycle for 2 Years Old

Another issue I had to deal with while my baby was growing is to find a way to get on with my errands while she was with me. That’s how it goes when they’re 2 years old – they wanna walk, they wanna play, they wanna sleep and you just need to adjust and keep on doing your errands.

Well God bless smarTrike for their toddler trikes that have it all. Smart trike has a variety of trikes suitable for babies from 10-12 months all the way up to 3 year old kids. Their amazing trikes evolve with your baby to fit their learning and motor development. My angel learned how to ride her bike while I was running those errands.

I was amazed at how much I could get done while she was having fun and developing at the same time. The best part is that these trikes are as fun for you, as a parent, as they are for your 2 year old. All of these awesome toddler trikes are well equipped with the patented Touch Steering system. That system allows you to effortlessly glide with your baby wherever you want and need to go.

It is even easy enough to push the  baby trike using only one hand! That leaves your other hand to, let’s be honest, talk on the phone while you’re pushing the trike, carrying groceries and being the super mom that you are. You see? smarTrike has designed their trikes to be absolutely perfect for you, as well as amazing for your baby.

My baby had so much fun, she LOVED her trike so much, that she never wanted to get off it. It really did help her stay occupied while we were rushing around. If your little one is 24 months, like mine, you know that they are starting to develop their character. They have their own wishes and a pretty strong (and loud) way of letting everybody know exactly what they want.

She thoroughly enjoyed practicing steering while I pushed her around the supermarket, even before her feet could reach the pedals. Once they could reach the pedals, she practiced pedaling her way around even though I was still in total control. It made our outings much more fun for her. When she got a bit older, I shifted the control to her so she could really enjoy riding. I knew she wasn’t completely ready to ride, but I also knew I could take the control back at any minute.

A Quick Check List Before Getting Your Kid’s First Toddler Tricycle

Here’s some tips from me to you.

I have to say that the smart trike has a wide range of toddler trikesthat can fit you and your baby’s needs. Since I enjoyed my experience with the trike, I wanted to share with you some of my most favorite trike features and give you some tips on what to look for when buying a ride on toy. That is not only for your baby but also for you as a relaxed mom. Baby trikes rock!

Is it Safe?

When getting any toy, especially a ride-on toy, like a baby trike, you know that safety comes first. It is clear that us moms want to have our little bundle of joy back home the way they got out.

You probably know how hard it is to keep them safe and sound, thanks to their unstoppable curiosity. Most smarTrike baby trikes also feature a safety combo of a Y harness and safety bar. For me, this was particularly important as it gave me peace of mind that my little adventurer stayed safely seated. Yes, yes, I said little adventurer because they are explorers that love to test boundaries.

The safety combo allows them to explore and enjoy the environment while making sure that they can’t jump out of the trike.

How Easy is it to Steer?

Any baby item that we have to push or carry around has to raise these two questions – is it lightweight and is it easy to steer? Will I, as a parent, find it comfortable to push and take on walks? Well, guess what, you can say yes to all these questions with  smarTrike tricycles. They have the brilliant Touch Steering system that makes gliding along with your baby breezy and seamless.

When you go around, running errands, you want your trip to be as stress free as possible, so us mommies just gotta make sure their transportation is just as comfortable for us as it is for them. smarTrike tricycles are perfect for that thanks to their patented mechanism that really makes steering as intuitive as walking by ourselves.

Is it suitable for learning and development?

The first 36 months in our children’s lives are crucial. They learn so much! My little angel was a true explorer – she was curious about pretty much everything. So, when I got her the smart trike tricycle, I was happy to see that learning and exploring is a part of the deal. In fact, you get to let your kid explore the handlebar and pedals way before they are completely ready to ride independently.

The best part about the trike is that you can take control back at any time. What does that mean? It means that you can feel free to let your baby try pedaling and steering and if it gets too complicated, or they get tired, use the red control button on the front wheel and turn the wheel 180 degrees. Sounds complicated? No, right?! It takes a second to switch the control from child control to parent control and the other way around. So yes, the smart trike tricycle is perfect for child development and learning. That’s how my baby learned to cycle, just like that.

Does it have storage space?

You mommies and daddies know that our little ones have plenty of stuff they need when on the go – between diapers, wet wipes and toys, you feel like a legit carrier. At least I did. So, storage space for toys and baby items is a must have as far as I can say. Many of the smarTrike push tricycles feature a parent console or tray where you can store your phone and personal items.

You may also find a big storage bag that can fit all of your baby’s essentials. But the toy basket that comes on many of the 4 in 1 trikes by smarTrike are the best – it is easily reachable for your little one so they can start to develop a sense of independence and ownership of their own toys. They can take them in and out of the basket all by themselves without any help. This teaches our kids responsibility and gives them confidence as they grow from baby into real little people.

OK, I’m done talking about trikes and colors…. For now. I just want to add one final comment. In my opinion as a mother, there aren’t enough words to explain how great these smarTrike multi-stage trikes really are.

I highly recommend getting one of them for your little one, you will have hours of fun triking around with your baby and it makes mommy life much simpler. The wide range of models and prices mean that you enjoy all the great smarTrike features in the price range that fits you. For more products and alternatives, you can check


This blog is based on my mommy experiences and I’d be happy to hear all about yours.